Posted: January 6, 2011 in Uncategorized


I was arguably the dumbest person in the Asiatic World today, word is bond! Follow the mental death timeline. At 6:29 in the allah master I woke up to realize that I missed my train stop and would, therefore, be late to the justice. The body of the day actually wasn’ t that bad. We weren’t too busy and I got a respectable amount of work done. At the culture hour, I logged out and made my way to the shuttle bus eager to get a game of chess in on my phone. Side note: I’m strivin’ intensely to get my weight up in chess, although the process requires patience that I don’t always manifest. Fast forward to 4:29pm. I look up to realize that the shuttle bus is empty except for…you guessed it, Mr. “All Wise who does everything right and exact”…yeah right!

In my defense, I did have an alarm set this morning, which should’ve woke me up before my stop. Needless to say, it didn’t. When I did the knowledge I’m pretty sure that there was a setting that I didn’t have enabled, which would’ve caused it to repeat for power minutes. The bottom line is, my mental death caused all of the above. Volume 2 of said glitch in the matrix was the direct result of me not respecting the full meaning of civilization. I was so busy pursuing victory in my chess game, I didn’t realize the bus had stopped and it was time to get off. Self cipher here I stand at the train station awaiting a train that is running 15 minutes late. And thus, this is how today’s mathematics is shown and proven. I was late getting to the justice and I will now be late getting to the kingdom. Certainly not the most pleasant manifestation of equality, but it’s equality nonetheless. By the way, I forgot to mention that I just left my gloves on the second shuttle…what a dumbass!!!


  1. Allah Universal says:

    Peace…Those days come just to prove that the next is better…hell it could be worse…We could still be blind to all of the above…Peace…

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