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An examination of the distribution of wealth among black people in the wilderness of North America yields some startling revelations. The first difficulty in the study of said subject lies in the limited availability of trustworthy statistics. Not only might they not be up to date, but, depending on the source, they may not be right and exact. Fortunately, for the purpose of high level analysis, rounded figures are all that are required. The figures set forth in this build are the byproduct of my research and come from more than one source. The reader should accept this disclaimer as encouragement not to take the numbers on face value, and to conversely, focus on the qualitative assertions that I make correspondent to them, which I will whole- heartedly stand by. Simply put, if you want better numbers, find them your damn self. In order to lay the groundwork for this type of build we need to first look at some statistics. My research shows that blacks spent about 507 billion dollars in the U.S. in 2010. There were approximately 40 million blacks in the country, which equates to about 12.3% of the total U.S. population. I attempted to find the average black person’s net worth in 2010, but was unable to locate figures. Regardless, we can draw up plenty with the figures that we have. If you divide that cumulative spending figure by the population figure you get about $12,675/person. That’s not a lot of money. Granted, there are a multiplicity of factors which are not figured into the equation such as earnings, distribution of wealth, unemployment, savings, etc. To that point, I found a list of the ten richest black people in 2009, along with their respective estimated net worths. Their cumulative net worth calculated to about 6.7 billion dollars. Now, if you take the total amount that we spent last year and calculate what percentage of that figure the total 2009 net worth of these ten individuals comes out to, you get about 1.32%. So ten black people, in one year, made somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.3% of what 40 million black people spent the following year. This emphatically shows and proves that the 10% among us is ballin’ the fuck out of control. It also illustrates how wide the economic divide between them and the 85% really is. I did some additional research on this so-called “black overclass” and discovered some troubling reality. While a good number of these people collaborate on joint financial ventures, these endeavors rarely represent noteworthy earning opportunities for people at the bottom of the black financial totem pole. Certainly there may be philanthropic expenditures referenced on their tax filings, and a few isolated generous monetary acts, but that charity doesn’t equate to a drop of piss in the pool of black money that the poor among us will ever see or touch. Generally, the further a black person advances in terms of accumulating wealth, the more detached they become from the economic plight of their brothers and sisters in lower tax brackets.

If you think this is a mathematical tragedy, there’s more. The following list illustrates what black people, in the U.S. spent money on in 2008.

Apparel Products and Services

$26.9 billion
2.2 billion
Beverages (Alcoholic)
2.8 billion
Beverages (Non-Alcoholic)
3.1 billion
289 million
Cars and Trucks – New & Used
31.5 billion

3.5 billion
Consumer Electronics
4.5 billion
11.0 billion
71 billion
Entertainment and Leisure

2.8 billion
65.3 billion
3.5 billion
Health Care
23.9 billion
Households Furnishings and Equipment

12.9 billion
836 million
Housing and Related Charges
166.3 billion
19.0 billion
8.3 billion
4.4 billion
Personal Care Products and Services

6.6 billion
Sports and Recreational Equipment

1.0 billion
Telephone Services
17.2 billion
Tobacco Products and Smoking Supplies

