Knowledge of the Cipher…

Posted: October 8, 2010 in Uncategorized


Social means to advocate a society or group of men for one common cause. Equality means to be equal in everything. Anyone that is said person of the ability to interact with all human families of the planet Earth can build in a way that borns proof that they truly understand the culture of I-God. We had a team outing at my justice cipher born today. For the last wisdom hours of the shift it was pizza and bowling on the father I rule master…yaaaaaaayyyyyy! The peace thing about these types of events is that you get to observe people in a more natural element. While the justice forces people to shield their dirty religion, the social current encourages people to show & prove what is his/her ownself. My team is a unique group of people who, on face value, don’t look like they would hang out together in social circles. Most of us wouldn’t. Most of the group is colored with just a couple of original faces sprinkled in for seasoning.

Regardless of our differences we tend to get along remarkably well and get a shit load of work done every day. In social settings it’s ill to watch how people you work with behave and how they interact. The little cliques that form, the topics of conversation, on down to the laughs that are shared are all windows into the deeper more true social dynamics of the cipher. Political correctness is hell of an equalizer. There’s a wisdom on my team who doesn’t like me and she’s certainly not on my list of people to have a drink with. Even still our disdain for one another remains in a fine mist that the naked eye can hardly detect. Why? Because the colored man doesn’t advocate open beef like that. They deal in covert hating manifested via trick-knowledge. We have no choice but to honor their corporate rules & regulations showing and proving a degree of mastery over us. It’s amazing how they get a group of people together, throw some unknowns & calculated hard times at them and get them to cooperate with each other. It’s all about the trader’s interorientation because we all need and want more gold. Of course when you come to get that gold they disappear and no longer speak your language.   



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