“That which does NOT exist: Black Customer Service?!

Posted: December 6, 2010 in Uncategorized


I moved into a new kingdom this past Saturday. Naturally, among the first orders of business under said circumstance, is to survey the new land in order to identify it’s useful parts. Since my stove and fridge have yet to be delivered, knowledge of the closest stores & restaurants is the difference between hunger & god degree. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a “soul food” restaurant within walking distance. I woke up with a taste for breakfast yesterday morning, self cipher I decided to check it out. I quickly drew up the menu on the wall & saw that aside from the typical offerings, they offered some jamaican selections that peaked my curiosity. There was seating available for dining in, and I was the only customer. Mind you, this is at about the build hour in the allah master. Anyway, I make eye contact with the sister behind the counter. I can’t honestly recall whether or not she said good morning, but if she did it certainly wasn’t emphatic.

I grabbed my own menu off of one of the tables since she didn’t offer me one. Although C-Medina is presently in the season of the cold current, she also didn’t ask if I wanted coffee. Since this was a Sunday, it goes without saying that there was church music playing on the radio while ESPN was on the true victory. I decided what I wanted, ordered my veggie omlette with cheese & hashbrowns, & patiently waited. When the food came it looked appetizing & this was the point at which the silverware was placed before me. A few moments prior, I received a cee u power of water, which was fortunate because the silverware was dirty. When the sister turned her back I dipped the knife & fork in the water and wiped them clean with a napkin. I will admit that the food was peace but the service continually missed the mark of satisfaction. The wheat toast that came with the meal wasn’t really all that toasted. It actually looked like it was heated in a skillet as opposed to having been placed in a toaster. On top of that she gives me butter and no jelly… Who the fuck does that? Who the fuck eats toast with just butter and no jelly? Cipher king I’ll concede that perhaps some small minority of heated bread lovers may get down like that but only a waitress who has no interest in a true I power delivers toast without at least asking if you want jelly. Additionally, with us being in the poor part of the planet, it would’ve been nice to ask if I wanted hot sauce so that I wouldn’t have to request it. The icing on the cake came when she grabbed the tv remote and turned from ESPN to a church broadcast. Correct me if I’m wrong but the tv is generally supposed to be showing some shit that the customer would like to see. That’s how it’s done at the breakfast spots that the colored man owns. As a matter of fact, they don’t make me ask for jelly, hot sauce, or coffee either. After I paid the check and headed back to the kingdom I drew up what I had just experienced.

I wasn’t shocked, as I’ve had plenty of shitty customer service at black establishments. What I thought about was the idea that we don’t spend our money in our own communities. I’ve heard countless brothers & sisters bitch & moan about this phenomenon as if not spending money with your own equates to “not being down for the struggle.” Listen closely…I wouldn’t give a fuck if a nigga had a picture of himself gettin’ beat with a nightstick by a white cop who just sicked a dog on him hangin’ up in his restaurant! I still am not obligated to spend my money in there especially if the muthafucka can’t at least act like he’s strivin’ to get money. It makes absolutely no sense for me to get better goods and services from the colored man than from my “own.” It’s especially retarded when you consider that this lack of quality is coming from businesses that are not competitively profitable. If I had a restaurant in a black neighborhood and it was empty on a Sunday morning, when a customer entered I would make sure he or she was satisfied enough to come back and to tell a friend. It’s no mystery why niggaz ain’t got no money. It’s because they sit at home and wait for it to fall out of the sky.


  1. Olu says:

    I recently read that workers treat their customers how management treats them watch the establishment itself. keep up the good blogs. peace

  2. Serenity says:

    You are preaching to the chior. It seems like Black folks do their own super dirty. Had you been a devil, she would have bent over backwards for you cleaning your silverware with her hair if she needed to. My father used to have his own business. He said in order to be successful as a Black business person in a Black community, you must employ several white people or at least white-looking people to front for you. That keep everyone honest.

    Question…. Why are you eating jelly and frosting abroad? Commercial jellies more than likely have geletin in them and commercial frosting has lard in it. Did they make said items from scratch?

    Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth

    • svallah says:

      Peace Earth,

      To answer your question, in avoidance of poison animal I keep it simple. I don’t deal with pig like that. I won’t shield my dirty religion and lie by saying that I can pinoint every single food or drink that contains some pork by-product although I don’t knock anyone who is said person of that ability. I just don’t personally go hard like that. The degree says we don’t eat the animal self cipher I don’t. Meat-wise it’s fish, chicken, & turkey. No pig or cow, no miscellaneous coldcuts (ie salami, pastrami, or any of that shit). I also don’t eat lamb duck or any other such animal. There’s no telling how many different ways the devil can use by products of it (pig) in a fine mist that’s not so easy to detect. That being said, I avoid the obvious. I’m not holy, just righteous :o).

      All of the above being said, I’m not opposed to further cleaning myself up in that regard. It would seem that between the two of us you are obviously the best knower relative to said science so if you add on with some sources you are aware of I will make my word bond in terms of doing the knowledge and refining self more thoroughly. I appreciate the question though & have no choice but to manifest the truth on the square to the Almighty Mother of Civilization.


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