There is no Mystery God:”The Babies are the Greatest”

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Meek entered the kingdom to find that Twan hadn’t made it in from the justice yet. Although the common areas looked pretty tidy, there were a few dishes in the sink so he decided to knock them out. In ten short minutes he was done and not long after drying his hands off his phone vibrated. It was Kevo.


“Peace, come get the door G.” “Aight here I come.”

Upon opening the door Parish bumrushed the God who scooped him up & flung him up onto his shoulder in one motion. “Why you always strivin’ to run up on me Sun? That’s how you wind up in a WWE wrestlin’ move dude.” As he let the boy down he began to tickle him until he laughed uncontrollably.

“Peace God!” Erick said in a voice as serious as he could muster being a six year old. Meek replied accordingly. “Peace young Sun, what’s the science? You got somethin’ for me?”

“Indeed, I told you I would show and prove. Do the knowledge for yourself.” The young God came out of his pocket with a neatly folded note from his teacher.

Meek opened the note and read it aloud.

“At Erick’s request I am sending this brief note to make you aware of his progress relative to classwork & behavior. Over the course of the last 3-4 weeks, Mr. Wilkins has been an exemplary student. I don’t know exactly what brought this change about, but whatever it was, the impact has been very noticeable. Erick is now turning in all assignments on time, participating in class, and excelling on all levels. If he continues to perform this way for the remainder of the year I may have to recommend that he skip the second grade & go straight to 3rd. All of a sudden the work that we do doesn’t seem to really challenge him and I’m really starting to think that he’s gifted. His parents should be very proud of him and so should you “Uncle Meek” as he calls you. I hope this report is adequate enough for him to “show & prove” as he says, just what he’s capable of when he applies himself.”

Thank You.
Sincerely, Earlene Jacobs-Dusable Elementary School

Meek was so proud that he had to consciously hold back tears. He handed Kev the note, composed himself, looked E in his eye and hugged him. “I knew you could do it Great Mind. You showed and proved that the black man is God. My word is bond and bond is life. We’ll start your studies immediately. You earned your Supreme Mathematics today.

“Yes!” E exclaimed. “Can I call my ole’ Earth & tell her?” “True indeed, use the phone in the kitchen G.”

Kevo looked at his friend in awe. As he extended his hand to give him a pound he thanked him. Meek immediately stopped him.

“You don’t need to thank me G cuz I didn’t really do nothin.’ All I did was reach inside of him and touch a nerve. That lil’ dude is Allah for real Sun. I challenged him just to see if he would rise to it because he said he wanted knowledge. I told him that I wouldn’t teach him unless he tightened up his behavior, showed and proved that he was civilized and righteous, and waited until I got the green light from you and Carla. All I been givin’ him is little jewels but I was gone clear it wit’ ya’ll once I could prove that he was ready, sincere, and desrerved it.”

“It’s cool G, Carla told me how much better he been actin.’ She say he been actin’ so upright you can teach him whatever you want so she ain’t trippin.’ He is only six though, you think he ready for it raw like that?”

“Imma tell you like this G. E is special Sun. This is already in him it’s just that he’s so advanced that he can’t wait any longer to learn how to live it out. I can see it in him God to the point where it’s almost scary because he’s so perceptive for his age. You read what his teacher said, when he focuses his mind he leaves the other kids in class in his dust. Once I get him started wit’ this math, he gone be so cracked out on learnin’ that he gone be allergic to dumb shit. Imma let him build wit’ the older God later on. That’s gone really blow his wig back. It’s some brew in the fridge and the queen should be back from the store in a minute.”

“That’s just what I need, one of them cold ones.”

“Gone and get down G. Imma go holler at E for a minute. Yo E, tell ya moms I said peace and come in the back so we can build young God.”

“Indeed, I gotta go mommy me and God about to build. I love you, peace.”

Erick rushed his ole Earth off the phone and went into the bedroom. He took a seat next to Meek on the bed as the God reached for his book of life.

