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The Watered Down Word

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A word can be defined as: a unit of language, consisting of one or more spoken sounds or their written representation, that functions as a principal carrier of meaning. As I examine the definition, meaning is what my third zeroes in on. Since language is a medium through which we communicate, the words that we use are subject to thorough analysis depending on whether we’re striving to convey or extract meaning. Our degrees tell us that word is bond and bond is life. True indeed, at least ideally. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a very idealistic world. Words have become nurse’s needles which we use like jailhouse shanks to slander, discredit, accuse, and sting one another in an endless number of ways. What makes matters worse is that we’re very quick to detach ourselves from the sentiments our wisdom embodies, as well as the words themselves if we are confronted or accused of using them for a purpose that is deemed inappropriate. There once was a time when word was bond and a man would look you in the eye, tell you that he would do something, and you considered it done. Said day is long gone and if any person gives you their word relative to anything, it’s conditional at best. You’re friend might say that they’ll help you move if they don’t end up doing anything else on the day that you’re moving. If they don’t currently have anything planned and you definitely plan to move then why won’t they just commit to helping? It’s because they don’t want to be bound to the words by which they would do so. They want to have an easy out.

Another dimension of this topic revolves around the way that words impact us. We have become a very hypersensitive and needy society. Nobody can take a joke or insult and words that we used to sling around on the playground when I was a kid will cause athletes to lose endorsements and politicians to lose elections. I’m certainly not advocating mean-spirited language but there’s a time and place for everything, including the use of certain words. A perfect example of such a word is “gay.” This word, along with it’s neighbor in context “fag or faggot” has caused a lot of trouble in the media in recent days. Two basketball players, Kobe Bryant of the Lakers, and Joakim Noah of the Bulls both had heavy fines levied against them for using the word “faggot.” Kobe directed it toward a referee during a playoff game because he was pissed off about a call. Noah directed it toward a fan who was giving him a hard time from behind the bench. Both players were extremely frustrated and in volatile states of mind in the heat of their respective moments. The basketball court is the type of place which is frequently overcome by that current of air. Competition among men is intense and contentious. If you get knowledge cipher men embroiled in physical competition the testosterone alone will cause rain, hail, snow, and earthquakes. I know this from experience. Profanity and insults are just part of the game because they represent expression of the intensity of the contest and a mental jousting match which serves as it’s underbelly and cerebral component. As such, I guarantee you that neither of the men toward whom this word was directed actually felt as if their sexuality was being called into question because it wasn’t. That’s just a word that men use to take shots at each other and attempt to get under one another’s skin. Regardless, gay-rights organizations take every opportunity to jump all over anyone who uses such a word, regardless of the context in which it’s used, in order to reinforce the idea that our society is inherently homophobic. The fact is, this is not as much a defense of gay rights as it is a tactical maneuver designed to show forth the power of vilification. They want you to know that if you use this word that they find offensive, in any setting, they’ll jump all over you and use that as leverage to advance their political agenda.

Conversation isn’t nearly as stimulating as it once was. The reason being that we don’t really have freedom of speech. Said notion is a mere facade which will lull you into a false sense of security when you open your mouth if you aren’t careful. You can say one wrong word or use one wrong phrase and if it’s taken out of context the entire build becomes toxic. On top of that, most people are so hypersensitive they won’t even give you a chance to explain or clarify your words. The fallout manifests itself in many forms. It takes longer to really get to know and trust people because you can’t be as quick to give them the benefit of the doubt. From a business perspective, you have to get everything in writing because someone will tell you that they’ll do something for you and then deny it when you call them on it. Additionally, you have to force people to speak in terms that would be crystal clear to a two year old. Even if you think you understand what they said you have to make them clarify it just to make sure that they can’t dance their way out of a given situation riding a wave of semantic debate. The world of words is a watered down cipher and as such it’s important to be mindful of who you give your word to and whose word you accept. Don’t take the perceived bond on face value.



