My Relationship to the Universe

Posted: February 5, 2011 in Uncategorized


Ever since I was a kid, my ole’ Earth always taught me that I should be aware of the fact that I’m part of the collective human family and, that as bad as you think your life may be, there’s always someone worse off than you. I remember one day entering her room to see her distilling. When I asked why, she pointed to the true victory. She was doin’ the knowledge to an episode of Montel Williams. His guest was a little black girl who suffered third degree burns on most of her body. What moved my ole’ Earth to tears was the young queen’s resilience. She had such an upbeat outlook on life. She was a straight A student and had a beautiful smile. At that moment I realized that my ole’ Earth was truly in tune with the universe and that as a result she could feel rain, hail, snow, and earthquakes which, on face value, would seem not to affect her. She and I are similar in this regard. A couple of years ago I called her crying and she asked me what was wrong. I told her that I was hurt and felt bad that she had to live in such a crazy world. I was hurt that she was approaching her equality ciphers and couldn’t retire. I felt inadequate because I couldn’t immediately make things better for the world at large. As a universal thinker, I realize my connection to the people and things around me. The fact that I have knowledge of self makes this awareness all the more keen. I often have thoughts of things to come on the wisdom zig which will give me a vicious emotional body shot on the zag.

People who are too detached from the other living things and people in the world repel me. When I hear someone say some shit like, “I don’t like kids” or “I don’t like dogs” I think to my self, “Yo bum ass used to be a kid so what if people didn’t like you, and what the fuck did dogs ever do to you?” The planet Earth’s weight is six sextillion tons, a unit followed by 21 ciphers. That weight includes all living things, not just my black ass. Since I willfully bear witness to this, I can’t just front like these things don’t have the same right to eat, drink, fuck, and be merry that I do. Sure sometimes other people get on my nerves, and I don’t always feel like pickin’ up after my dog but so what. The world doesn’t function solely based on my singular whims. It’s subject to innumerable currents of air beyond just mine. If people really knew how to make others feel relevant and loved then this world wouldn’t be such a shitty place to live. As slaves of a mental death and power, the 85% blindly contribute to their own detriment, all the while thinking a mystery god above their heads causes all of this. The familiarity of mental death is so comforting to them that the prospect of recovery doesn’t compute, is unrealistic, and therefore has no allure. The ill shit about it is that they advocate superstition, urban legend, and blind hope as if it’s science. The lottery is a perfect example. Niggaz stand in line to play the lottery every day hoping to hit that lucky number. The probability of that number hitting is a search for that which is overwhelmingly unlikely to happen. Even if it does, the gold received will be nothing in comparison to that which is spent in pursuit of the next victory.

When we are internally in disarray we’re incapable of maintaining peaceful social equality and are prone to be a source of universal toxicity. You project what you harbor and if at least 85% of the population is hosting vitriol, jealousy, envy, and countless other mental devils then that negative energy will make it’s way into the atmosphere. The currents of allah I rule which result create the fucked up state of the world in which we live. Consciousness is essentially a heightened state of awareness. Awareness of what is the question. The answer is your 360° reality. That means everyone and everything around you and the science of how these people & things interact and effect one another. If this is not something that you’re in tune with then you can’t possibly effect things in a favorable proportion to the degree in which they effect you. Under that circumstance, you may as well have strings extending out of your back which reach up to a puppeteer who literally controls you. Free will my ass! Make no mistake about it, the state of the universe can be traced to the state of the mind. The way we think is the way that we are. That being said, black people should be disgusted. The god degree says that the devil wants us to think that we are all different. Mission accomplished. Peace, equality, and stability are all related but they can’t be brought about or maintained until we begin to connect in the mind. All it would take is recognition of who we are and our origin in this world. I’m workin’ on it, how about you?


  1. Be Magnetic Allah says:

    Peace 8 Almighty!

  2. Be Magnetic Allah says:

    This is a PEACE 8 Almighty!

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