There is no Mystery God: “E=Young God’s Elevation”

Posted: December 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

E could feel chills up and down his six year old spine as he focused his ear and mind in order to absorb all of the older God’s wisdom. He knew that his uncle Shamiek was wise, so he figured his enlightener must be even wiser. His young third eye was a sponge ready to soak up knowledge of self. “Peace young God. My name is Be Wise Allah, what’s your name Sun?”

“My name is Erick, but my nickname is E.”

“It’s peace to build with you E. I understand that you want knowledge of self and that you earned your Supreme Mathematics today. Congratulations, I’m very proud of you.”

“Thank you, Be Wise.”

“What we’re going to build about is some basic science that you need to know as far as getting to know your self, and coming to understand what being God is all about. Do you know what it means to have knowledge of self?” “Yeah, it means to know who you are.” “True indeed! That’s right and exact God, but there’s a bit more to it. Knowledge of self is basically about learning who you are, who everybody else in the universe is, and why. Now there’s two parts of the self, there’s “you” that you see in the mirror, which is the individual young man that you are walking and living in the world, and then there’s your universal self, which is the divine black mind that you, me, Meek and all of the other Gods come together to form, which is Allah. Does that make sense?” “I think so, it’s like Kobe is a basketball player by himself, but the Lakers is his team.” “You got it Almighty! That’s right, by yourself you are the original God that came out of your ole’ Earth’s stomach, but you are also part of the group reality that is Allah. Now you know you can’t eat pork anymore right?”

“Indeed, I already told my ole’ Earth that I will never eat it ever again. Why don’t we eat pork?” “Because it’s a poisonous animal God and it’s not good for you. Pigs are filthy animals and they eat almost anything. Have you ever heard anyone say you are what you eat?” “Yeah.” “Well pigs eat trash, so that’s what they are to us. If you eat good food then you have a healthy body, and if you think good thoughts then you have a healthy mind God. Now I want to tell you about our family tree, which is the line of Gods that you are becoming a part of going all the way back to Father Allah.”

“Ok, when did you get knowledge of self? Who was your enlightener?”

“I got knowledge back in the year knowledge born god understanding. That’s how you say 1973 using supreme mathematics, Shamiek is gonna teach you that and when he does you’ll always build using your math. Your age is what we call your physical degree. You’re six years old so your physical degree is equality, because six is equality in Supreme Mathematics. My physical degree is power culture because I’m 54 years old. I was 17, or knowledge God, when I got math and I was taught by a great God by the name of Shaheed Born God Allah. He was taught by King Justice Allah, who was taught by First Born Prince Allah, and of course he was taught by the Father Allah.”

“Is that the whole tree?” “No, that’s just how we trace back to the Father. There’s a lot of other Gods and Earths in between who each of us have taught. The place where Meek and I got knowledge is Brooklyn, New York which we call Medina. You live in Chicago, which we call C-Medina, and the Nation was founded in Harlem, New York, which we call Mecca or the “root” because it’s the root of our civilization. That just means it’s the place where we became civilized. Now why do you think it’s important for black people to have knowledge of self E?”

“So we can learn how to act and teach it to others.” “Indeed! I want you to always remember that once you get knowledge of self, you have to teach it to others because our lessons tell us that this is our duty. That’s why it’s so important for you to take your studies seriously so that you can be the best teacher you can possibly be. I also want you to know that just because you become a poor righteous teacher, that doesn’t mean that you stop being a student. Knowledge is infinite, which means that it never ends. The black man is God/Allah, the best knower, so he has to keep studying so that every day he will come to know more. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand God.” “Good. Another thing that I want you to know is that this knowledge works hand in hand with what you learn in school, so it’s very important for you to always show and prove in school. If you say that you’re the best knower then you have to show that to people, but not in a way that makes them feel like you think you’re better than them. So now that you know who God is, who do you think the devil is?

“The white man.” “Indeed, the colored man, or caucasian white man is the devil.” “So does that mean that we hate white people?” “Absolutely not. We don’t hate anyone. Some white people are righteous and do great things in, and for the world, so it’s not about hate. What it’s about is their origin in this world. The same way that God is a group reality for us, devil is a group reality for them. That means that just because they don’t ACT like devil, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t devil. Also just because a black man is born into the world as God, that doesn’t mean that he will ACT the way God should act. This science is very important because they come from us so we’re linked to them. But ever since they came to be, they have done everything they could to make life hard for the original man.”

“So how come good white people are still devil even if they don’t act like it?” “Because that’s what they came into the world as so that’s their nature. Even good white people benefit from the savage things that the bad ones have done to our people, and they would never give up those benefits in order to make the world better for us. The important thing is never to take any person on face value. Just because a person is white that doesn’t mean that they aren’t righteous or that they won’t treat you well. And just because a person is black doesn’t mean they won’t treat you bad. We simply deal with God and devil in order to understand the nature of people. However, we judge them individually based on their ways and actions. There are three groups of people in the world that you need to know about. The 5%, the 10%, and the 85%. The 85% are most of the people that you see every day. They eat pork, which we also call swine, or poison animal. They don’t have knowledge of themselves or their origin in this world so they are easily led in the wrong direction by things such as drugs, religion, and crime. These are the people that we are here to teach.”

“Are they all bad?”

