Posted: March 2, 2011 in Uncategorized


I came to an interesting conclusion this morning. The thought that I drew up is not new, it’s just that it has never radiated in my third the way it did today. I realized that I put forth an enormous amount of energy at the justice. All day long, people, most of whom are white, call me and dump their problems on me. My only recourse, is to solve them or bust my ass tryin’ because my checks don’t bounce and I can’t pay my rent off this born love cipher god shit. That’s what the justice cipher born is all about, an unfair trade of money for services. They make absolutely sure you give all you have and all within’ your power to serve, and if you don’t they whack you quicker than an italian hitman. As I pondered this reality, it occured to me that I don’t always go at my own problems with the same fervor. I realize that sounds fucked up, but this aspect of dirty religion is one that I refuse to shield. The truth is what it is. Work often drains me so intensely that I don’t feel up to dealing with certain personal business when I get off. I find that on a lot of days, I work through my lunch break out of necessity. Don’t get me wrong, I eat, and I’m far from a workaholic. I’m simply saying that my justice gets a solid bang for it’s bucks.

Today I fully realized that I’m not dealing in equality with my self. I need to be strivin’ just as hard, if not harder, when I handle personal situations, to achieve my desired result. When your justice cipher born is not one that you’re passionate about or getting fulfillment from, it’s only worthy of a certain measure of your effort. This is shown and proven in situations where you go the extra mile to get something done and wind up stuck in the menutia of departmental politics. All that “the customer comes first” shit is easy to advocate when you’re not the one doin’ the dirty work. It always comes down to finger pointing and blame dodging when the shit hits the fan, but within the structure of the system, people get over however they can. I’m no exception. If I see a legitimate systematic weakness that will make my load lighter upon exploitation I activate it. I’ve noticed that such “holes in the defense” are highly prevalent in devil’s civilization based on their preoccupation with the pursuit of happiness. Even when justice penalizes them for such an oversight they’ll generally only address it if it doesn’t benefit them or it costs them money. Sometimes, even under said circumstance, if their reward exeeds the penalty they ‘ll live with it. That’s how a savage operates. Myself, my queen, and the people within my circumference deserve all I have and all within my power, not the devil and his workplace. Little does he know it but the God sees the filthy nature of his affairs just by sharing professional equality with him. “Regular” people get treated any old kinda way, unless they threaten to escalate their issues. So-called VIP’s get the platinum treatment. They get away with shit that the commoner can’t. If the orignal man wants equality when dealing with the devil he has to force the issue. By force I don’t mean violence as much as steadfast follow through when advancing his position. He must show and prove that the things which are most important to him don’t take a backseat to the devil’s perceived entitlement. When they need personal time off for shit they demand it. Why shouldn’t we? I’m really strivin to balance this shit out. At least I don’t bring work home with me. Once I leave at the culture hour they can kiss my ass!



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