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Maker, Owner, Cream…

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The more miles an individual logs in their Qu’ran living mathematics, the more insight they gain into each degree in 120. The God Self Kingdom Allah once said that each degree is like a thousand books and I bear witness to that wisdom. Within the first degree there are seven aspects of the original man’s experience on the planet Earth which are outlined. Asiatic, black, maker, owner, cream, father, God in succession is the order. The central trinity of qualities will be the focus of this build. The science of maker is about causation and the exertion of influence. True and living Gods make shit happen, make crooked places straight, make their women and babies smile, make calculated moves based on mathematical thought, make an effort to constantly elevate, etc. I could go on for years, months, and days. Simply put, we cause all of the above.

Ownership is about being the piece with the magnetic in terms of pulling responsibility toward self as opposed to putting it off on someone else. It’s about taking on additional ciphers beyond the planet Earths wisdom knowledge. Think about it, if you’re God of the universe then the weight of the Earth is nothing because that’s just one world of many within’ the vast array that you’re Lord of. When you make anything from a baby, to a mess, to a mistake, you can’t disown it because it can be traced back to you. That being said, the idea of detaching self from any such made entity would be to make devil because it would constitute separation of self from that which is of self. This can be dangerous on many levels because whatever you won’t own someone else, or something else will. That someone or something may not be said person of that ability to bring forth right from hell that you raised so the end result could be earthquakes. On the flipside, if they are said person then that’ll show and prove that perhaps you aren’t which would be a rather tough pill to swallow.

Cream of the planet Earth is all about rising up when there are forces strivin’ to keep you down. The idea of “rising up” calls to mind the science of constant elevation & Newton’s Law of Inertia which basically states that an object, whether in motion or at rest, will maintain said state until it is adequately disrupted by an external force. The operative word is external. When we remain firm on a square we don’t allow anything outside of self to undermine our elevation. Anything that threatens to do so has to be dealt with and taken off the planet if necessary. 240 will consistently send unknowns in your direction which could cause you to zig off of your zag if you allow them to. The key is to maintain mental inertial integrity meaning remain present in the moment through the mind. The original man uses wisdom understanding million square miles of useful land while the colored man uses equality million. That’s all he gets because he’s stuck at six and six is the figurative glass ceiling that he bumps his head on when he attempts to reach God dimension. We take our wisdom and understanding and draw them up to power or refinement depending on what the situation calls for. Sometimes we may need the power to breakthrough a roadblock. Other times we may just need to refine our approach to a given problem in order to bring about a solution.

This triangle of qualities is about distinction. There’s only 5% out of 100% of the population that will live this and be this regardless of whom or what. That means these people will show and prove against all odds. The more change you endure, the more swift and changeable you become.



Meek entered the kingdom to find that Twan hadn’t made it in from the justice yet. Although the common areas looked pretty tidy, there were a few dishes in the sink so he decided to knock them out. In ten short minutes he was done and not long after drying his hands off his phone vibrated. It was Kevo.


“Peace, come get the door G.” “Aight here I come.”

Upon opening the door Parish bumrushed the God who scooped him up & flung him up onto his shoulder in one motion. “Why you always strivin’ to run up on me Sun? That’s how you wind up in a WWE wrestlin’ move dude.” As he let the boy down he began to tickle him until he laughed uncontrollably.

“Peace God!” Erick said in a voice as serious as he could muster being a six year old. Meek replied accordingly. “Peace young Sun, what’s the science? You got somethin’ for me?”

“Indeed, I told you I would show and prove. Do the knowledge for yourself.” The young God came out of his pocket with a neatly folded note from his teacher.

Meek opened the note and read it aloud.

“At Erick’s request I am sending this brief note to make you aware of his progress relative to classwork & behavior. Over the course of the last 3-4 weeks, Mr. Wilkins has been an exemplary student. I don’t know exactly what brought this change about, but whatever it was, the impact has been very noticeable. Erick is now turning in all assignments on time, participating in class, and excelling on all levels. If he continues to perform this way for the remainder of the year I may have to recommend that he skip the second grade & go straight to 3rd. All of a sudden the work that we do doesn’t seem to really challenge him and I’m really starting to think that he’s gifted. His parents should be very proud of him and so should you “Uncle Meek” as he calls you. I hope this report is adequate enough for him to “show & prove” as he says, just what he’s capable of when he applies himself.”

Thank You.
Sincerely, Earlene Jacobs-Dusable Elementary School

Meek was so proud that he had to consciously hold back tears. He handed Kev the note, composed himself, looked E in his eye and hugged him. “I knew you could do it Great Mind. You showed and proved that the black man is God. My word is bond and bond is life. We’ll start your studies immediately. You earned your Supreme Mathematics today.

“Yes!” E exclaimed. “Can I call my ole’ Earth & tell her?” “True indeed, use the phone in the kitchen G.”

Kevo looked at his friend in awe. As he extended his hand to give him a pound he thanked him. Meek immediately stopped him.