“No. They aren’t all bad, they are just lost but our lessons tell us that they can be found. Just because a person is dead in the mind that doesn’t mean they have to stay that way. I used to be that way and so did Shamiek. But there’s always a chance to come back from mental death, we just can’t come back from a physical death.”

“You mean like when I was actin’ like a savage at school and not studying and then Meek made me straighten up. Before I stopped being a savage I was mentally dead but when I started to do better I came back from mental death right?”

“That’s exactly right G! You stopped actin’ like a savage and straightened up because you KNOW better. The God just pointed that out to you and got you to start acting according to what you know is right. That’s why knowledge is so important because it’s the foundation of your mind’s diet. It gives you information to pull from that you can use to be and act wise because wisdom is nothing more than knowledge that is put to use.”

“Ok, I got it. So who are the 10%?”

“The 10% are the rich people of the world, who take advantage of the 85% so that they can live a good life. They use their money and power to feed off of the ignorance of the 85% and to keep them blind to who they are. That’s why we refer to the 10% as the bloodsuckers of the poor. As long as the 85% depend on them for food, clothing, and shelter, they can continue to rule the world.”

“How come they don’t use their money and power to help the 85%?”

“That’s a great question Lord. It’s because the devil has the world set up in a way where the only way to get rich and stay rich is to take advantage of others. Also, if a person that’s part of the 10% starts to help the 85% then the rest of the 10% won’t like that. Always remember God, people who are similar tend to expect one another to act a certain way so when you act other than that way they give you problems.”

“Indeed. Some of my friends at school started treating me different when I told them I wanted to get knowledge and stop bein’ a savage. They called me a nerd and said I was lame. I didn’t let it bother me though.”

“I’m glad to hear you say that God. Your friends just don’t understand the science that you’re dealing with. As God of your universe you don’t ever let other people tell you that being civilized is wrong because it’s not, they are. See the 85% are like sheep and the 10% are like shepherds. The sheep always follow the shepherd. God is a leader and not a follower so as long as what you do and say is right and exact you don’t worry about what others say or think. That leads me to the third and final group which is us.”

“You mean the 5%?” “That’s right great mind! We are the 5% in the poor part of the planet Earth. We don’t believe in the nonsense that the 10% teaches because we are all wise and know who the true and living God is, and teach that the true and living God is Allah, the Supreme Being, the black man of Asia. We teach freedom, justice, and equality to all human families of the planet Earth. We are hear to help the 85% recover from mental death and learn who they are.”

“How come there’s so few of us?” “That’s because of mathematics G. Any time you have a large group of people when you deal with the best and brightest of the group, the closer you get to the top, the smaller the number will be. Out of the top 10 students in your class would you rather be number 10 or number 1?”

“Number 1.” “That’s right and if you’re number one then you have that top spot all to your self. The cream of the crop always rises to the top G and that’s who the 5% are. There are only a few people in this world who are fit to walk, live, and teach this math God. The 5, 10, and 85 percentages remain the same because for every person that gets knowledge there are many more who move further in the wrong direction.”

“Earlier you said religion is bad, how come?” “Religion is bad but all religious PEOPLE aren’t. The science on that is this, religion teaches people to believe in a mystery God which doesn’t exist. By focusing their needs, wants, and hopes on an imaginary God they move further and further away from the true and living God, and remain mentally dead. Think about it like this. If the preacher man taught you every thing he knows then he wouldn’t be special anymore and you would no longer have any use for him. That’s why he runs his church in such a way where you can’t question him or be equal with him. That way, you’ll keep coming back and giving him your time and money. The 5% doesn’t do that. We share our knowledge so that we can promote equality because if everyone has knowledge, wisdom, and understanding then the world will be a less chaotic and more peaceful place. Does that make sense?”

“Yes, it makes a lot of sense and I’m learning a lot from you. I can tell that you taught Meek.” “Well that’s true but he has also taught me a lot since I met him just as you will teach him as he gives you knowledge.”

“How can I teach him when he’s so wise and I’m just a kid?” “Well God, just because you are a child that doesn’t mean you can’t teach an adult anything. It’s just in a different way. Since adults are basically grown up children, when we observe you, we get a better understanding of ourselves. You also make us sharper because you ask us questions and challenge us to show and prove. That’s why the Father taught that the babies are the greatest. As the God teaches you, he’ll learn how to be a better teacher. He can only learn this by practicing because practice makes perfect. As you elevate, he elevates, so we elevate because remember we’re one, we’re Allah.”

“So you mean what I do effects the nation?” “Indeed because when people see you they see the nation, they see our tree, and they see your enlightener to a degree because they are all related. I gotta go up to the school for a nation function God so imma’ let you go. We’ll build again soon and I’ll check on you from time to time to make sure you’re alright. We’re righteous brothers so you can call me to build anytime ok?”

“Ok Lord.”

“Our family tree has a rich tradition so we have high expectations of you but I have no doubt that you will do well. I’ll build with you soon God. Peace!


After he hung up the phone, E felt like he had a battery in his back. He was determined to become the wisest God that he possibly could, and to make his family tree proud. He now understood why it was so important to do the right thing and why his dad, uncle, and his ole’ Earth were always stressing it. He also felt more confident that he was following the path that was meant for him so he no longer cared what his friends at school thought. Like the God told him, he’s Allah and that’s all he cared about… showing and proving to the best of his ability.



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