Said Person of That Ability…

Posted: August 21, 2010 in Uncategorized


When I consider what makes one said person of the ability to do anything, I consider credentials. A qualified person is typically one who has gone under, and completed, the required study to teach a given subject or perform a specific duty. I wasn’t said person of the ability to teach 120 until I learned it myself. If a person doesn’t have a Phd then they technically shouldn’t call themselves a doctor of anything. It has occurred to me after having meditated on the idea that there are far too many “arm-chair” scientists of several varieties. As a matter of fact, we all fit the criteria to some degree. For example, we have all called a person “crazy” before as if we were a world renown psychiatrist when we are actually just regular people passing judgment on one another. Granted, our arm-chair diagnosis could have merit but so what, a similar categorization of us by an observer of our ways and actions could hold just as much weight depending upon the variables considered. One of the least desirable and most destructive tendencies of Americans is their predisposition to point out how someone is different from “most” other Americans, which makes them bad, or less American. If the devil is adept at nothing else, he is definitely said person of the ability to make us think that we are all different. In so doing, he creates division and in-fighting which both fly in the face of elevation for virtually any collective striving to advocate one common cause, especially if it opposes the status-quo. The devil manipulates the 85% by keeping their numbers true. As long as the shepherd has plenty of sheep then his flock is bountiful. The information age has created a cognitive climate within which people equate quick reviews of a given subject’s basic ideas to mastery of said subject, which is emphatically now cipher. This practice is a slap in the face to those who have labored through prescribed curricula of study in order to reap the reward of a title proclaiming them to be a professor of this or specialist in that. I do bear witness to the fact that qualification specific to a given cipher doesn’t automatically make one the best knower within it. I’m simply saying that at a certain point some work is best left to professionals.

The prescribed law of Islam of said person of that ability charges the civilized with responsibility for the uncivilized. In other words, it’s saying that you have to teach those who don’t know based on your knowledge. When this is lived out, people engage in mental trading that promotes equality. As we exchange wisdom and take the best part for ourselves we all elevate because everyone in the cipher is partaking of what they need to become stronger in an area of weakness. This is how we truly become all wise and learn to do everything in a fashion that is right and exact. It’s important that “so-called” experts be constantly questioned and challenged so that they remain firm on a square. Even still, the challenges must be warranted so that they are valid and not just attempts to discredit the individual based on dissatisfaction with the truth that they manifest. I don’t proclaim to be knowledgeable or excessively skillful in areas in which I’m not. I’d rather defer to someone who is capable so a given point can be made accurately or said job can be done right. The only thing wrong with not knowing is being content with it. Were there no unknowns we wouldn’t be driven to discover new things and life would be rather boring. That being said, the things that we endeavor to become good at will be driven by our own unique interests and needs. We don’t have to be experts in everything because for every science that we don’t master there is someone who will, or has. If that person is not on our level relative to knowledge of a different cipher then trading will balance the scales. The best of the best always want to associate with those who are a-alike because they know that the best will be brought out of them. Any swift individual that restricts their social equality to people who are less intelligent is probably a blood sucker using those within their circumference as tools and also slaves. While a significant amount of interaction with the 85% is critical in order to teach, interaction with those capable of adding on to you is just as important so that your growth is not stagnated and your well of knowledge doesn’t run dry. The best teachers tend to be excellent students.

SV Allah


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