3.1 billion
Toys, Games and Pets

2.4 billion
Travel, Transportation and Lodging

6.4 billion

We spent more on toys, games, and pets than we did on books and we wonder why so many of our children are dumb as hell. The fact that we spent more on alcohol and tobacco than on books illustrates why many of the adults among us are stupid as fuck. If we combine the amount we spent on vehicles, housewares, household furnishings and equipment, and apparel, the figure easily eclipses the amount that we spent on education. Obviously, we are grossly misappropriating our money based on faulty prioritization of needs vs. wants. The disparity in earnings between that of the 10% and 85% also makes self-evident a disproportionate allocation of information, in that for such a small group of us to be making so much more than the rest of us, that elite few must know a lot of things and people, that the rest of us don’t. In this sense, they are light-years away from advocating one common cause. I watched a video report about black millionaires in the 21st century, which can be viewed at this link/url: What jumped out was the fact that most of these people achieved their success in either sports, entertainment, or marketing of goods and services targeted specifically at black people. Ironically, the most wealthy of the interviewees, Bob Johnson, stated that these three industries represent the areas in which black business people are most likely to flourish. Here’s the problem, the likelihood of the average person achieving success in the first two of these areas is astronomically low. Mathematical probability easily bears this out. The third referenced industry not only ropes and binds blacks into direct competition with one another for revenue coming almost solely out of our communities, but it also steers their focus away from more global markets which would allow them to tap into a larger pool of money. I realize that there are thousands of black millionaires who compiled their fortunes in a variety of industries other than these. However, as it pertains to the elevation of the black collective, their efforts and identities remain in a fine mist. As a opposed to charitable donations and handouts, black people need access to what I call pipelines of elevation. The concept refers to a direct path which will lead to economic prosperity whereby hard work is rewarded by opportunities to advance in any of a number of different fields, aside from music and athletics. I cannot be convinced that a group of people who spend in excess of 500 billion dollars annually can’t create an economic pipeline through which they can collectively become far more self sufficient, while providing visible opportunities in the areas of education and employment, which are not predicated upon assistance from the devil. Suppose there were clandestine conferences held on a quarterly basis among black millionaires across various key areas such as the fields of medicine, mathematics, engineering, education, social service, agriculture, and banking, just to name a few. Over the course of a few short years, a pool of resources and a well thought out method of directing them toward the uplift of our communities could easily be made manifest. All that it would take is commitment to the cause. Within wisdom cipher years we could be so locked in on the path to self-determination that other groups would have no choice but to come to the table and propose trading. The science of one for all and all for one has to become ingrained in the psyche of the most privileged of us in order for it to trickle down to the masses. It could definitely happen, the question is will it?



The Ontological Ledge…

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Supreme Mathematics is beautiful to me in that it embodies numerous principles of duality such as quality and quantity, black germ vs. brown germ (interpretively speaking I mean), build or destroy, etc. In so doing, it maintains order in a way that can be applied to any systematic analysis of a given body of knowledge, and ensures that a seasoned practitioner will almost never lose their way in the middle of a given science of life. I find it to be the quintessential foundational tool needed to boldly tackle a given branch of organized concepts in an exploratory fashion. My fellow supreme mathematicians knowledge the wisdom and therefore understand the importance of this point. Said individuals also witness, on a daily basis, how a person without such a cognitive navigational tool can easily be lead in the wrong direction by an information overload which, typically, is the result of approaching too many sciences of life without the necessary ability to effectively extract from them the best part. This generally leads to a person being one who may be intelligent, but has a difficult time organically manifesting said quality because as opposed to their thoughts flowing smoothly like cognac into a snifter, they rather spill all over a build like milk added to a bowl of cereal by a shorty for whom the carton is too heavy. My step-father once told me that a wise man is not one who knows everything about one thing, but rather knows a little bit about a lot of things. The key is bearing witness to how little you know about a given subject, while getting the most out of that little bit, as it expands into a bigger bit. One of the trends that I detect among those who wish to engage Allah’s 5% in debate or discussion, is the lack of a foundational instrument with which they can situate the information they take in through study. Since the Gods and Earths have mathematics built into their cognitive functioning, they zero in on this weakness and exploit the shit out of it. That’s why people from other schools of thought often get frustrated with us. It’s because even if you have more knowledge of a given science than us, our mathematics and degrees allow us to find flaws in what you may say because we don’t take things on face value, and we immediately identify disorder within a build when it manifests itself. This is why we are so adept at differentiating between what we deem to be right and exact and what we don’t. Supreme Mathematics allows us to break things down and compartmentalize them into fragments of microcosmic order, like folders on a computer, only to pull from said folders what we need, at a moments notice, to make a given point.

