The Winds of Change

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Uncategorized



If we draw up life through the lense of zig zag zig, from the perspective of the first zig as the past, the zag being the present, and the second zig being the future, time can be a portal through which the movement can be marveled at. When we look at our lives as one continuous journey, treating every year as part of a whole as opposed to treating them like they are all different, we can get the full effect of a year to every mile and feel the rhythm of the rollercoaster as it twists and turns along the track. Retrospect allows us to reflect on how things were. Presence in the moment yields a view of how things are, and visions of the future manifest the endless possibilities relative to what may come. The Great Year deals with a 25,000yr cycle which breaks down into ages. These ages are periods during which humanity exhibits varying degrees of civilization and intellectual capacity. In my judgement, we’re in the midst of a dark age, black people especially.

Yesterday I read an article on Yahoo about a six year old black boy from Texas, who took a god u now to school with him. When he sat down to eat lunch, it fell out of his pocket, hit the floor, and discharged. This caused bullet fragments to scatter wounding him and a couple of his schoolmates. Fortunately, none of them were seriously hurt. The fallout from the incident includes talk of tighter security and the potential installation of metal detectors. Now let’s take a step back and assess this situation. This boy is six years old and he brought a loaded gun to school with him. Yacub also played with steel to found unalike attract and like repel at the same allah god equal. The mathematics in that is startling but i’m not done. The science of six on the zag gets deeper. A young wisdom got fired from my justice cipher born a few weeks ago for stealing $6000 from a colored man’s 401k. Again, we see that value of equality both quantitatively and qualitatively tripping original people up. Our build points of light have plenty of coordinated beams which expose key jewels that we can draw up. Let’s take the situation with the little boy. Father is the equality degree in the Supreme Alphabet. I wonder where his was when he took that god u now out of the rest. I wonder if the young god even knows his old dad, or if the man is even involved in his life at all. Let’s shift to the wisdom who stole the money. I actually knew her and built with her a few times and based on what I knew about her, the writing was on the wall prior to her transgression. She has a seed and is in a toxic relationship. The equality degree in the 1-40 yields the total weight of our planet as six sextillion tons, a unit followed by 21 ciphers. That’s heavy and if a said person of the ability is not present to hold it up and assist her in reaching her fullest equality, she will distill back. The Queen will certainly face jail time for this felony so I’d say she fell hard. When Yacub realized the determined idea that he was born with by playing with those two pieces of steel, he told his people that change would come in the form of devil. Equality can be drawn up in a variety of ways. I see it as a training ground through which we learn how to deal with all things in a balanced fashion. It’s a pivotal stage of development in which one can get overwhelmed and drown, stay afloat, or swim through in order to elevate to seven if it’s an original man who’s has what it takes.

I often reflect on the years of my youth and recall how simple life used to be. Things were far from perfect, but the current of air then wasn’t nearly as wreckless as it is now. We actually taught and disciplined our babies back then. Six year olds didn’t bring guns to school in those days. Things certainly have changed.



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