“There is no Mystery God”:Power cipher rule now/The Discussion…(part 1)

Posted: January 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

From time to time on Friday nights, Meek and Twan would have little get togethers at the rest. It usually wasn’t anything extravagant, just the fellas’ and a couple of wisdoms, drinkin,’ eatin,’ and talkin’ about grown folks shit. Twan would typically invite one of his “startin’ five” chicks to come hang out although oddly enough, Isha was poppin’ up more frequently than the others. The God Meek detected this although he remained in a fine mist about it. He had every intention of confronting his boy about it when the time was right. These functions were always a good time for all because I-Refined made sure the God degree was delicious, the drinks were flowin,’ and the conversation was always edifying, and controversial. On this night in particular, the topic at hand would be especially interesting.

Kevo and Meek were at the store grabbin’ a couple of items for the evening festivities. Nothing spectacular, beer, wine, blunts, and snacks to be exact. The subject of their build was the third of the three amigos. The two on hand were a-alike for real. They had an uncanny knack for seeing the same thing and laying low with the science until they could get together and build about it. Kevo kicked it off.

“Yo you notice how Smoove been movin’ wit’ his roster lately?” Meek knew where he was going but he played country dumb for shits and giggles. “What you talkin’ about Sun?” “I’m sayin’ usually this nigga’ talkin’ about a new chick every other day that he either just met, just fucked, or he strivin’ to fuck. But lately, at least noticeably more often than not, it seems like he either in the world wit’ Isha or on the phone wit’ her. All his other chicks is on role-player status while she droppin’ thirty a night!” The trio was a group of basketball heads so they frequently spoke in such analogies.

They both burst into laughter as they approached the check out line. Meek added on in agreement. “Lord, you know I peeped that shit too, even my Earth peeped it. You know wisdoms got that intuition and shit. As a matter of fact, I-Refined say she think Ish pregnant, she say she callin’ it like a dice roll, and she takin’ bets on it.” “I don’t want none of that action Sun, matter of fact I think the Queen is on to somethin’. I can’t wait til’ tonight so I can do the knowledge on the two of them. It’s gone be real interesting.”


Meanwhile back at the kingdom I-Refined was cookin,’ as usual, but tonight she had help. Isha was addin’ on by choppin’ vegetables for the homemade salsa and her cousin Porsha was browning the tofu for the veggie taco salad. Porsha was there because she was strivin’ to get with Kevo and, because she enjoyed the peace equality that the Earth maintained. Even though I-Refined had knowledge of self, she always made the wisdoms that Kevo and Twan brought around feel welcome and never judged them. She had such magnetic that many of them would want to come and hang out, just as much to enjoy her company and wisdom as to be around the guys. Many of these wisdoms came up hard and were so accustomed to being around violence and ignorance that they found it refreshing to be among civilized people for a change. Asia and Kana were spending the night so they were extra excited to see so many women in the house. They loved to ear hustle when the ladies got into “girl talk” mode. Often times, they initiated it.

“I-Refined how can I get boys to like me without actin’ like a bust down?” Asia asked. The women exploded in laughter and when it subsided all attention was focused on the Earth in anticipation of her answer. “How did you make the connection between actin’ like a bust down and attracting boys Queen?” “Just watchin’ what happens at school basically, I mean all the girls that the boys really go for act and dress like bust downs. They all loud and obnoxious and they be sweatin’ all the cute boys…ughh they make my skin crawl you know what I’m sayin’?” The Queen nodded her head in concurrence. “True indeed Queen I know exactly what you mean. To answer your question, I would say that you want to study the science of boys/ men. Trust me, it’s not that complicated. The key thing in dealing with them is something called magnetic.”

“That’s what you and Meek are always talkin’ about right?” Kana asked. “That’s right baby. Magnetic is simply attracting power. Both men and women have it but only some know how to tap into it and use it. All it means is that we have a power which allows us to pull men to us based on things that they like about us. Although every man is unique, there are certain basic principles that apply universally to them all. The young queens were all ears, as were Isha and Porsha.

“First of all, men like a challenge. If you act too easy then they will lose interest in you quickly because another wisdom that they find more intriguing will be right around the corner to redirect their attention. You can actually play upon this and use it to your advantage. Some days you act interested in them and then other days you act less interested. If you keep them guessing, you keep them interested. Also, because they get bored so easily, you have to always remain new to them.”