“You don’t need to thank me G cuz I didn’t really do nothin.’ All I did was reach inside of him and touch a nerve. That lil’ dude is Allah for real Sun. I challenged him just to see if he would rise to it because he said he wanted knowledge. I told him that I wouldn’t teach him unless he tightened up his behavior, showed and proved that he was civilized and righteous, and waited until I got the green light from you and Carla. All I been givin’ him is little jewels but I was gone clear it wit’ ya’ll once I could prove that he was ready, sincere, and desrerved it.”

“It’s cool G, Carla told me how much better he been actin.’ She say he been actin’ so upright you can teach him whatever you want so she ain’t trippin.’ He is only six though, you think he ready for it raw like that?”

“Imma tell you like this G. E is special Sun. This is already in him it’s just that he’s so advanced that he can’t wait any longer to learn how to live it out. I can see it in him God to the point where it’s almost scary because he’s so perceptive for his age. You read what his teacher said, when he focuses his mind he leaves the other kids in class in his dust. Once I get him started wit’ this math, he gone be so cracked out on learnin’ that he gone be allergic to dumb shit. Imma let him build wit’ the older God later on. That’s gone really blow his wig back. It’s some brew in the fridge and the queen should be back from the store in a minute.”

“That’s just what I need, one of them cold ones.”

“Gone and get down G. Imma go holler at E for a minute. Yo E, tell ya moms I said peace and come in the back so we can build young God.”

“Indeed, I gotta go mommy me and God about to build. I love you, peace.”

Erick rushed his ole Earth off the phone and went into the bedroom. He took a seat next to Meek on the bed as the God reached for his book of life.

“You see this binder right here?”


“This is my book of life. This is where I keep my lessons, math, alphabets, and plus degrees.”

“What are plus degress?” E inquired.

“Plus degrees are extra lessons outside of 120 that help you add onto your understanding.”

“So what do I learn after Supreme Mathematics?”

“After that you get Supreme Alphabets, then the 1-10, 1-36, 1-14, 1-40, Actual Facts, & Solar Facts. After that you get 12 Jewels. Before we start God, I want to tell you a couple of things that you should always remember ok?”

“Ok.” “You gettin’ this knowledge at such a young age is special and it shows and proves that you’re special. What I’m teaching you is for everybody but everybody is not fit to learn it or handle it. That’s what makes us the 5%. We are part of the small group of people who are capable of learning and teaching this ya undertand?”

“Yes. I understand.” “That’s peace. Now the God that you grow into will depend on how hard you study. All I can do is teach you what I know and then after that, the only way you’ll keep learning is to keep studying. That’s what will make you wise and powerful. Is that what you want to be?”

“Indeed. I wanna be wise and powerful like you.”

“Here’s the thing G, you can only be the best you that you can be because I’m an original man and so are you. That means there’s nobody else in the world that can be like you or like me. Always be yourself God and be the best that you can and you may grow to be more wise and powerful than me.”

“I will.”

“Now before I give you your Supreme Mathematics, I want you to build with my educator. I want you to meet him because he’s gonna give you some jewels and welcome you into our family tree.”

“I can’t wait! Can we call him now?”

“Indeed, let me get him on the line.”

Meek pulled the God’s number up on his phone and pressed call.

“Peace Great Mind,” the older God said in a deep enthusiastic voice.

“Peace Lord, how you God?” “Livin’ mathematics G, just livin’ it to the best of my ability. What’s the science?”

“Elevation G. I got a young God I’m about to bring into the knowledge of himself. He’s Kev’s oldest sun and his name is E. He’s equality years old God but he’s swift beyond his years G. I just want you to add on with him before I give him his Supreme Mathematics.”

“Wow God he’s only equality? This young God must be swift but it’s no surprise G cuz the babies are the what, greatest. Put him on God.”

“Here E, the God is on the line. You can ask him whatever you want and he’s gonna give you some wisdom to walk with.”

“Ok.” The young God anxiously grabbed the phone ready to build. “Peace God.”

To be continued….


After three hours of intense study, Meek & his Earth were ready to make their way back to the poor part of the planet. As they sat next to each other on the train, food became the topic of their build. I-Refined knew her God well and was willing to bet that he was starvin.’

“You hungry God?” the Queen asked. “Why equal self, you already know Moon. What you drawin’ up for the menu tonight?” The God posed the question with a curious smile & sincere interest knowing that his appreciation of her cooking, as well as his respect for her love of that science made her radiate with excitement. Whenever he watched her build about her next culinary determined idea he was reminded why he needed her revolving around him for the rest of their lives.

“Welllll, I was doin’ the knowledge to this recipe for tofu fajitas that I figured I could try with a spinach salad, fresh pico de gallo & guacamole on the side. How does that sound?” “Honestly, that math sounds amazing & I’m sure it will be. You do realize we’ll probably have guests right?” As far as the Queen was concerned the more the merrier. The only thing she loved more than preparing god degree was watching others enjoy it. She had been studying vegan cooking for about a year and had a determined idea to get as many within’ her universe as possible to stop eating meat. Naturally Meek was her primary target.

