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My wisdom build or destroy degree says that the doctor’s job was to examine all those desiring to marry. Word is bond that’s ALL the fuck he does, aside from prescribing legal destroy rules, is examine. I’ve been home savior I cee king from the justice the last understanding days and I had to go to the doctor on Monday. It was really just a formality so that I could get a note in order to show and prove that I’ve been legitimately ill. What a fuckin’ joke! There are signs all over my justice that tell you to stay home if you’re sick so that you won’t infect others but when you do they have you climbin’ hills and mountains just to ensure that the absences don’t count against you. Everything about this sick shit is wack from the weak OTC dope, to the nose blowin,’ to the actual fact that I still won’t physically feel up to goin’ back to work tomorrow. It’s peace though, I’ve been down this road before and this flu will pass. The more I think about doctors and what they actually do, I’ve come to the realization that they’re really just health advisors, and not very good ones. They generally offer generic diagnoses which won’t differ very much from one to the next. Their profession doesn’t encourage originality in approach to treatment self cipher they’re pretty much roped and bound by “in the box” thinking. Additionally, with the number of patients that they care for the level of personal service is rather lacking especially if you endeavor to drive treatment strategies as opposed to taking what they suggest on face value.

The chick I saw on Monday was typical. She asked me if I had gotten a flu shot and I said now cipher. She said that doing so might help prevent me from catching the flu and I told her that was debatable. Not only is the idea of having yourself injected with a virus in order to keep from getting it counter-intuitive, but I’ve done so in the past and the shit didn’t work so I have the wisdom to back up my understanding. As usual, I told her what was wrong with me and after listening to my heart, looking down my throat and up my nose, she concurred. I told her how many days I wanted to be excused for, she printed the note and I was out. That shit was quicker than an oil change and I left feeling the same way that I did when I got there but I was $20 poorer after covering the copay. Healthcare in America is some bullshit any way you slice it. If you have insurance it becomes less and less comprehensive with every passing year. Another disturbing trend is that your justice cipher born has a lot of tricks by which they can invade your privacy relative to your health. Many companies are now requiring that blood be given and questionnaires be filled out in order to receive medical credits. Although they say that the information they gather will be kept confidential what reason do they have to ask you for it? And why should you believe that said information won’t be sold or used in a way that you don’t approve of? His ways and actions are like a snake of the grafted type and knowing that he is weak and wicked I passed on that shit. If you count on doctors to keep you healthy then you’re a slave of a mental death and power. Your health is your responsibility and the more unhealthy you are the more money they make. Tighten up your diet, exercise, and strive to do more things that are good for you than you do that are bad for you. Just another god cipher divine public service announcement.


  1. Be Magnetic says:

    Peace to the God!
    True indeed. I remember You and I Building on this topic a few months ago.I Build You are feeling better.

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