The Ontological Ledge…

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Uncategorized


Supreme Mathematics is beautiful to me in that it embodies numerous principles of duality such as quality and quantity, black germ vs. brown germ (interpretively speaking I mean), build or destroy, etc. In so doing, it maintains order in a way that can be applied to any systematic analysis of a given body of knowledge, and ensures that a seasoned practitioner will almost never lose their way in the middle of a given science of life. I find it to be the quintessential foundational tool needed to boldly tackle a given branch of organized concepts in an exploratory fashion. My fellow supreme mathematicians knowledge the wisdom and therefore understand the importance of this point. Said individuals also witness, on a daily basis, how a person without such a cognitive navigational tool can easily be lead in the wrong direction by an information overload which, typically, is the result of approaching too many sciences of life without the necessary ability to effectively extract from them the best part. This generally leads to a person being one who may be intelligent, but has a difficult time organically manifesting said quality because as opposed to their thoughts flowing smoothly like cognac into a snifter, they rather spill all over a build like milk added to a bowl of cereal by a shorty for whom the carton is too heavy. My step-father once told me that a wise man is not one who knows everything about one thing, but rather knows a little bit about a lot of things. The key is bearing witness to how little you know about a given subject, while getting the most out of that little bit, as it expands into a bigger bit. One of the trends that I detect among those who wish to engage Allah’s 5% in debate or discussion, is the lack of a foundational instrument with which they can situate the information they take in through study. Since the Gods and Earths have mathematics built into their cognitive functioning, they zero in on this weakness and exploit the shit out of it. That’s why people from other schools of thought often get frustrated with us. It’s because even if you have more knowledge of a given science than us, our mathematics and degrees allow us to find flaws in what you may say because we don’t take things on face value, and we immediately identify disorder within a build when it manifests itself. This is why we are so adept at differentiating between what we deem to be right and exact and what we don’t. Supreme Mathematics allows us to break things down and compartmentalize them into fragments of microcosmic order, like folders on a computer, only to pull from said folders what we need, at a moments notice, to make a given point.

Since I got knowledge of self, I have encountered plenty of brothers and sisters interested in building on the nature of our existence in the universe. The majority of them wind up falling off the “ontological ledge” because they attempt to conceive the order in which things exist without a system by which to do so. As a result, they bounce all over the place with their wisdom and have trouble recognizing aspects of their flawed understanding which make no sense. Fortunately, this is a mental death from which they can recover upon carrying out the proper due diligence. They simply need to obtain the missing link…the knowledge of self! Our lessons clearly state that we teach the knowledge of self before we teach the science of everything in life. There’s a reason for this. The reason is because knowledge has to be dealt with and absorbed in an orderly fashion. When we undermine this universal principle we get ahead of ourselves and go from traveling at a terrific speed to a horrific speed. The speed at which we learn is something that is specific to each individual as the concept is manifested in the understanding born degree via the phrase “in his own good time.” When we study and learn in an orderly fashion, correspondent to our own good time, we make history or Q’uran to equal our home circumference, a year to every mile, and establish a proper pace for ourselves, which is manageable. In this way, we increase the likelihood that we’ll be able to take the best part of a study session because we are in the most comfortable state of mind to do so.

The fact is, no one can circumvent mathematics or the order that it maintains in the universe. 35 to 50 years in the born degree shows and proves that true learning is labor intensive. Allah is the all eye seeing only because he is always looking, studying, and investigating for the purpose of elevation. Regardless of how much metaphysical, astrological, philosophical shit you read or scan in your studies, if you can’t systematically bring that shit full circle when you build then you will always distill back from whence you came. A presentation of ideas must be sequential and formatted so that the information can be processed in a corresponding fashion. This is shown and proven in that most scientists are specialists whose expertise only marginally overlaps from one branch to the next. Allah is not roped and bound by such limits because armed with the knowledge of self he can add any science of life that he pleases on to himself if it is his determined idea to do so. And, regardless of how far his studies take him out into the boundless expanse of information, he never strays away from the civilization of his foundation which is his SM, SA, 120, and 12 jewels.


  1. Serenity says:

    I had to look up “ontological”

    • svallah says:

      Peace! LOL! I learned about it from the God Emblem so before he built on it I didn’t know what ontology was either :o)

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