“You see this binder right here?”


“This is my book of life. This is where I keep my lessons, math, alphabets, and plus degrees.”

“What are plus degress?” E inquired.

“Plus degrees are extra lessons outside of 120 that help you add onto your understanding.”

“So what do I learn after Supreme Mathematics?”

“After that you get Supreme Alphabets, then the 1-10, 1-36, 1-14, 1-40, Actual Facts, & Solar Facts. After that you get 12 Jewels. Before we start God, I want to tell you a couple of things that you should always remember ok?”

“Ok.” “You gettin’ this knowledge at such a young age is special and it shows and proves that you’re special. What I’m teaching you is for everybody but everybody is not fit to learn it or handle it. That’s what makes us the 5%. We are part of the small group of people who are capable of learning and teaching this ya undertand?”

“Yes. I understand.” “That’s peace. Now the God that you grow into will depend on how hard you study. All I can do is teach you what I know and then after that, the only way you’ll keep learning is to keep studying. That’s what will make you wise and powerful. Is that what you want to be?”

“Indeed. I wanna be wise and powerful like you.”

“Here’s the thing G, you can only be the best you that you can be because I’m an original man and so are you. That means there’s nobody else in the world that can be like you or like me. Always be yourself God and be the best that you can and you may grow to be more wise and powerful than me.”

“I will.”

“Now before I give you your Supreme Mathematics, I want you to build with my educator. I want you to meet him because he’s gonna give you some jewels and welcome you into our family tree.”

“I can’t wait! Can we call him now?”

“Indeed, let me get him on the line.”

Meek pulled the God’s number up on his phone and pressed call.

“Peace Great Mind,” the older God said in a deep enthusiastic voice.

“Peace Lord, how you God?” “Livin’ mathematics G, just livin’ it to the best of my ability. What’s the science?”

“Elevation G. I got a young God I’m about to bring into the knowledge of himself. He’s Kev’s oldest sun and his name is E. He’s equality years old God but he’s swift beyond his years G. I just want you to add on with him before I give him his Supreme Mathematics.”

“Wow God he’s only equality? This young God must be swift but it’s no surprise G cuz the babies are the what, greatest. Put him on God.”

“Here E, the God is on the line. You can ask him whatever you want and he’s gonna give you some wisdom to walk with.”

“Ok.” The young God anxiously grabbed the phone ready to build. “Peace God.”

To be continued….


  1. Serenity says:

    I am truly feeling this story. More, More!

  2. dg says:

    Hi Preme,

    I’m a brother from Boston and i’ve been reading your blog on the reg for the last month or so. I’ve enjoyed it a great deal. I’m not part of the nations of gods and earths but i’m really intrigued with what the NGE is all about. I have a question for you. In your post on 11/25 the term “sun” was used when Meek was speaking with a young boy. Does our use of the term “son” nowadays in music and everday life stem from the NGE’s use of it? And
    people that are using it dont realize that is was intended to be used as “sun” versus “son”
    I always viewed the term son as almost a putdown, like come her son let me school you on something. Can you let me know.


    • svallah says:


      I appreciate you doin’ the knowledge to the blog G. To answer your question, true indeed the usage of both forms of the word (sun & son) traces back to us. The same is the case with “word” which is short for “word is bond.” That phrase comes straight out of our lessons, as do references to the Sun & son. We draw up the blackman to be synonymous with the Sun because the divine light of his mind is what he manifests (shines on) to the original woman (Earth/Moon) which she, in turn, reflects to the world and translates to wisdom that she adds on to the babies (Stars). We’ll often refer to a young girl as a “moon” or a young boy as “sun” because neither has yet to elevate to the point that they manifest God & Earth in the truest sense. Even still, that’s what they originate in this world as so said terms still apply.

      The NGE has had a tremendous impact on hip hop over the years and this impact traces back to the 70’s. That’s where the usage of the words peace, indeed, mathematics, build, as well as phrases such as drop knowledge & drop science, stems from.


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