“Kevo texted me earlier and said he gone bring EPMD through & you know Twan greedy ass was doin’ the humpty dance when he found out you was comin’ through in anticipation of the free meal.”

“Well as long as he got some money on groceries I ain’t trippin’ and of course I always enjoy seein’ the boys.” “Indeed. I know E better be standin’ on his square wit’ his behavior and school work or else we gone have some 50 Cent Ja Rule beef ya heard?” “Word is bond G, I think you sparked him to the point where he gone be right & exact. You really wanna civilize him don’t you?” “Nothin’ would make me happier than to give that young God this math the same way I got it when I was a shorty but I gotta make sure he understands what he’s askin’ for and that his parents don’t have a problem wit’ him gettin’ it. I definitely think he got potential though. He don’t even got no degrees yet and he already got that God swag.” Meek couldn’t help but smile when he thought about it.  Seeing the way E was takin’ to the Asiatic science of the Nation of Gods & Earths warmed his heart because he remembered being the same way as a child. He could remember like it was yesterday listening to the God Be Wise Allah barkin’ mathematics in ciphers and being completely mesmerized by the wisdom. He saw his enlightener civilizin’ the uncivilized, causin’ trouble among the righteous to dissipate, and treating the original woman with the type of love and respect that she deserved. Even as a pre-teen, these godly ways and actions resonated with him and made him want to immulate them. Before, his mind drifted too far into the depths of nostalgia, Meek decided to reverse the magnetic back to his queen. They were half-way to his kingdom & he couldn’t think of a better way to spend the remainder of the trip than listening to his Earth build.

“Yo queen how you see the god jewel?”

“Actually, although some Gods and Earths say we shouldn’t draw that jewel up by referring to it as god degree I beg to differ. By seeing it as a jewel and a degree simultaneously one can more thoroughly explore the interpretive potential from a mathematical standpoint.”

Meek was feelin’ where she was goin’ but he wanted to hear more. “Peace, build on that science queen. What’s your interpretation?”

“Food is indeed a jewel because partaking of a meal that is enjoyable is sensational on multiple levels. It tastes good, and feels good goin’ down so I see it as a reward for making a right and exact choice for nourishment. Naturally, I’m pullin’ the idea of reward from justice because when we eat good food we do ourselves justice, and also justice is served to the cook for givin’ all they have and all within’ their power to make the meal special. In terms of drawin’ it up as a degree, the word degree causes one to think of levels or temperature. God being represented by seven, is the highest level or degree of living existence in the known universe. God is Allah and the blackman is God, so with me being the original woman I can’t be God, but I’m of God and therefore divine. My divinity shines through and I can manifest a God degree of expression through any science of life as long as I’m true to I-God culture in the way that I live it out. The idea of temperature takes me to currents of air in the build degree.  We know and understand that the manipulation of hot and cold currents of air are key to the effective preparation of food, and temperature is measured in what? Degrees. That being said when I draw up the idea of God degree, I’m thinking of a meal prepared in a way that’s right and exact in terms of the temperature at which it was cooked, the time it took, and the soundness of the measurements of each ingredient as they interact for one common cause.”

All the God could do was grab the queen and pull her close hesitating just long enough for her to brace herself for the soft kiss that he gave her. “When did your wisdom get to be so sharp?” “When I got comfortable buildin’ with the true and livin’ you know steel sharpens steel,” the Queen replied blushing as she followed Meek off the train at 47th.

“Word is bond that was a peace build. Ever since you finished 120 you just hit the ground runnin’ it’s a beautiful thing.” “It’s hard to describe, but I’ve never seen things so clearly as I do now. I used to hide behind my emotions and get all combative when I heard certain truths manifested but now I just acknowledge it, draw it up, take the best part and keep it movin’. Plus, I’m so thirsty to study now because I know that the science of everything in life is so bountiful that I won’t ever run out of things to learn.”

“That’s what it’s all about queen. Why don’t you jump in the cee allah rule and hit the store. I’ll go in the kingdom and make sure the kitchen is clean and all ready for the scientist (ha ha ha…). Take this $50 on the food and I’ll get some more from the fellas.”

“That’s peace. I’ll be back.”

“Be careful Queen & call me if you need me.”

“Cipher king. I love you.”

“I love you too. Peace.”




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One of the things that I find to be a critical aspect of knowledge of self is the ability to differentiate between what you are and what you are not. The next step in the progression of corresponding thought is coming to terms with the respective lists of qualitites in order to ultimately embark on the lifelong endeavor of refining those things that are undesireable, one by one. The next dimension of this idea, involves realizing how others reconcile, and attempt to make sense out of these apects of your make up. Although on face value, it may seem as if this all revolves around introspection and personal growth, there’s actually a transcendant aspect in that the social equality you share with others is impacted by these factors. Regardless of the level on which you interact with others, that interaction is, in large part, predicated upon willingness to interact that is mutual. In layman’s terms, you fuck with certain people because they fuck wit’ you & vice versa. Now when you begin to analyze the reasons why we fuck with certain people and they fuck with us, you uncover the relevance of the above referenced qualities of character.

