From Pelan to Jerusalem…

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The power degree deals with the interpretive idea of Jerusalem as a place founded in peace, which was first built by the original man. Peace is much more than our universal greeting, or two vertical fingers at the end of an asiatic arm. Depending on how one sees it, said jewel can be manifested in a number of different ciphers and corrresponding ways. The key variable is the place where responsibility for establishing it lies and, according to the degree, it lies with the original man. If we look at the destroy angle of the same square we can draw Pelan up to be the antithesis of Jerusalem. After all, with it being the place where the devil was manufactured it would seem to be a perfect fit right? To some degree I would concur, although there’s an aspect we must keep within mind’s eye view. The same way that Jebus, Salem, and Ariel built that place of peace, Yacub grafted the black germ until it became white and thus, made devil. Regardless of the fact that each event took place in a different geographic setting, the bottom line is all of the above was caused by the son of man.

This shows and proves that the original man hosts both germs within him and is, therefore, prone to project either righteousness or devilishment. The likelihood of which it will be depends largely on the landscape of the cipher in question. The bullshit is much more prevalent in the poor part of the planet. Conversely, the deeper you move into the best part the safer the current of air is. “Well we poor righteous teachers Preme self cipher don’t we belong in the poor part?” Shiiiit, it depends. If that’s your place of peace then sure. But what if it’s not? What if another man’s Jerusalem is your Pelan? The simple answer is to move and leave him to his, while you find yours. There’s no prescribed law that sentences you to a specific place to live. Wherever you can afford to rest at you are free to reside. If you’re wondering whether or not there’s a point to this build which applies to me, there is. I recently moved from an apartment which I had only lived in for understandin’ months. That was all the time it took for me to realize that I needed to travel. When God is surrounded by savages the fact that there will be no peace amongst them becomes painfully obvious. The straw that broke the camel’s back was on the knowledge power day at about the equality hour. I got jumped by a couple of young niggaz strivin’ to rule cipher born me. In a split second, I went from makin’ my way to the kingdom from the justice to fightin a couple of savages half my age in the middle of the street. Was the God on some black belt jones shit? Now cipher, I threw hands but I couldn’t get my shit off against wisdom opponents. I took a few boots to the head, got my face swole up a bit and broke my wrist but it ain’t shit. The swelling went down after a couple of days and my wrist is in a cast.

When I squared up with those niggaz, I looked in their eyes and saw complete detachment. They didn’t see a righteous man mindin’ Allah’s business. They didn’t know I was their uncle. Maybe they thought they could attack me and take my shit without a fight. Emphatically no! They didn’t take anything from me and I shed no blood at their hands.  I see victory in that along with the fact that I didn’t get shot or stabbed. Believe it or not, I see value in the experience. I learned how important it is to be comfortable in the build jewel and the area that surrounds it. The fact is, as much as I would love to rescue every slave of mental death most of them must save self. The percentages bear this out. Mathematics puts food, clothing, & shelter ahead of love, peace, and happiness for a reason. They come in that order to show & prove shelter to be the breeding ground in which those last three jewels can blossom. Since I saw that hell was unalike to me I transitioned to a place that’s right for me.


  1. Serenity says:

    Good build for a God with a casted wrist.

    Be well Sun.


  2. Emblem says:

    That is some bullshit Lord! At least you didn’t lay down like a bitch ass nigga, and fought in the name of Allah. Stay Peace Almighty and Get Well. Get a God U Now too. You’d be surprise how quick movafuckuz speak your own language when you ‘up’ a banger on they bitch ass!


  3. Divine I-Master Allah says:

    Peace God! Good build…as I am from C-Medina as well, and know those streets so never fight fire with fire, however don’t fight with a tulip either!

  4. truth7od says:

    Peace Allah, Great build Lord,

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