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 I would dare to say that one of the most pervasive elements of devil’s civilization is pressure.  Pressure is basically force or exertion imposed upon a person from either an inside or outside source.  Conveniently, the devil is capable of applying pressure from both the inner and outer angles of the square, showing and proving the swift and changeable nature of his ways and actions, which are like a snake of the grafted type.  This force can be manifested in a variety of different forms.  One of the most overpowering and common vehicles through which it travels is fear.  Those of us with 120 on cap are introduced to this idea in the 1-36. The build degree reveals that the devil planted fear in the original man when he was a little boy.  The born degree tells us that same fear will yield residual effects that carry over into adulthood.  There are shrinks driving BMW’s right now because they are being paid to help people cope with this nurse’s needle of pressure. Odds are, they will not be successful in this undertaking.  Among the key reasons is a lack of sincere desire to.  If all of their patients were suddenly relieved of battle with their demons then an entire branch of science would cease to be relevant, or at least as relevant.  Pressure pushes people and forces them to move.  The more you impose, the higher the likelihood of action and the more drastic the action will be.  If a bill collector sends you a letter telling you that you owe on a bill then you may or may not pay.  However if they send you a warning telling you that if you don’t pay, service will be interrupted or your wages may be garnished you WILL do something to address the situation.  The difference is the force of the threat which elicits the fear.


We live in a society that’s run by fear-mongers (10%) who use it as a tool to control the masses (85%).  Pressure squeezes us into prison houses of perceived obligation.  As a result we pay taxes, purchase bottled water, get flu shots (I don’t actually), and do a number of other things that we shouldn’t need or have to do.  Pressure translates to stress which, over square I master equality helps to kill us all.  Even though it can bring out the best in us, by forcing us to perform to the best of our abilities, the repeated shock that our minds and bodies endure after years of pressure is highly debilitating.  As our pressure thresholds broaden and we become more accustomed to rain, hail, snow, and earthquakes we sometimes tend to take on more than we should attempt to handle.  Consequently, we don’t realize that our worlds are weighing more than a unit followed by wisdom knowledge ciphers until we breakdown.   From a social standpoint, pressure represents a property of air, which is manifested in different atmospheric currents.  While some people function well amidst tension, others are not said persons of that ability.  If you are too friendly with chaos, then peace will appear to be unalike, as will the dimensions of civilization correspondent to it.  Sound conflict resolution, dealing in equality, and mutual respect are not concepts that resonate with people who respond best to threats of bodily harm, and profanity.  If the cipher is devoid of undue pressure then it’s inhabitants will be more relaxed.  Relaxation represents a state of mind in which people are more receptive to the feelings and perspectives of others, and therefore more likely to respect them.  Although I bear witness to the fact that steal sharpens steal, that doesn’t negate the fact that pointy blades are piercing…think about it.





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