There is no mystery God:”The Right Foods”

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

As Twan parked in front of his building and turned down the Lil’ Wayne mix cd he was bumpin,’ he saw a welcome sight in his rear-view mirror. It was the Queen I-Refined pulling into the spot behind him.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the Claire Huxtable of the Asiatic World…peace Queen!” The equality between he and the Earth mirrored that which he and Meek shared. They had mad love for one another, but the shit talkin’ was non-stop.

“Peace Hungry Jack!” The Queen retorted. “Your timing is impeccable. Help me with these groceries after you gather up the rest of the God power in the kingdom please.”

“Cool, let me go get these niggaz.” Twan turned his key, entered the rest, and immediately rounded up the crew. As usual, P was the first one to reach her. “Peace Queen!” “Peace handsome Sun, come here & give me some sugah….mwuahhhhh!” The Queen picked him up and gave him a kiss. Kevo, Meek, and Twan were right behind P so they snatched up the bags and everyone filed back inside.

“So what type of extra healthy dinner you got planned for tonight?” Twan asked in a curious tone. “You’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, I suggest you get a snack because it’ll be a while before it’s done. By the way, what you got on these groceries brotha?”

Meek immediately chimed in. “Yeah, mack daddy, run that love offerin’ on this god degree Sun.” Twan reached into his pocket and forked over two folded twenties. “That should cover it. I hope we got some spray in the bathroom cuz I know after I eat this vegan cuisine imma’ drop bombs over Baghdad!” P immediately broke out into laughter and his uncle Twan joined him.

“That’s because the meals I prepare help clear all that animal flesh and whatnot out ya’ intestines. If you lay off them gyros, polishes, and pizza puffs you wouldn’t have such foul bombs to drop silly.” I-Refined couldn’t help but giggle to her self at Twan’s humor, crossbred with ignorance.

“Whatever, just hook up them plants and tofu wit’ some good good seasoning cuz I’m starvin.” “What’s the science wit ya book game Kevo?” The Queen inquired. She and he were both avid readers and always had peace builds about the literature that they drew up.

“Man, I need to hit Border’s like yesterday. It’s been a week since I started a new book. The last joint I finished was this book written by Ron Jaworski called “The Games that Changed the Game.” “Word, what was he dealin’ wit’?” “He was chronicling some of the most influential football games in NFL history in terms of how they impacted what the game has become today. I dug it because dude is real precise in the way he breaks down little nuances of the game that the casual fan wouldn’t necessarily catch. I’m ready to switch it up and deal with somethin’ more high powered though. You got any suggestions?”

“Indeed. Me and the God were thinkin’ about coppin’ that new Stephen Hawking book just to draw it up even though we know it ain’t gone be right and exact. It’s called the Grand Design.”

Kevo was familiar with Hawking but had never done any extensive research on his work. “I might wanna get down on that. I saw a documentary on the Discovery Channel that featured him. That’s the dude that helped substantiate the Big Bang Theory right?” Meek eagerly added on. “True indeed. He’s a cosmologist/mathematician who’s written extensively on the universe and it’s origin. The thing about it is, he’s starting to bump his head on a glass ceiling that even his brilliant, but grafted, mind can’t penetrate. He’s now saying that the universe was not intelligently designed based on certain so-called flaws that he sees in it’s layout.”

“You mean like on some the world wasn’t actually created type shit?” “Yeah. He just talkin’ that weak shit because he can’t see himself in the mathematics behind the blueprint so he’s strivin’ to push the idea that all this that we see and hear just arbitrarily made itself manifest over time.”

“So I’m quite sure you have a thorough explanation on why he’s wrong right?” “Absolutely my brother allow me to add on. Dude is dissatisfied with the results of all of his research for two primary reasons. Number 1, every time he thinks that he’s figured one thing out, he realizes that all he did was uncover deeper elements of the universe’s composition which breed more questions. Number 2, as I stated before, he can’t see himself in the equation.   The original man is the asiatic black man, who is God of the universe. That being said, the science behind the universe’s origin corresponds directly to the origin of the blackman’s existence in it. At that time there was no such person as the colored man, so how could these concepts interlock & formulate a construct that would sit well with him?”