When we share social equality with family, friends, co-workers, or companions we are essentially doing trading. Since humans are social beings we all are bound by a common thread which is the need to interact with one another. Sometimes we need someone to make us laugh or give us advice. Other times we need someone to fill a void in our lives that normally would be occupied by someone else. No matter what the reason is the science of I-John is pervasive in all of our lives on some level because there’s someone who’s “there” for us, and there are people who we are “there” for.

The need for human beings to interact with one another is based on magmetism. This attractive force pulls us together as we find ourselves in close proximity to one another. The danger involved emerges when feelings materialize. There are two degrees in 120 which reveal the key element in which the danger is embodied. The born degree in the 1-14 & the wisdom build degree in the 1-40 both discuss revealing secrets. When you get close to people they learn secrets about you and you learn secrets about them. This information gives them a peak into your psyche and clues them in on what buttons to push in order to elicit certain reactions from you. If you’re not careful you can easily fall victim to manipulation at the hands of someone close to you.

If one party in a relationship is not getting something they want from the other party then one of the typical ways they make knowledge born is through a guilt trip. A guilt trip is a tactical vehicle through which one person transfers responsibility for his/her feelings relative to a given situation by laying said feelings at the feet of the other person, and blaming them for whatever pain or suffering they’ve dealt with as a byproduct of them. It’s the old “woe is me you did me so wrong” trick. When used effectively, the guilt trip is a dynamic sword held over the head of the other person waiting to cut it off if they don’t appease the wielder of said sword. We live in a world where feelings and emotions trump logic and reason. That’s because everybody feels shit (85%) but only a few people actually know shit (5%). It’s not so much that our society cares about people’s feelings, it’s just that acknowledgement of said feelings represents political correctness so we’re at a point where we at least extend that minimal courtesy for style points, if for no other reason.

People who are dominated by feelings hate people that are dominated by logic because these people are immune to feeling oriented manipulation devices such as guilt. As long as they can breakdown and sort out a situation in order to irrationalize the need to entertain feelings of guilt, then they’re very difficult to assail because they can detach themselves from the sensations that the feeling brings about. In a last ditch effort to make the logical person feel bad, the touchy feely person will accuse them of being insensitive. If the logical person remains firm on a square they can easily repel this tactic by not giving a fuck. Insensitivity is not always negative because it simply means that you are not suceptible to sensations imposed by outside sources. When the nurses needle touches your brain, it bends and breaks like plastic silverware. And thus, this is how God resisted guilt…

P.S. “There is no mystery God” will return soon so stay tuned.


As the Queen I-Refined stood on the train platform, she was a picturesque reflection of her God Shamiek Islord Allah. Her soft black cloth head wrap coordinated perfectly with her black & white Addidas warm up jacket. Her baggy sweats were just loose enough to conceal the ample hills and mountains of her curves. The Queen stayed covered in 3/4ths but took pride in freakin’ her build jewel with her own interpretation based on her Southside C-Medina roots. She often got strange looks from 85er chicks in the streets because of her outward manifestation of I-God culture but she didn’t give a fuck. As far as the queen was concerned her God didn’t build no weak Earth so them savage chicks didn’t want it. As she absorbed the cold current of a stare from a hoodrat chick about 7ft away, her phone vibrated. It was the God.

“Peace God” she said with volume & tone indicative of her agitation with the chick eyeballin’ her.

“Peace Queen, I love u.” The God always professed his love early in all conversations with his Earth. It was his way of keepin’ the sun’s warmth in the atmosphere as often as possible. “I love you too Almighty.” “You sound un-nerved Queen, what’s the science?” “Pardon self 7 but I’m gettin’ some foul energy from this destroy power wisdom on the El platform, she bout to make me act other than my ownself word is bond!”

“Relax Queen, I know how much you hate that shit but you know the prescribed law of Islam, right?”

“Indeed.” “Alright then, the civilized person is held responsible for the uncivilized so  you build first and see if the current is constructive, if it’s not then handle ya business hardcore nigga,” Meek couldn’t hold back his laughter. It always bugged him out how his Queen with her soft face and peace disposition could flip on a chick and be ready to send it up at a terrific speed when provoked. “Don’t laugh at me Meek, you know those looks from destroy power chicks piss me off. I’m still strivin’ to get that nurses needle out my brain but have yet to be successful in said undertaking.”

“Oh yes, I know Queen. Just meet me at the library, I’m already here in our normal spot.” “Indeed, I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

“Aight, peace.” “Peace God.”

Just as she hung up from the God, an announcement came over the P.A. system revealing that her train would be delayed for at least 15 minutes due to mechanical issues. This did nothing to help the Queen’s sour mood & once she caught that destroy power chick starin’ at her again, she could no longer maintain her composure. She walked over to the sister and asked, “Excuse me, do I know you from somewhere?”

Somewhat caught off guard by the queen’s direct approach, the sister replied, “Naw, I don’t know you.” “Well I was just askin’ because you keep starin’ at me and I wasn’t sure what the science was with that.” 
“I was starin’ at you because you weird.” “Weird? How am I weird, can you show and prove that?”

