National Equality

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Uncategorized



Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I have mixed feelings about the “national” dynamic of our culture, particularly relative to nation events. While I’ve attended some that I really enjoyed and got value out of, there have been others that were a waste of time in my judgement. Based on this mixed born allah god of feelings coupled with increasing fascination & comfort with the “by myself” current of air, my presence hadn’t been felt at a family day or parliament in months and days. This past weekend I put an end to said hiatus & traveled with my righteous brother Yasir Allah to Cream City for their unity weekend. To put it short, I’m glad I did. I hadn’t seen the God in the physical for a long time self cipher the drive gave us a chance to build on a variety of subjects & do some much needed catching up. We made it safely by about the power hour in the power master on Saturday, & met the God Self Kingdom at Dave & Buster’s. As usual the God had some babies with him and the opportunity to add on with them was most peace.

I’ve been to Cream City plenty of times so I knew the Gods & Earths would hold it down and they indeed showed and proved. Later that night we had a chance to share social equality on an adult level, which I found refreshing. I had the privelage of meeting the God Lord Zaid Power Allah from D-Mecca, who came through with his universe. We got down on the pool table and built on some math and nation history. I met another young God who’s approaching Pluto, from Kemet by the name of Ka’Amenta Allah (pardon self if I botched the spelling Lord). I felt good about the fact that he traveled all the way from Now Why to interact with his universal family from the midwest.

Sunday was the Family Day/School Supply Giveaway. The Gods & Earths handed out free backpacks and various other school supplies to the 85% from the surrounding community in the poor part of the planet. Needless to say, the duty of the civilized can be an experiment with high explosives. I found myself right in the middle of the action strivin’ to establish order and build with the people about the method to the madness. Some of our brothers & sisters were a bit pushy and demanding b.u.t. in their defense it was hot out there, and it took us a while to get organized and formulate a functional way to manage the crowd. Even though we couldn’t accommodate all of the babies, we gave all we had and all within our power. For the most part the people were civil and understanding about the limited resources. Once we fed our babies, Earths, & the Gods in proper mathematical order, we fed as many of the build power babies as we could. I even found my way onto grill detail to show & prove that C-Medina bbq science :oD.

I definitely took a lot from my interaction with the people from the community. I couldn’t be mad at their gall in an attempt to get what they could for their seeds. After all, that’s what we were out there for & regardless to whom or what the babies were the common cause for which we advocated. I had to come in a fine mist and manifest wisdom to a young sun without tellin’ him straight out that the black man is God. I wanted to tell him but I caught myself and refined my build out of respect for his parents teachings. I didn’t know what that young man had been taught about God and regardless of how right & exact I would’ve been, I don’t have the “right” to undermine that. If he was of allah god equality then it would’ve been a different story. Overall, I enjoyed my beautiful nation. Although I’m not about to become a region representative or show up to every nation event I would never deny the magnetic of our divine cipher nor the pride I feel to be a part of it.

SV Allah

  1. Serenity says:

    I have had similar feelings as you. But in any cipher you will come across folks you just don’t gel with. In that case I say keep it kinetic. But it is always good to go amongst people who already know your culture and relax… to some extent. Even if you don’t get anything out of it but social equality, it is just good to be around Gods and Earths.

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