The Nature of the Beast

Posted: January 18, 2011 in Uncategorized


Although there are innumerable interpretive possibilities within knowledge wisdom cipher, in order to uncover them, one must have a functional understanding of who the degrees talk about, and what they say about these people. The primary wisdom groups in question are original people and colored people. Mainstream society would have the masses believe that there are more than just these two groups on the planet Earth, however, it’s not difficult to disprove said notion. Once it is understood that these wisdom groups represent the basic segments of the human population, a person can then delve into the specific ways in which they co-exist and interact in order to do so. For original people, particularly those who deal with supreme mathematics, it’s imperative that they possess knowledge and wisdom of the human family, and are clear about who represents each qualitative degree, in order to merge them and born understanding. Knowledge is represented by original people, as they were the first to walk the planet Earth. Wisdom is represented by colored people as they were made manifest by a grafting process, which engineered them to be our antithesis. Note, the application of knowledge and wisdom is contextual and contoured to the build as each respective quality can be used to fluidly illustrate virtually anything. We often get so caught up with teaching knowledge of self that we overlook the importance of knowledge of them. This being stated, let’s take a look at what 120 reveals to us about “them”. The wisdom degree tells us two key things. First, it tells us that Yacub was their maker, and since he was an original man and a scientist, this shows and proves the quality of “maker” in the knowledge degree. Secondly, it tells us they are the devils of the planet Earth. If one were to halt their study of our lessons right at the wisdom degree, and independently research these two aspects of the colored man’s reality, they could uncover boundless information which would show and prove this overall concept of who he is.

As we travel further into the degrees we find out more detailed information about how this devil gets down. We find out that he is 100% weak and wicked, which means he can’t help but conduct himself as such because these qualities reflect his nature. As a result, we learn that his ways and actions are like a snake of the grafted type. He causes trouble amongst the righteous people, by telling lies, accusing them, and causing them to fight and kill one another. He desires to make slaves out of all he can so that he can rob them and live in luxury. He wants us to think that we are all different. He teaches the poor lies about God. He gives us nothing and teaches us how to eat the wrong foods. He uses us for a tool and keeps us illiterate. He has studied and continues to study trying to be like the original man. As long as he is allowed to live he will sting someone else. He has fooled us. There will not be any peace among them. He is a savage. Is it becoming clear now? I could go on for years, months, and days although it’s not necessary. Let’s assess what we have revealed thus far as there are some common themes among the aforementioned offenses. A good number of theme could be categorized as deception. Lying, accusing, and keeping people illiterate represent separation from the truth which in many respects is synonymous with knowledge and the withholding of it. As long as you don’t know certain things you can’t do or see certain things self cipher to keep original people in such a perpetual state of ignorance is beneficial to him. This is all about mind control. If he controls what goes into your mind then he also controls the two key corresponding byproducts of your mentality which are thoughts and actions. Both project in patterns and when the pattern is destructive then you are effectively being led in the wrong direction. A strangle hold on them is a strangle hold on you.

While he gives you nothing, he takes whatever he wants. Your money, freedom, rights, it doesn’t matter. If he wants it he takes it because he is a savage in the pursuit of happiness, and it is this pursuit that drives him in life. It is what his survival on the planet is predicated upon because he is the global minority, which is why he is so relentless. His dual assault on your mind and body continues daily with no signs of slowing down. The most critical point that must be made regarding who we are versus who they are is that there’s a distinct difference between the two entities. Don’t think for one second that they don’t know this. I’ve stated this before and will do so again. When they look at you they don’t see self because you aren’t self to them. When you look at someone and don’t see a person that you feel a connection to you don’t give a shit about them. There’s nothing inside of you that causes you to relate to them. Their problems aren’t your problems, their dreams are not your dreams, your babies are not their babies, your fears are not their fears, and as a result, they process all of the above in terms of “mines” and “yours.” This is where the phrase, “a you problem” comes from. As long as any social ill can be categorized as such, suggesting that it disproportionately affects more original than colored people, they could give a fuck less about it. It’s only when it becomes a “we” problem that it garners his attention. Problems are statements or questions which require answers or solutions. Mathematics is the only way to bring such solutions about. Knowing this, we have to communicate with the devil in this universal language because only then can we be assured that he will understand what is being said. As long as he can bank on our money for goods and services, the message to him translates to “great job fuckin’ us over, we love it, please…keep it up!” The message should be, “we tired of yo devil ass and until you refine yourself and learn to deal in equality with us we ain’t fuckin’ wit’ you!” However, before we can speak in such bold mathematical terms we must clean ourselves up. We have to deal in equality with one another and create an independent economic climate within which we can do fair trading amongst one another. This breeds self sufficiency and works for the greater good of us all. Once this is established, we can then comfortably withhold our money from the devil because we don’t lose anything by redirecting its flow, only he does. And anyone that knows anything about him knows that he hates bleeding green more than he hates to bleed red every day all day. The type of economic revolution of which I speak will take time. We have to start small. If we consider the goods and services that we offer to one another most readily, we see food, hair-care, entertainment, and car repair toward the top of the list. It would be nice if more often than not we could purchase good healthy food from one another that is accompanied by better service and a smile. Or, if we could get reliable car repair service at a fair price from an original person who’s not a crack-head. How nice would it be for a brother to be able to get a good hair-cut for less than wisdom cipher or wisdom power dollars, or for a sister to be able to get her natural hair done for a price that doesn’t look like a solar fact, and without having to sit in the shop for hours on end? As long as such small aspirations equate to pipe dreams the snake will continue to bite us and his venom will continue killing us.



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