Understanding:”Sight Beyond Sight”

Posted: March 3, 2011 in Uncategorized


“Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight!”
-Lion-O of the Thundercats (sometime back in the build ciphers)

All my old school cartoon niggaz recognize this sample of wisdom from the leader of the Thundercats. Lion-O would manifest this command to his emblem of justice whenever he wanted to see something that his naked eye could not detect and the Eye of Thundera would show and prove on cue. The science of sight beyond sight refers to the ability to perceive the depths of reality which can only be seen with the mind’s eye. The ability to draw up the revelations therein is critical to success in the undertaking of life as an original man in the wilderness of North America. Many original men fall victim because they become blind to the truth set forth in the understanding degree in the 1-36. The fallout from “my uncle was brought over here by a trader 379 years ago” is palpable on the zag and will be for the foreseeable zig, and beyond. Why you ask? Here’s why, the original man is other than his own self in this day and time. A steady diet of the wrong mental foods has relegated him to a shell of his true self, so much so, that the 85% never embark on the introspective journey toward the answer to “what is his own self?” If the question is never posed, the answer more than likely won’t come to light. Face value is the shield for the dirty religion of the world. As long as the masses keep eating from the same cognitive plate and the 10% is cookin,’ they will remain slaves of a mental death and power who are blind to themselves. The primary way in which the devil keeps our people illiterate is by inducing amnesia relative to slavery. Now that there are affluent blacks who have been so indoctrinated by the devil that they talk like him, walk like him, and act like him, there are many black people who actually live as if chattel slavery never happened, and like they aren’t in the midst of a more advanced version of it as I type.

"Da God holdin' the Sword of Omens!"

“They were made deaf, dumb, and blind when they were babies.” This wisdom culture degree shows and proves that there are multiple generations of blacks who feel so far removed from slavery that they don’t think there are any pathological ills from which we suffer, that truly trace back to us being brought over here. This makes us dangerously vulnerable because once we fully embrace the notion of potential equality with colored people they have us right where they want us. Trust me, if it hasn’t happened after all this time, it’s more than likely something that won’t come about any time soon. That understanding degree is supposed to be a constant reminder to us of what they did understanding god born years ago, and what they do now in real time. It sets the stage for the placement of the sword on the upper part of the flag so that he can always see it. If he thinks his head might be taken he won’t fuck with us as quickly. There’s very little genuine sincerity among colored people as it pertains to black people. The politically correct version is simply a function of social grace which is easy to practice in controlled settings such as the workplace. It’s a wonderful repellent for discrimination lawsuits but it doesn’t translate to life beyond quittin’ time. Ask yourself this, if you can go to the justice and laugh, joke, and work with them harmoniously only to go to the rest drink a beer and talk about how you can hardly stand them don’t you think they do the same thing? Of course they do. If nothing else shows and proves it to you look at Obama’s trials and tribulations. They act like this nigga is the anti-christ just because he’s strivin’ to advocate civilization and elevation via renewable energy, high speed rail, and graceful foreign relations. I don’t think a lot of white people would really have a problem with such initiatives if they drew them up minus the effects of constant bombardment with right wing rhetoric which demonizes the God based on his asiatic roots. Regardless, all they see is the face of a nigga up there at that podium during every press conference and state of the union address. A little sight beyond sight would go far in leading them to acceptance of the fact that even though God made devil, devil made hell.


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