At this point the 85 chick was puzzled because she wasn’t accustomed to seein’ refined wisdoms before and she didn’t fully understand the cultural terms that the Queen was using.

“You from New York or sumthin’?” “No, I’m from the low end, why?”  “I mean you talk with all this slang I only hear New York people speak and you was talkin’ to somebody on the phone and callin’ him God and shit so I was like what the fuck is that all about?”

As much as she wanted to stomp the savage standing before her, 120 reminded her of her duty and she quickly drew this up to be a teachable moment.

“Check this out Queen, let me start by saying that although I may have been speaking at a volume that made ear hustlin’ easier than normal, that conversation was between me and my God. I’m quite sure that if I invaded your privacy in the same way you’ll be ready to go hard right?” I-Refined punctuated her question with one of those looks that said “come on now, you can’t possibly disagree with that,” and she was right and exact.

Laughin’ it off the sister conceded the point. “Yeah, I sho would girl, you right, I’m sorry. But I’m sayin’ though you don’t look or talk like no southside chick. Why you got yo hair wrapped up and why in the WORLD do you call yo man God?”

All that I-Refined could think to herself was “po’ child, what a slave of a mental death and power.” Even still, she stuck to her determined idea to add on. “I wear my headwrap as a symbol of refinement because don’t no other man besides my God need to see my hair. I keep 3/4ths of my body covered for the same reason and because I’m the true and living Earth, and 3/4ths of our planet’s surface is covered by water, so should my surface be covered with clothing. As for your last question, my God and I are part of the Nation of Gods & Earths and our culture teaches that the blackman is God and the black woman is Earth. We’re also known as 5%ers.”

“So you mean to tell me you really believe the blackman is God? You must be crazy” The Queen was lickin’ her chops now because this would be a golden opportunity to show and prove that her culture was right & exact. “So you think that’s crazy huh? Well let me first say that I don’t just believe it, I know it and I can show and prove it.”

The 85er chick replied, “I gotz to hear this!” “Ok, first of all can we start by agreeing that the word God means supreme being?” “Yeah, that’s what it mean.” “And supreme means most high, and being is essentially a living entity right?” “Yeah.”

“Ok with that established did you know that black people are the original people who first walked this planet and that the original woman comes from the original man?”

“Not for real.”

“When you get a chance google male and female chromosomes and you’ll find out that as women we have XX chromosomes and men have X & Y with X being the female chromosome and Y being the male chromosome. This means that the sex of a baby is determined by which one the man contributes when he fertilizes our egg with his seed. All of the genetic material for the original civilization of the planet Earth lies within the Asiatic blackman which means that all humanity came from him. This shows and proves that he’s God.”

“What about the bible?” The girl asked with a confused look. “What about it? The bible is a story book written by men. It certainly has some wisdom in it but most of it can’t be substantiated by science, history, or mathematics. Have you ever researched any of the things in the bible or about it?” “Nope, but my granny and momma swear by it though.” “I’m sure they do but what do you think? You can’t take things on face value Queen, it’s always better to know than to believe because belief can waiver while knowledge stands up to any challenge. Do you have a man?” “Yeah, I got a man.” ” Is he a good brother?” “Yeah, he treat me good and stuff.”

“That’s peace. Now if you need somethin’ fixed in your house, some money for somethin,’ or help with a problem do you call your man or do you get on your knees and pray?” “Shiiiiit I call my man.”

“Of course you do, because prayin’ ain’t gone do nothin’ but have you waitin’ on a mystery God to give you what the true and living God has to. If you don’t remember nothin’ else I’m sayin’ remember that there is no mystery God in the sky or nowhere else. Once you get knowledge of self then certain truths of life are easier to see.”

“How did you learn all this stuff?” “Most of it my God taught me but in order for it to resonate I had to study and draw it up for myself. By the way my name is I-Refined and you are?”

“Shontae. So if I wanted to learn more about this stuff where would I look or where could I go?” At this point the train was finally coming. “Put my email address in your phone & send me a message then we can build and I can hit you with some information. It’s”

“Cool, I got it. Imma hit you up so we can ‘build’ as you say.” “Ha ha ha, that’s what’s up Queen do that, peace.” The two wisdoms parted ways as I-Refined jumped on the brown line train toward the library feeling proud of the way she added on with the sister. She was sure Meek would be proud.



Twan played two games of Madden after Meek left for work and got his ass kicked twice. He wasn’t mad because he didn’t play like he normally would. It was becoming increasingly difficult for him to shake thoughts of the dream he had the previous night. It conjured up uncomfortable emotions within him and even scared him a little bit. He wanted to discuss it with someone but he wasn’t sure who. He decided to try the only person in the immediate vicinity.

“Isha, get up girl!” Twan loved yankin’ the covers off what ever wisdom he fucked the previous night just to get a good look at them fully naked first thing in the morning. His theory was, if he could look at her in that bad breath, “hair all over her head” state and still find her worthy of another lap in the sack, then she was potentially worthy of a roster spot on his team. “Why you do that Twaaaaannnnn, I’m sleeeepy…” At this point not only was Isha in violation of his check-out time policy, but she wasn’t serving his desired purpose. “Get yo ass up girl! I’m hungry plus I wanna talk to you about somethin.”