Asia was perplexed. “How do I do that?” “What you do is little things like changing your hair, reading different books, engaging them in different types of conversations. Although men and boys may be rather simple to deal with they’re not stupid. They deal in a lot of different ciphers, most of which involve a science of some sort. You can easily make them like you by learning about some of the things that they like and that interest them. When you get them to reveal their innermost thoughts to you, they become easier to get to know and they let you in. Trust me when I tell you, men love it when women show interest in what they have interest in.” “So you mean like basketball and hip-hop?” “Indeed Kana, those are excellent examples. It will impress them if you can watch the game with them and follow along. Also, if you are into things that they’ve never heard of, that makes you interesting to them. Men are extremely curious which is why they go for wisdoms that stand out from the crowd.”

Since Porsha had a determined idea to get with Kevo, she was extremely attentive. She certainly had the tools to draw him in. She was about 5’6/145 pounds of thighs and behind with a small waist and a gorgeous golden brown face. She was hood, but quick-witted and she had definite aspirations to make something out of her self. The queen was also very cerebral and she made no bones about her determined idea to draw up Kevo. “So what types of things does Kevin like?” she asked. I-Refined winked at her to acknowledge the lack of shame in her game and opened her arms to hug her. “That’s what I’m talkin’ about queen, if you want him you gotta fight dirty to get him!” They both laughed as they embraced. The Earth proceeded to add on about Porsha’s target. “Well, I can tell you that Kevo is very intelligent and he reads like a Starbucks nerd. And I don’t mean just those stupid gangsta books that most hood dudes read. He likes all types of books and if he finds out about a particular subject that he’s never heard of, he’ll immediately buy a book on it and read it. He and Shamiek are alike in that regard but while Meek might read a lot of stuff online, Kevo is more of a traditionalist and prefers books. Also, like most men, he loves to eat home cooked meals and appreciates women that can cook and clean. And he’s very observant with regard to how wisdoms interact with his sons. Bottom line, if you get in good wit’ EPMD you got it made like Special Ed!”

The gears in Porsha’s third were visibly turning as she took precise mental notes. “Mmmmmm hmmmm,, okay, I can work with that. I love you girrrllll!” “I love you too Queen, and I’m pullin’ for you. I think you can get him but you just have to apply these little hints while also being yourself. Remember, a man can always tell when you’re being fake and once he detects that you’ll be reduced to homey lover friend status at best. If you be real and put your best foot forward then you’ll be fine.”

Just as the Earth finished her sentenced the Gods walked in from the store. “Peace!” they said in unison. Each of them made their rounds to greet and exchange hugs with the Queens. When Porsha got her arms around Kevo she smiled brightly and squeezed him tight. “It’s so good to see you again Kev” she said in a soft, sincere voice. “Likewise queen, I’m glad you made it. The company of a beautiful woman is truly one of life’s pleasures.” Porsha almost melted as she retorted. “I bet you say that to all the girls.” As they emptied the bags and made a round of drinks, Meek reached for his phone to call Twan. Before he could pull up the number, Mr. Charisma barged through the door. “His royal flyness is in the building, somebody show me some looooovvvvveeee!” He was immediately bumrushed by his sisters, not only because they love him but also because they knew he had something for them.

“What’s in the bag big brother?” Asia asked. “Oh nothing, just a half gallon of chocolate ice cream. But, you can only have some if you eat your dinner and stay in my room while the grown folks hang out. Y’all can watch movies and stuff back there, deal?” “Deal,” the girls said in unison. I-Refined had brought some dvd’s over for them to watch, one of which was called “The Blackwoman is Earth.” It was manifested by a God by the name of True Wise Allah and since both of the girls were studious and intrigued by the science of Earth-hood, they retired to the back to watch that first. “I’ll bring your food to you in a few minutes ladies,” she yelled to them.

After about an hour everyone was fed, and the girls were in the back and out of earshot of the living room. As the next round of drinks were poured Shamiek called his Earth out on her determined idea. “So what you strivin’ to build about Queen? I know you got somethin’ brewin’ under that head-wrap.” As she smiled coyly and blushed she plopped down on his lap and revealed the subject she intended to discuss.