Since I got knowledge of self, I have encountered plenty of brothers and sisters interested in building on the nature of our existence in the universe. The majority of them wind up falling off the “ontological ledge” because they attempt to conceive the order in which things exist without a system by which to do so. As a result, they bounce all over the place with their wisdom and have trouble recognizing aspects of their flawed understanding which make no sense. Fortunately, this is a mental death from which they can recover upon carrying out the proper due diligence. They simply need to obtain the missing link…the knowledge of self! Our lessons clearly state that we teach the knowledge of self before we teach the science of everything in life. There’s a reason for this. The reason is because knowledge has to be dealt with and absorbed in an orderly fashion. When we undermine this universal principle we get ahead of ourselves and go from traveling at a terrific speed to a horrific speed. The speed at which we learn is something that is specific to each individual as the concept is manifested in the understanding born degree via the phrase “in his own good time.” When we study and learn in an orderly fashion, correspondent to our own good time, we make history or Q’uran to equal our home circumference, a year to every mile, and establish a proper pace for ourselves, which is manageable. In this way, we increase the likelihood that we’ll be able to take the best part of a study session because we are in the most comfortable state of mind to do so.

The fact is, no one can circumvent mathematics or the order that it maintains in the universe. 35 to 50 years in the born degree shows and proves that true learning is labor intensive. Allah is the all eye seeing only because he is always looking, studying, and investigating for the purpose of elevation. Regardless of how much metaphysical, astrological, philosophical shit you read or scan in your studies, if you can’t systematically bring that shit full circle when you build then you will always distill back from whence you came. A presentation of ideas must be sequential and formatted so that the information can be processed in a corresponding fashion. This is shown and proven in that most scientists are specialists whose expertise only marginally overlaps from one branch to the next. Allah is not roped and bound by such limits because armed with the knowledge of self he can add any science of life that he pleases on to himself if it is his determined idea to do so. And, regardless of how far his studies take him out into the boundless expanse of information, he never strays away from the civilization of his foundation which is his SM, SA, 120, and 12 jewels.


Has 120 Gone Viral…?

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With regard to the above question, I would say yes and no. Allow me to elaborate. When information goes viral, it spreads with the rapidity of a virus, and it’s impact on those that receive it is congruent in significance to the rate of circulation. So back to the subject at hand, 120. The lessons are not difficult to find at all. A quick Google search will yield tons of links to websites or files which contain the degrees. Some of them may not be right and exact, while others may be, although that really doesn’t bear a high degree of relevance. The bottom line is, if a person wants a copy of knowledge wisdom cipher, they can get it. So in this sense, based on the sheer availability of the information, the lessons have spread in a fashion that could be categorized as viral. If we consider this reality we have to draw up the implications. On the positive side, awareness of the degrees breeds interest in the Nation on various levels. Some may be curious enough just to look at what we study and live out in order to better understand who we are and what we’re about. Others may desire to become a part of the NGE and by accessing the lessons, they may be striving to get a feel for what comprises our build point curriculum. I think that the benefit of premature exposure to the degrees is that people can immediately qualify or disqualify themselves relative to the likelihood that they will be able to take such a body of information under cap. If they decide that they can’t or would rather not, then that’s peace, at least they are being real with themselves and not diluting, mixing, or tampering with our Nation by claiming an ability which they are not said person of. Conversely, if they opt to walk from “Who is the original man to Pluto” then the thought is that they will immediately understand the fact that such an undertaking is serious and labor intensive.

The negative end of this spectrum can be problematic in a variety of ways. In many instances, when a person gains access to our lessons they will develop false notions about us and themselves because they don’t have the proper knowledge and wisdom required to understand what they reveal or how they should be carried. Additionally, the idea that an enlightener or educator has no value can take root, which is emphatically now cipher. Let me caveat this by stating that I personally know some sharp Gods who were able to take the degrees under cee allah power without the guidance of such a person, but to a man, they all admit that at certain points there were Gods who added on to their understanding and were brothers and companions along the way. The critical and most detrimental issue that can arise when the wrong people access our degrees is the point of studying them being completely lost. That point is to gain knowledge of self, not just knowledge of the lessons. So if you have this information in your possession and you never learn it, then you can never use it and it will never teach you anything about self. The internet and the many ways in which we use it to obtain and exchange information, combine to embody an impetus to the waning desire and capability of human beings to directly interact with one another. A man that doesn’t have the nerve to approach a woman in the street no longer has to overcome this issue because he can meet women on line. People don’t have to get together to play cards or video games because they can do it on the web. As a result, we are rapidly becoming more and more socially awkward. We don’t know how to talk to each other and enjoy one another’s physical presence. We are also becoming more leery of, and therefore less trusting of one another due to the distance that social media maintains between us. As it pertains to this Nation, we have to keep in mind that originally, the only way to get 120 was to ask for it, and walk with a true and living God to get it. I certainly have no issue with new and innovative ways of passing the information on because we have to evolve with the times. That being said, we can’t afford to lose that joy of interacting with one another and sharing social equality in which we can speak our own language, build on degrees, and add on to one another.