Reluctantly, she rose from the bed, threw on Twan’s Gale Sayers throwback Bears jersey, and tip toed toward the kitchen to start breakfast. “You want some smothered potatoes and cheese eggs T?” “You think I don’t when I do? Hook that up fa ya boy.”  Isha was one of Twan’s “regulars” and he had known her for about 6 months. She was a bust down but she was fine, she kept money, and she kept him with fly outfits. She also was a freak.

“That dick be havin’ me in a coma after all that humpin’ and sweatin. You lucky you can fuck cuz I don’t cook for everybody.” Smoove fired back. “Ain’t no luck involved, it’s science. I mastered the science of yo’ body and I got a tried and true formula along with the physical tools to apply it flawlessly. Like Meek, say you experimentin’ with high explosives fuckin’ wit’ me!”

“Whatever ole arrogant ass nigga,” Ish said as she beat eggs and cheese in a bowl. “Any way, what you wanna talk to me about?” Twan wasn’t quite sure what type of insight he would get from Isha and he typically didn’t hold intellectual conversations with his women. He assumed they were all dumb as hell and never gave any of them an opportunity to prove otherwise. Little did she know, this conversation was gonna tell Smoove more about her than he ever thought he might want to know.

“You ever had a dream that was real vivid, like so vivid it almost seemed real?” “Yeah, I think everybody does from time to time. What was yours about?” Her curiosity peaking as she inquired.

“It was wild. For some reason I was walkin’ on the Lake Front and it was early in the mornin’ just after sunrise. All of a sudden I come accross this dude. He was an older brotha’ one of them ole wise lookin’ niggaz and he had a deep ass voice. As a matter of fact he sounded just like Barry White?”

Isha was listening but she was also cookin’ so without makin’ eye contact with him she encouraged him to reveal more. “What did he say to you?” “It was weird, it almost felt like he was grillin’ me. He was askin’ me all these questions about myself and when I would answer he wouldn’t really offer up detailed replies, he would either nod, shake his head, or just ask me another question. The thing that really made it wild was this feeling I had the whole time he spoke to me. It was like he knew everything about me. I felt like he was tryin’ to tell me somethin’ without just comin’ out and sayin’ it. He asked me if I knew who I was and what my purpose was. He asked me what I would feel my life had amounted to if I died before I could answer him.”

“Did you answer him, how did you respond?” At this point Twan had an intense look on his face as if recounting the dream took him back to the exact mental space in which it took place. “Yeah, I answered him but even though he didn’t like, criticize me for my answers, I could tell he wasn’t impressed with them. I felt like I was disappointing him or somethin.’ In a real nonchalant way, he made me feel like I was a fucked up dude on certain levels while also makin’ it seem like I should be doin’ so much more. You know, like I had all this potential but just wasn’t scratchin the surface of it.”

By now the potatoes were just about done and once the eggs were scrambled breakfast would be served.Contrary to what Twan may have anticipated, the queen was now drawin’ him up as well. She had been around the block more than once and she knew how to delve into the psyche of a man and read him.

“So how do you feel about what he was trying to tell you?” In appreciation of the fact that she seemed engaged in the conversation, Twan continued to speak his mind. “It kinda makes we wanna analyze myself and get a clearer picture of who and what I am vs who and what I have the potential to be. That being said, here’s a question. How do you see me? I mean as far as the type of nigga I am in general.”

Understanding the fragile ego of the black male, Ish was careful in her approach to the question. She didn’t want to seem afraid to answer but she didn’t wanna get cussed out or slapped. Not, that Twan had ever hit her but based on her experience, there was a first time for everything. “Well, you want the raw uncut answer or the politically correct ‘spare your feelings’ answer?” “You good, speak ya mind exactly how you see it. I ain’t gon take it personal.”

“Aiight look Smoove, you a good guy at heart. I mean you fun to be around, good in bed, and you look good, but honestly, you kinda shallow.”

He was immediately taken aback. “Shallow? How so?” “I mean I been knowin’ you for like 6 months and this is the first thought provokin’ conversation we’ve ever had. You stagnant baby and you don’t gotta be. You cool to kick it wit’ and fuck from time to time but you ain’t the type of dude I could be in a relationship wit.”

Although her words didn’t really hurt him, he found them shocking, especially considering the source. She immediately closed the gap between his appraisal of himself and his appraisal of her by suggesting that he wasn’t worthy of being with her when he was convinced it was the other way around. “Ok, so why is that?” “One thing my daddy always told me was that you judge a man by what he can teach you, where he can take you in life, and how your life would be without him in it. I mean, and don’t take this the wrong way but, I ain’t learned shit from you. It’s plenty of good dick out here, I just happen to prefer yours but if I couldn’t have it all of a sudden it could be replaced. You ain’t dumb but I don’t feel smarter after having talked with you. Honestly, I only pay attention to about half of what you say because it’s mostly game. There’s very little substance.” The man was stunned. He said to himself, “This bitch got the nerve to be psycho-analyzin’ me!”

