Has 120 Gone Viral…?

Posted: February 13, 2011 in Uncategorized


With regard to the above question, I would say yes and no. Allow me to elaborate. When information goes viral, it spreads with the rapidity of a virus, and it’s impact on those that receive it is congruent in significance to the rate of circulation. So back to the subject at hand, 120. The lessons are not difficult to find at all. A quick Google search will yield tons of links to websites or files which contain the degrees. Some of them may not be right and exact, while others may be, although that really doesn’t bear a high degree of relevance. The bottom line is, if a person wants a copy of knowledge wisdom cipher, they can get it. So in this sense, based on the sheer availability of the information, the lessons have spread in a fashion that could be categorized as viral. If we consider this reality we have to draw up the implications. On the positive side, awareness of the degrees breeds interest in the Nation on various levels. Some may be curious enough just to look at what we study and live out in order to better understand who we are and what we’re about. Others may desire to become a part of the NGE and by accessing the lessons, they may be striving to get a feel for what comprises our build point curriculum. I think that the benefit of premature exposure to the degrees is that people can immediately qualify or disqualify themselves relative to the likelihood that they will be able to take such a body of information under cap. If they decide that they can’t or would rather not, then that’s peace, at least they are being real with themselves and not diluting, mixing, or tampering with our Nation by claiming an ability which they are not said person of. Conversely, if they opt to walk from “Who is the original man to Pluto” then the thought is that they will immediately understand the fact that such an undertaking is serious and labor intensive.

The negative end of this spectrum can be problematic in a variety of ways. In many instances, when a person gains access to our lessons they will develop false notions about us and themselves because they don’t have the proper knowledge and wisdom required to understand what they reveal or how they should be carried. Additionally, the idea that an enlightener or educator has no value can take root, which is emphatically now cipher. Let me caveat this by stating that I personally know some sharp Gods who were able to take the degrees under cee allah power without the guidance of such a person, but to a man, they all admit that at certain points there were Gods who added on to their understanding and were brothers and companions along the way. The critical and most detrimental issue that can arise when the wrong people access our degrees is the point of studying them being completely lost. That point is to gain knowledge of self, not just knowledge of the lessons. So if you have this information in your possession and you never learn it, then you can never use it and it will never teach you anything about self. The internet and the many ways in which we use it to obtain and exchange information, combine to embody an impetus to the waning desire and capability of human beings to directly interact with one another. A man that doesn’t have the nerve to approach a woman in the street no longer has to overcome this issue because he can meet women on line. People don’t have to get together to play cards or video games because they can do it on the web. As a result, we are rapidly becoming more and more socially awkward. We don’t know how to talk to each other and enjoy one another’s physical presence. We are also becoming more leery of, and therefore less trusting of one another due to the distance that social media maintains between us. As it pertains to this Nation, we have to keep in mind that originally, the only way to get 120 was to ask for it, and walk with a true and living God to get it. I certainly have no issue with new and innovative ways of passing the information on because we have to evolve with the times. That being said, we can’t afford to lose that joy of interacting with one another and sharing social equality in which we can speak our own language, build on degrees, and add on to one another.

There will never be a time during which people should take others on face value. Even still, the Gods and Earths have the responsibility of maintaining a mathematical reality which will breed confidence in those that come among us. They should be able to rest assured that we will welcome them with open arms, that we are serious about our lessons, and that we are more than happy to teach them. If the 85% can enter a cipher and find these things to be evident then they will be much more likely to seek out this knowledge and receptive to way that it’s conveyed. To those who read this blog regularly as well as any new visitors don’t short-change your self or make a mockery of what we deal with by mishandling or misrepresenting 120. Those lessons will not speak to you unless you learn the language.


  1. Serenity says:

    I just feel sorry for the internet God/Earth that gets it that way and feels comfortable coming amongst the righteous people sounding off……

  2. Peace Lord!

    Appreciate the Build; definately on point!


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