There will never be a time during which people should take others on face value. Even still, the Gods and Earths have the responsibility of maintaining a mathematical reality which will breed confidence in those that come among us. They should be able to rest assured that we will welcome them with open arms, that we are serious about our lessons, and that we are more than happy to teach them. If the 85% can enter a cipher and find these things to be evident then they will be much more likely to seek out this knowledge and receptive to way that it’s conveyed. To those who read this blog regularly as well as any new visitors don’t short-change your self or make a mockery of what we deal with by mishandling or misrepresenting 120. Those lessons will not speak to you unless you learn the language.


My Relationship to the Universe

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Ever since I was a kid, my ole’ Earth always taught me that I should be aware of the fact that I’m part of the collective human family and, that as bad as you think your life may be, there’s always someone worse off than you. I remember one day entering her room to see her distilling. When I asked why, she pointed to the true victory. She was doin’ the knowledge to an episode of Montel Williams. His guest was a little black girl who suffered third degree burns on most of her body. What moved my ole’ Earth to tears was the young queen’s resilience. She had such an upbeat outlook on life. She was a straight A student and had a beautiful smile. At that moment I realized that my ole’ Earth was truly in tune with the universe and that as a result she could feel rain, hail, snow, and earthquakes which, on face value, would seem not to affect her. She and I are similar in this regard. A couple of years ago I called her crying and she asked me what was wrong. I told her that I was hurt and felt bad that she had to live in such a crazy world. I was hurt that she was approaching her equality ciphers and couldn’t retire. I felt inadequate because I couldn’t immediately make things better for the world at large. As a universal thinker, I realize my connection to the people and things around me. The fact that I have knowledge of self makes this awareness all the more keen. I often have thoughts of things to come on the wisdom zig which will give me a vicious emotional body shot on the zag.

People who are too detached from the other living things and people in the world repel me. When I hear someone say some shit like, “I don’t like kids” or “I don’t like dogs” I think to my self, “Yo bum ass used to be a kid so what if people didn’t like you, and what the fuck did dogs ever do to you?” The planet Earth’s weight is six sextillion tons, a unit followed by 21 ciphers. That weight includes all living things, not just my black ass. Since I willfully bear witness to this, I can’t just front like these things don’t have the same right to eat, drink, fuck, and be merry that I do. Sure sometimes other people get on my nerves, and I don’t always feel like pickin’ up after my dog but so what. The world doesn’t function solely based on my singular whims. It’s subject to innumerable currents of air beyond just mine. If people really knew how to make others feel relevant and loved then this world wouldn’t be such a shitty place to live. As slaves of a mental death and power, the 85% blindly contribute to their own detriment, all the while thinking a mystery god above their heads causes all of this. The familiarity of mental death is so comforting to them that the prospect of recovery doesn’t compute, is unrealistic, and therefore has no allure. The ill shit about it is that they advocate superstition, urban legend, and blind hope as if it’s science. The lottery is a perfect example. Niggaz stand in line to play the lottery every day hoping to hit that lucky number. The probability of that number hitting is a search for that which is overwhelmingly unlikely to happen. Even if it does, the gold received will be nothing in comparison to that which is spent in pursuit of the next victory.

