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One of the things that I find to be a critical aspect of knowledge of self is the ability to differentiate between what you are and what you are not. The next step in the progression of corresponding thought is coming to terms with the respective lists of qualitites in order to ultimately embark on the lifelong endeavor of refining those things that are undesireable, one by one. The next dimension of this idea, involves realizing how others reconcile, and attempt to make sense out of these apects of your make up. Although on face value, it may seem as if this all revolves around introspection and personal growth, there’s actually a transcendant aspect in that the social equality you share with others is impacted by these factors. Regardless of the level on which you interact with others, that interaction is, in large part, predicated upon willingness to interact that is mutual. In layman’s terms, you fuck with certain people because they fuck wit’ you & vice versa. Now when you begin to analyze the reasons why we fuck with certain people and they fuck with us, you uncover the relevance of the above referenced qualities of character.

When we share social equality with family, friends, co-workers, or companions we are essentially doing trading. Since humans are social beings we all are bound by a common thread which is the need to interact with one another. Sometimes we need someone to make us laugh or give us advice. Other times we need someone to fill a void in our lives that normally would be occupied by someone else. No matter what the reason is the science of I-John is pervasive in all of our lives on some level because there’s someone who’s “there” for us, and there are people who we are “there” for.

The need for human beings to interact with one another is based on magmetism. This attractive force pulls us together as we find ourselves in close proximity to one another. The danger involved emerges when feelings materialize. There are two degrees in 120 which reveal the key element in which the danger is embodied. The born degree in the 1-14 & the wisdom build degree in the 1-40 both discuss revealing secrets. When you get close to people they learn secrets about you and you learn secrets about them. This information gives them a peak into your psyche and clues them in on what buttons to push in order to elicit certain reactions from you. If you’re not careful you can easily fall victim to manipulation at the hands of someone close to you.

If one party in a relationship is not getting something they want from the other party then one of the typical ways they make knowledge born is through a guilt trip. A guilt trip is a tactical vehicle through which one person transfers responsibility for his/her feelings relative to a given situation by laying said feelings at the feet of the other person, and blaming them for whatever pain or suffering they’ve dealt with as a byproduct of them. It’s the old “woe is me you did me so wrong” trick. When used effectively, the guilt trip is a dynamic sword held over the head of the other person waiting to cut it off if they don’t appease the wielder of said sword. We live in a world where feelings and emotions trump logic and reason. That’s because everybody feels shit (85%) but only a few people actually know shit (5%). It’s not so much that our society cares about people’s feelings, it’s just that acknowledgement of said feelings represents political correctness so we’re at a point where we at least extend that minimal courtesy for style points, if for no other reason.

People who are dominated by feelings hate people that are dominated by logic because these people are immune to feeling oriented manipulation devices such as guilt. As long as they can breakdown and sort out a situation in order to irrationalize the need to entertain feelings of guilt, then they’re very difficult to assail because they can detach themselves from the sensations that the feeling brings about. In a last ditch effort to make the logical person feel bad, the touchy feely person will accuse them of being insensitive. If the logical person remains firm on a square they can easily repel this tactic by not giving a fuck. Insensitivity is not always negative because it simply means that you are not suceptible to sensations imposed by outside sources. When the nurses needle touches your brain, it bends and breaks like plastic silverware. And thus, this is how God resisted guilt…

P.S. “There is no mystery God” will return soon so stay tuned.


  1. El Hakeem says:

    Peace I’m a Newborn. there was one blog I read about where you were saying that your Queen was adding her wisdom about your project and then she got emotional and tried to switch the argument around on you. I myself also go through the same s-it with my queen, can you alaborate more on how a God should deal with the Queen. also I would like as much information about the queen so I can know her and not get caught up in her currents

    • svallah says:

      Peace God,

      Actually that build was in reference to an issue between me and my ole’ Earth, not my Queen but in many cases the same sciences apply in dealing with women effectively. Every situation is unique because every Queen is original. That being said, you want to keep a few basic ideas in mind. The first thing is realizing & accepting that men’s thoughts are dominated primarily by logic and reason (note that these concepts are indeed mathematical). Women’s thoughts are primarily guided by feelings and emotions (these things represent the science of the heart). I’m not saying that men can’t be emotional or that women can’t be logical, I’m just dealing with the most prominent aspects of each gender’s mental functioning.

      These things being established, you want to always deal from the perspective of facts and things that can be shown & proven, while being sensitive to that emotional element that they always will bring to the table. Things such as your tone and word choice will allow you to contour your wisdom in such a way that you can navigate this slippery slope. If you’re studying 120 then this will become easier as you advance in your degrees. God is man and he is therefore not without flaws. This means you will sometimes make mistakes, we all do G. Those mistakes are nothing more than miscalculations and those will happen when you live your life mathematically. The best thing that you can do is show and prove a given point to her because once you do so consistently enough, then she will be able to draw understanding from your wisdom. You also have to remember that mathematics is has no built in emotion which is why it’s so effective at keeping things right and exact. As God, you can’t allow your emotions or hers to move you off of your square. She may sometimes resent you for it but so what, if you’re right then she just has to deal with it and concede her position. As long as you also admit when you’re wrong, thereby dealing in equality then it’s peace. My email address is If you send me an email then I’ll send you my math so I can break it down more thoroughly in the verbal.


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