Twan decided to play a little devil’s advocate. “So if you like smart quote unquote upright niggaz why don’t you have one?” Her answer was not one that he was prepared for. “On some real shit, it’s because I know I would have to get my shit together in order to have one and there’s only so many of them out there. But I will tell you this, if I met a nigga that was worth it, I’d be willing to change for him.” Her build was briefly paused as she cut the stove off and fixed their plates. As she plopped back down in her chair & started to eat, she continued. “See niggaz like you and Kevo can keep a few little goofy hoes jockin’ ya’ll just off bein’ the typical cool southside of Chi type niggaz. But if you want some real shit with a woman you gotta stand out and stand on somethin’ like Shamiek.”

“So what you sayin’ you got a thing for my nigga Meek now, is that what I’m hearin’?”

“T that’s not what I’m sayin,’ I’m just using him as an example. I do find him attractive but as far as looks go you and Kev look better than him. But he’s the one I would wanna be wit’ out the group because of his mind. I’ve heard him speak when y’all be talkin’ and even though he wasn’t talkin’ to me I felt like I had to listen because of what he said and how he said it. When a nigga can speak to a woman and make her want to listen that shit is rare. I see how strongly and passionately he lives out his mathematics and his lessons and how he applies them unapologetically even though his culture isn’t prevalent in Chicago. That shit creates a powerful image in a woman’s mind. I see why I-Refined is so stuck on him.”

“Aside from bein’ a 5%er what he got that I don’t?” “It’s called direction Sweetheart. He works and he’s in school double majoring in mathematics and philosophy. His woman is a computer science major. In ten years they gon’ have somethin’. I don’t know what the hell you gon’ be doin’ in ten years. Probably still doin’ ya little playa thing, maybe have a couple of baby mama’s tryin’ to take you for child support. I’m just tellin’ you what I see Boo. Why you not eatin’? You not mad are you?”

“Nah I’m not mad I’m kinda glad we had this discussion. I always just thought of you as another ‘big butt & a smile’ but you got some little insight about ya self shorty.” He leaned over and whispered into her ear..”and for the record, I could be ya man if I wanna be.” Before Ish could reply he bit the left side of her neck from behind momentarily paralyzing her in a posutre complete with vaginal moisture as part of her body’s involuntary response. “Would you stop & eat ya food before it get cold. Ooohh I gotta shake that shit off…got my damn spine tinglin…’ you know that’s my spot Smoove.”

To be continued….


“Hey yo Unc!” Kevo yelled from the bathroom where he had just emerged from the shower. “Yeah?” Ron replied. “What you on today G?” “I got some runnin’ around to do then I told my buddy I’d link up wit’ him and the guys at the pool-hall on 83rd, you know, get a few games in, talk some shit, hit them niggaz pockets on the gamble tip, you know how I do.”

“Why you ask?” In his mind Kev pumped his fist and said “yes” since Ron’s reply synced up perfectly with the idea he had for the day. “I think imma’ go scoop EPMD today and hang out for a while. You know they outta school today so dependin’ on what kinda mood they funny actin’ ass momma is in I might have em’ spend the night”

Kevo and his uncle Ron have always been more like father and son, than uncle and nephew. During his teenage years, Ron kept the young thundercat with him as much as he could whenever he wasn’t gonna be in a situation that may put the boy in harm’s way. Kevo noticed that Ron would always bump the same old CD every time they would roll through the city but for whatever reason neither of them ever got sick of it. It was EPMD’s first album, “Strictly Business.” One day, as they sat in the ride smokin’ a blunt, Kev made a bet with his uncle. He bet him that if he had two sons he would name the first one Erick and the second one Parrish so he could recreate the group via his seeds. Ron thought that was the funniest shit he ever heard and refused to believe that he would be able to convince whoever their mother was to go along with his plan. Low and behold, within two years the new EPMD was in full effect. All Ron could do was shake up with him, pay him, and proclaim, “You a ill nigga G.” At six and four years of age respectively, they were a handful to say the least. All in all they were good kids though.

“Give my boys that $40 off my dresser to split and make sure to warn them about the vicious ass whoopins I give out to those who act a fool and cut up in school.” Ron might have been a street nigga, but he loved his nephews and he was serious about makin’ sure they didn’t get into the type of wild shit that he and their dad did just for the sake of makin’ dollars.

“I got you G.” Kev replied as he cleaned beer bottles and blunt gutz off of the table in the living room. “Oh yeah, make sure ain’t no heaters left layin’ around, if one of them got a hold to a gun I’d lose my mu’fuckin mind folks.”

“Shiiiiit you and me both nigga, Carla would kill my ass for real.”