“So I hear you talk about the whiteman being grafted and all & that would explain the physical reality of his existence, but what about his mental existence?” Twan couldn’t resist the temptation to throw coals on the fire. As he clapped his hands sarcastically and nudged P to get him to follow suit, the two of them yelled, “Good question, good question! How you gone explain that Gaaaawwwwwdddd??” P was fascinated with Twan because he was so silly and he never hesitated to mimick his play uncle regardless of how bogus he might be. From time to time it got him in trouble.

At this point the Queen spoke up from the kitchen as she prepared the pico de gallo & guacamole. “Let me break that down for you Sun! Pay close attention cuz sound travels at a rate of 1,120 ft./second when I get ta showin’ and provin’ so if the math get ta’ manifestin’ too fast you might not catch the whole jewel partna’!” Kevo and Meek loved to hear the Queen ice Twan whenever he questioned anything that she could show & prove via the science of 120. They always instigated fervently. They simultaneously yelled, “Daaaaaaaaammmmmmnnnn, get em’ Queen!”

The Queen brushed her shoulders off and rotated her neck until it cracked, causin’ the entire room to break out in laughter. She then began to build. “Do the knowledge. The science of grafting by which the colored man was made was a two dimensional process. One aspect was mental and the other was physical. Before the physical part could be carried out it had to be preceded by a thought, which became a determined idea. All action is preceded by thought because physicality precipitates from the mind, showin’ and provin’ mind over matter. We have countless thoughts over the course of our lives but only certain thoughts become determined ideas, which ultimately translate to an outward physical projection. What the colored man physically embodies is the destroy angle of the square which resides in the mind of every original person and has it’s genesis in the mind of the original man.”

“Wait a minute though,” Twan fired back, “if ya’ll say that Allah is the divine universal black mind, which is the cumulative sum of every original man’s mind then what’s the original woman’s mind or the white man’s mind and how are they represented in totality? How do you explain those mental sums?”

“Ok ok Smoove, I see you brought ya thinkin’ cap to the build tonight. I like that in you. You raise a very solid question. However, my wisdom will lead you to the light which is the answer. You’re right & exact in stating that Allah is the divine universal black mind and the sum total of the minds of every original man. When you deal with the science of the universe and how mind pervades it, you find that it exists on a quantum field. Within this field there are planes of mind manifestation and corresponding wavelengths, levels, or frequencies, if you will. As you travel down from the highest plane, which is that of the original man’s mind you get to the original woman’s mind, colored man’s mind, and then the colored woman’s mind and so on. That’s why we say mind detect mind because mind recognizes itself in other hosts & in it’s like form. That’s why women can understand aspects of femininity that men can’t and vice versa. The only exceptions are people who open their minds to the study of these social sciences and the complexities of the gender opposite to theirs. Also, this explains why the colored man can’t understand the original man because he’s unalike. The original man can understand him though, because he made him, and life dictates that in order for him to exist in this devil’s civilization, he must understand the devil. Think about it. Ask yourself this, how much would it impede a white person’s progress in life, particularly in America, if he had minimal ability to relate to or understand black people? There’s still white people who go through most of there lives without interacting closely with us until they get to high-school or college. And even in those ciphers, if they represent the majority they still may not deal with us like that. Conversely, it’s plenty of black people who go to school or work where there aren’t many other blacks. It’s rare for white people to go to predominantly black schools because they tend to be under served and underfunded. If they have the means to get the best goods, services, or education then they can get all of the above from their own. The same availability is not within our reach so since we gotta go see them like that, we gotta be able to psycho-analyze and relate to them.”

Meek reminded the Queen to watch the tofu that she was cooking. “Indeed Lord, I got it,” she assured him. The God redirected his attention to the fellas. “Can you see that math the Queen was buildin’ on Twan?”

“It sound good, but I gotta study some of those concepts to see if they really come together to equal truth in my mind.” “That’s peace, you gotta show & prove it to yourself for it to resonate. Let me go check on the young God. Be Wise probably got E froze in a trance back here…..” 



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