“Well, since you brought it up I want to build about porn.” The men locked eyes and exchanged facial expressions indicative of doubt that their female counterparts were really ready to go there. As usual Twan was the first to retort. “Please, y’all ain’t ready for that type of conversation. That’s grown man science.” Isha immediately jumped in to reinforce the ladies’ willingness and curiosity. “Yes we are because I, for one, got a lot of questions that I’m tryin’ to get answered.” Shaking his head, Kevo added on. “Aiight fine, if the ladies want to take it there, let’s take it there, what y’all wanna know?”

The scene was setting up just as the Earth envisioned it and everyone was primed and ready for a lively build. She posed the first inquiry. “First of all, when do you first start dealin’ wit’ it as guys?” “As soon as you can get a hold to some,” Twan proclaimed. “Me and Kevo used to hit Ron’s stash of dirty books all the time back in the days when that nigga would get drunk and pass out. We had to be like 12 and shit.” Kevo co-signed. “Hell yeah, once we found them books we knew he had some movies in there somewhere and once I found out where he kept those it was a wrap.” “Y’all was some bad little nasty so and so’s. What about you Shamiek, you kinda quiet over there.” Isha asserted. “What is it about smut that y’all love so much and what causes boys to start dealin’ wit’ it at such an early age?”

“Well the first thing is curiosity Queen. As a young boy you hang around older brothers and hear them build about their sexual adventures and immediately learn to equate that to manliness. The thing is, it takes a while before you can actually experience it for yourself so porn is what gets your feet wet so to speak. Once you do the knowledge to it for the first time, you dig it because it’s so raw an uncut. Think about it, most things of that sort, your parents shield you from. Kids always want to deal with anything that adults say they shouldn’t so there you go.” Now it was Porsha’s turn to inquire. “Well that makes sense but why do grown men still deal with it after they’ve been havin’ sex for years and where the hell do you get it from?” Again, Twan took the stage. “Let me break this down for you sistah. First of all, for as nasty as y’all might think you are, you can’t scratch the surface of male nastiness. Sexually speaking, we’re filthy animals. All day long we walk around lookin’ at women’s bodies and envisioning ourselves having our way with them. No woman is exempt regardless of age or race. If she looks like somebody we’d do it to then we’ll immediately picture it in our minds. Now we got all that filthy energy swirlin’ around in us and it represents an appetite that no one woman can possibly satisfy. A nigga can be fuckin’ three dime pieces a day but he still gone watch smut and jag off when them chicks ain’t around.” The whole room exploded in laughter. Playing devil’s advocate, I-Refined jumped in. “So what if your woman had a problem with you watchin’ it? Would you stop? What’s the best way for a woman to deal with that?”

“What would make a woman mad about that?” Kevo asked. “I mean all you doin’ is lookin’ at images of different sexual episodes and gettin’ off to em.’ That’s your personal business. It’s only wrong, or somethin’ for your woman to concern herself with if she has reason to suspect that you’re actin’ on the corresponding urges. Any woman who would have a problem with it when you ain’t cheatin’ on her is just insecure. I would’t stop because that’s my prerogative if I wanna watch some porn. The best way for a woman to deal with it is to stay in her lane and just chalk that up to being a man thing.”

“True indeed God. The fact of the matter is, you can’t stop a man from bein’ a man. Every man has a shady stash of porn. EVERY MAN! It’s just that some of us hide the whole science from our wisdoms while others, such as my self don’t give a fuck. I see it like this, if you don’t want your man to cheat on you then you gotta let him have an outlet by which he can release that excess sexual energy. I mean we gotta do somethin’ when y’all got a headache, or when you on your period. Word is bond, some problems are best solved by professionals.”

“Okay, but what if your woman is good in bed and can do all the stuff the porno chicks can do? Do you still have to have it then?”

“Damn right! Like Twan said, the type of nasty that we are makes it so that you can’t quantify our thirst. Even if you can perform most of the tricks in the movies, you can only do so as yourself with the tools that you have at your disposal. You can’t make yourself have bigger lips, more ass, and bigger breasts. It’s too much of an undertaking for you to take on so your best bet is to either watch it with us or face the fact that we gone do it regardless. As far as where we get it from, shit we get it from each other! Niggaz be tradin’ dvd’s like baseball cards. And with the internet porn game where it is now you just gotta know what sites to hit up and you can find whatever you want to see.”

It was obvious that the queens had been wanting to ask a lot of questions about this subject and were taking full advantage. “So do you guys attach a negative stigma to those girls, I mean could you date a chick that does or used to do porn?” Porsha asked.

To be continued….



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