There is no Mystery God:”God Degree”

Posted: November 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

After three hours of intense study, Meek & his Earth were ready to make their way back to the poor part of the planet. As they sat next to each other on the train, food became the topic of their build. I-Refined knew her God well and was willing to bet that he was starvin.’

“You hungry God?” the Queen asked. “Why equal self, you already know Moon. What you drawin’ up for the menu tonight?” The God posed the question with a curious smile & sincere interest knowing that his appreciation of her cooking, as well as his respect for her love of that science made her radiate with excitement. Whenever he watched her build about her next culinary determined idea he was reminded why he needed her revolving around him for the rest of their lives.

“Welllll, I was doin’ the knowledge to this recipe for tofu fajitas that I figured I could try with a spinach salad, fresh pico de gallo & guacamole on the side. How does that sound?” “Honestly, that math sounds amazing & I’m sure it will be. You do realize we’ll probably have guests right?” As far as the Queen was concerned the more the merrier. The only thing she loved more than preparing god degree was watching others enjoy it. She had been studying vegan cooking for about a year and had a determined idea to get as many within’ her universe as possible to stop eating meat. Naturally Meek was her primary target.

“Kevo texted me earlier and said he gone bring EPMD through & you know Twan greedy ass was doin’ the humpty dance when he found out you was comin’ through in anticipation of the free meal.”

“Well as long as he got some money on groceries I ain’t trippin’ and of course I always enjoy seein’ the boys.” “Indeed. I know E better be standin’ on his square wit’ his behavior and school work or else we gone have some 50 Cent Ja Rule beef ya heard?” “Word is bond G, I think you sparked him to the point where he gone be right & exact. You really wanna civilize him don’t you?” “Nothin’ would make me happier than to give that young God this math the same way I got it when I was a shorty but I gotta make sure he understands what he’s askin’ for and that his parents don’t have a problem wit’ him gettin’ it. I definitely think he got potential though. He don’t even got no degrees yet and he already got that God swag.” Meek couldn’t help but smile when he thought about it.  Seeing the way E was takin’ to the Asiatic science of the Nation of Gods & Earths warmed his heart because he remembered being the same way as a child. He could remember like it was yesterday listening to the God Be Wise Allah barkin’ mathematics in ciphers and being completely mesmerized by the wisdom. He saw his enlightener civilizin’ the uncivilized, causin’ trouble among the righteous to dissipate, and treating the original woman with the type of love and respect that she deserved. Even as a pre-teen, these godly ways and actions resonated with him and made him want to immulate them. Before, his mind drifted too far into the depths of nostalgia, Meek decided to reverse the magnetic back to his queen. They were half-way to his kingdom & he couldn’t think of a better way to spend the remainder of the trip than listening to his Earth build.

“Yo queen how you see the god jewel?”

“Actually, although some Gods and Earths say we shouldn’t draw that jewel up by referring to it as god degree I beg to differ. By seeing it as a jewel and a degree simultaneously one can more thoroughly explore the interpretive potential from a mathematical standpoint.”

Meek was feelin’ where she was goin’ but he wanted to hear more. “Peace, build on that science queen. What’s your interpretation?”

“Food is indeed a jewel because partaking of a meal that is enjoyable is sensational on multiple levels. It tastes good, and feels good goin’ down so I see it as a reward for making a right and exact choice for nourishment. Naturally, I’m pullin’ the idea of reward from justice because when we eat good food we do ourselves justice, and also justice is served to the cook for givin’ all they have and all within’ their power to make the meal special. In terms of drawin’ it up as a degree, the word degree causes one to think of levels or temperature. God being represented by seven, is the highest level or degree of living existence in the known universe. God is Allah and the blackman is God, so with me being the original woman I can’t be God, but I’m of God and therefore divine. My divinity shines through and I can manifest a God degree of expression through any science of life as long as I’m true to I-God culture in the way that I live it out. The idea of temperature takes me to currents of air in the build degree.  We know and understand that the manipulation of hot and cold currents of air are key to the effective preparation of food, and temperature is measured in what? Degrees. That being said when I draw up the idea of God degree, I’m thinking of a meal prepared in a way that’s right and exact in terms of the temperature at which it was cooked, the time it took, and the soundness of the measurements of each ingredient as they interact for one common cause.”

All the God could do was grab the queen and pull her close hesitating just long enough for her to brace herself for the soft kiss that he gave her. “When did your wisdom get to be so sharp?” “When I got comfortable buildin’ with the true and livin’ you know steel sharpens steel,” the Queen replied blushing as she followed Meek off the train at 47th.

“Word is bond that was a peace build. Ever since you finished 120 you just hit the ground runnin’ it’s a beautiful thing.” “It’s hard to describe, but I’ve never seen things so clearly as I do now. I used to hide behind my emotions and get all combative when I heard certain truths manifested but now I just acknowledge it, draw it up, take the best part and keep it movin’. Plus, I’m so thirsty to study now because I know that the science of everything in life is so bountiful that I won’t ever run out of things to learn.”

“That’s what it’s all about queen. Why don’t you jump in the cee allah rule and hit the store. I’ll go in the kingdom and make sure the kitchen is clean and all ready for the scientist (ha ha ha…). Take this $50 on the food and I’ll get some more from the fellas.”

“That’s peace. I’ll be back.”

“Be careful Queen & call me if you need me.”

“Cipher king. I love you.”

“I love you too. Peace.”




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