Keep Risin’

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Uncategorized



The science of God & devil is, in large part, a perpetual compare & contrast exercise from the standpoint of application. Supreme mathematics gives us the first polarity marker in our curriculum, manifested via build or destroy. As we progress through our points of light, we continue to see comparative statements regarding who God is, who the devil is, what we teach vs what the devil teaches, so on and so forth. When we consider that the original man was the first man, and is therefore introduced in 120 before the colored man, we can uncover deeper reasoning buried there. The knowledge degree tells us that the original man is the cream of the planet Earth. Since we know that cream rises, keep that reality at the forefront of your third for future reference later in the build.

The knowledge understanding degree borns that the devil continues daily to teach the 85% that all of the above is caused by a mystery God. Since this is contrary to the truth and a mechanistic teaching designed to create a broader divide between who we are and who we act like, success in said undertaking equates to victory for him. It must be understood that polarity in and of itself is not evil, it’s the purpose for which it’s imposed that is the focus point which can be corrupted. For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. This is based on the fact that in order to nullify or counteract a given entity the magnetic must be reversed through exposure to it’s antithesis. Water puts out fire. Exercise stomps out laziness. Study eliminates ignorance…etc.

Getting back to the devil continuing daily, the word daily suggests consistency and perpetuity. He will not stop, so his efforts can only be adequately offset if they are met with the same relentless frequency. Success in this undertaking actually requires counter-action that more than equals that of the devil but rather eclipses it. In order to eclipse something you must rise above it. The cream of the planet Earth need only show and prove this natural inclination. Keep risin’!



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