When we are internally in disarray we’re incapable of maintaining peaceful social equality and are prone to be a source of universal toxicity. You project what you harbor and if at least 85% of the population is hosting vitriol, jealousy, envy, and countless other mental devils then that negative energy will make it’s way into the atmosphere. The currents of allah I rule which result create the fucked up state of the world in which we live. Consciousness is essentially a heightened state of awareness. Awareness of what is the question. The answer is your 360° reality. That means everyone and everything around you and the science of how these people & things interact and effect one another. If this is not something that you’re in tune with then you can’t possibly effect things in a favorable proportion to the degree in which they effect you. Under that circumstance, you may as well have strings extending out of your back which reach up to a puppeteer who literally controls you. Free will my ass! Make no mistake about it, the state of the universe can be traced to the state of the mind. The way we think is the way that we are. That being said, black people should be disgusted. The god degree says that the devil wants us to think that we are all different. Mission accomplished. Peace, equality, and stability are all related but they can’t be brought about or maintained until we begin to connect in the mind. All it would take is recognition of who we are and our origin in this world. I’m workin’ on it, how about you?



When I showed and proved for my flag approximately wisdom years ago, one of the tests that the Gods took me through was the science of the Universal Flag. At certain points in my Q’uran since then, I have reflected on that science and where I reside in it. The seven on that flag is representative of God Dimension. By that I mean the plane of existence on which God operates and lives. Within the aforementioned cipher, unknowns form storms which materialize seemingly out of nowhere with the express purpose of testing one’s ability to withstand them. Great people are generally those who function well in times of crisis. This is especially true of God. My righteous brother Emblem often speaks on the tendency of Gods to co-opt the identity of the mystery God thereby subscribing to a fallacious concept of self as some sort of asiatic super-hero. I bear witness to the reality of that tendency, however there are certain aspects of the mystery God’s identity that are healthy to co-opt and exhibit through self. Muslims speak of Allah being beneficent and merciful. I’d like to think that I am, and if I could stand to manifest these characteristics more frequently then it is my will to do so. Christians often gush over the intensity with which God loves the world. I can see that. I do indeed love the world. These qualities, along with countless others represent the depth of life as Allah. We constantly strive to live our lives giving all that we have and all within our power to see the best possible days to come for the world. The various adjectives with which God is described in our culture are not intended to breed egoism. Their purpose is to constantly remind us of who and what we are when we are putting our best foot forward. They basically are levels that we’re striving to reach showing and proving through the culture of I-God. It was easy to emerge through the triple darkness of the womb as God, the hard part is being God while manifesting the divine angle of the square.

Being seven is serious business like rides in the ambulance. To say that you’re God of the universe, is to make a statement in acceptance of monumental responsibility. When you take ownership of all that you survey you’re essentially strapping the weight of multiple worlds onto your back. You depend less and are depended on more. You expect less while more is expected of you. You come to realize that equality doesn’t usually quantitatively shake out to 50/50. In many instances when the numerator and denominator aren’t equal your portion will be the smaller of the two whether they be measurements of credit, consideration, hell even food sometimes (smile). Regardless to whom or what it must be. The heavy lifting is meant for the heavy lifter. God is a supreme mathematician and, as such, he keeps his universe in order. This can often be easier said than done. It is especially difficult when there’s resistance to the math which causes the calculations to be swift and changeable. I think sometimes that Gods mistakenly take humility to be a form of weakness which is emphatically now cipher. Humility is the brute strength of civilization. When a man can be so humble that his knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture, and refinement permeate his persona, to the point that the fact that he’s not a savage in the pursuit of happiness becomes self-evident, he truly shows and proves power. The wisdom born degree in the meat speaks of Yacub’s draconian system of imposing justice. He did not build prison houses and when one fell victim to the law the penalty was death and it was enforced on every victim. In this sense he was single-minded in his determined idea and utterly unwavering. There’s certainly merit in such a focused approach to things, at least situationally anyway. However, due to the need for versatility and flexibility in God, he must be a contrarian willing to boldly oppose the status quo even when such a stance is unpopular, particularly with those within his circumference. That’s what that seven embodies on our flag, standing out from the crowd. It’s about showing and proving cream of the planet Earth by rising above the wisdom of devil’s civilization, which can never elevate beyond equality miles from it’s surface. All of that mist that ascends and increases with other mists of water in the different currents of the atmosphere is the heavy weight of bullshit that’ll bring you down with it when it distills if you let it. That’s not a concern when you’re in God dimension because you’re above all of that. Allah is the God of the heavens and the Earth and as long as he remains just and true then his understanding of self as God, will shine through in his knowledge and wisdom as he shows love, endures hell, and keeps makin’ shit right.