Carla was Kevo’s baby mama and she talked more shit than Monique off a bottle of Patron after the Oscars. She was three years older than him and had been beggin’ him since they got out of high school to stay the fuck outta the streets. She was hood but she also had sense. She came from a decent family and she took good care of the boys, even if she did spoil them a little. Kev always said she was too soft on them and hated the fact that he always had to play bad cop when it came to disciplining them. Every ass whoopin’ they ever had they got either from him or Ron. Carla’s family didn’t advocate physical justice but the guys didn’t honor that time out shit. Ron would always say, “The Wilkins family policy on discipline is like Bernie Mac say, when it come to kids, if you grown enough to talk back, you grown enough to get fucked up!”

Even though Kevo and Twan didn’t have knowledge of self, they had been runnin’ with Meek for so long that there were certain 5% phrases that they understood really well and even acknowledged to be right and exact. One of Kev’s favorites was “mind detect mind,” because it represented a phenomenon that had intrigued him since his childhood. On cue, it would show and prove itself momentarily when he felt the vibration of his G1 on his hip. Upon checkin’ the caller id he saw that it was Carla.

“What’s up big legs?” he said with a devilish grin on his face and that familiar playfulness in his voice that made Carla melt for him when they were in high school.

“Good morning Kevin Marquise Wilkins.” The only thing he hated more than being called by his middle name was being called by his full government name. “What I tell you about callin’ me by my gubment name punk?” “Who you callin’ a punk?” “You nigga!” “Boy don’t play wit me!” After all these years the verbal jousting between them was still as spirited as ever. Even though they weren’t together Kevo and Carla each had a special place in their hearts for one another. They still loved each other and although they didn’t say it, they didn’t have to.

“Anyway ole thick ass girl, I was just finna call you.” “For real, that’s crazy, what Shamiek be sayin’?” “You mean mind detect mind?” “Yeah, ha ha ha ha ha that’s it, mind detect mind.”

“Where EPMD at?” “They in the back gettin’ dressed. Why you comin’ to get em’?” “Yeah, I was gon’ ask you if they could spend the night.” “That’s cool, hmmm with the house to my self I can have one of my dips over…” “Oh you mean one of them lame ass bus drivin’ niggaz you work wit’, yeah you’ll love that” Kev said sardonically.

“Don’t hate nigga don’t hate!” “Whatever, just tell E&P I’m on my way.” “Aiight bye.”

The same way that some of Meek’s cultural ideas stuck with him, so did plenty of Ron’s street wisdom, most of which Kevo took heed to. His uncle always trained him to make sure not to have any drugs or guns in the car when he was gonna be with the boys, except one pistol in a low key stash spot in case he ever found himself in danger while they were with him. He always taught him that kids shouldn’t be privy to the nuances of adult affairs, especially when they were filthy and illegal. If they knew a little bit, that was more than enough. After he cleaned the ride out, he hit the streets and made a b-line toward Carla’s.

When he reached his destination, the fellas were at the door waiting for him. Parrish was always the one to bumrush him. “Daddyyyyyy he yelled at the top of his lungs!” “What’s up big ole’ boy! I love you,” his father replied. “Peace dad!” Erick said, in a voice way too cool for a six year old talkin’ to his old man. “Peace? Where you get that from E?” “Uncle Meek told me that you say peace when you greet people, and when you leave them because that’s more civilized than sayin’ hello and good bye. I’m civilized, so from now on I’m sayin’ peace.” “Oh really, well why don’t you get ya civilized self in the car and make sure you and your brother got them seatbelts on by the time I get in.” “Ok, peace mommy, see you tommorow!” “Peace king I love you!” Carla replied.

“Why do I get the feelin’ we may have a pint sized 5%er on our hands? Imma have to “build” with Shamiek and tell him to slow down with the asiatic stuff.” At this point Kev wasn’t quite sure what Carla thought of that whole idea, since she was a churchgoer and all.

“Honestly, you wouldn’t believe how much of a positive effect it’s had on him based on the little bit that he said Meek taught him. Remember when I told you him and I-Refined stopped by the other week to see us?”

“Yeah, I remember.” “E had been kinda givin’ me some problems, not real bad but you know, just bein’ a little lippy and slackin’ off in school. I didn’t tell you because I knew you would rough him up but if it was real bad I would have. Anyway, I told Meek, and he took him out on the porch and talked to him for about an hour and a half. When they came back in, E apologized for “actin’ like a savage” as he put it, went to his room, and didn’t come out til’ his homework was done. Ever since then he’s been obedient, helpful around the house, a perfect little man. I don’t necessarily agree with everything that the Nation of Gods and Earths teaches but I’ve always noticed how upright the teachings seem to make Meek so if just the little bit E knows so far is gon’ keep him actin’ like this then that’s peace wit me.” They shared a laugh and shook their heads in unison. “Don’t you know he told me he ain’t eatin’ no more swine and that the black man is God? He looked so cute and serious when he said it I couldn’t do nothin’ but smile.”

“Hell naw,” Kev said with a smirk of disbelief on his face. “Well as long as his behavior is better then I’ll leave it alone and we’ll see what he does going foward. Imma take them to get some food and go check out the fellas later on. I still plan on havin’ a talk with the God though just to make sure we got an understandin’ about E. I’ll have the boys call you before they go to bed.”

“Alright, y’all be careful.” “Fa sho’, later.”