Art, Sport, Life…

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It’s over. The Chicago Bulls have officially been eliminated from the NBA playoffs by the Miami Heat. The margin of victory was culture to knowledge in the best of God series. Although I’m not outraged I won’t shield the dirty religion of my disappointment. I’m from C-Medina and my home team just lost self cipher I can’t help but be a little salty. That being said, I can accept it because we went down to a better team. A world in which Lebron, D. Wade, & Bosh aren’t better than Derrick Rose & a bunch of role players doesn’t exist. As I drew the series up, the thing that stood out was the intensity of the struggle. With the exception of game knowledge, each contest was hard fought and came down to the wire. A basketball game is culture build minutes long and  split into culture quarters. They are won in the culture quarter, and victory is typically claimed by the team with  players who are capable of showin’ & provin’ cream of the planet Earth. Only the strong and poised survive. The finals will pit the two strongest current players, of this caliber against each other. Lebron James and the “Big Three” will face Dirk Nowitski and the gritty Dallas Mavericks. It’s the classic matchup of God vs. Devil.

Art and sport imitate life. They are virtually synonymous in that sport is a form of artistic expression. Atheletes are constantly faced with hills and mountains beyond which victory awaits the said teams and players of that ability to seize it. We admire them so much because they manifest tremendous power which is refined through a process of continual emersion in stressful situations that they learn to overcome before our eyes. For every success they experience they endure twice as many losses. Those losses yield hardening and resolve. Atheletes are built through destruction. They’re not only bombarded with trials and tribulations in their respective games, but they also have to overcome constant scrutiny and stress which assails them outside the lines.

All of the above has never been more clearly illustrated than with Lebron & the Heat this year. Regardless of whom or what I’m seeing Lebron eclipsing equality and approaching God dimension. It’s so obvious that it leaps off the true victory screen. The level of his play is a clear projection of wisdom correspondent to his determined idea to win a ring. When he decided to leave Cleveland there was a polar shift in public perception of him. He went from being beloved to hated for reasons that don’t justify the sentiment in my view. Even still, in the face of Mt. Everest the man just keeps climbing. His focus appears to be impregnable & although I detect the same element in Dirk I wouldn’t bet on him over Lebron. The asiatic odds are 7 1/2 to 6. I’m rollin’ wit’ the understanding wisdom degree :o).



In my pre-teen days I would wallow in speculative thought of what the wisdom zig would yield in my life. I wondered if I would have seeds, if I would get married, would I be successful in whatever I endeavored to do career wise etc. Within that realm of ponderance I reached one conclusion which, at least at that time, was definitive. I didn’t want my life to end without me being known. Now I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to be known for, all that I was certain of was that I didn’t want my life to play itself out anonymously. The reason why I felt this way is because in my mind it seemed that the people society tended to value the most were all famous. Hell everybody that I looked up to was well known for something self cipher I associated that fame with significance and wanted it for myself. My logic was if I didn’t accomplish anything that was noteworthy enough for the world to recognize and praise me for it, then my life would be wasted and thus a complete failure. Mind you this was in the mid to late build ciphers before the caffeinated instant media society of the date of this writing. As such, my young third was shielded from many of the poor parts of fame and fortune because I didn’t have access to inside information which would reveal what was buried there.

Allah self the years have passed and windows into the lives of famous people have multiplied in availability, Biggie’s philosophy of “mo’ money mo’ problems” has proved to be right & exact over & over again. I can’t count the number of stars that have climbed Mt. Everest and reached the 29,141st foot of success, only to distill back to the Earth after falling victim to any of a number of different devils. What I didn’t realize in my youth is that once you become a public figure your Koran becomes an open born cipher cipher king whether you like it or not. There’s no longer any such thing as a fine mist that the naked eye can hardly detect. What makes it that much worse is that the people who reveal the details of your life will primarily focus on the dirty religion as opposed to the best part because the filth is what generates intrigue. These people are so obsessed with doin’ the knowledge to your every move that they never take the time to transition the information to wisdom and subsequent understanding. Sure, they might confront you about a rumor or an allegation but the interpretation of your response, if you offer one, often will be scrutinized and tailored to fit their purposes relative to the picture of you that they desire to paint.

All of the above considered, I have reached a chapter in my book of life in which I no longer give a fuck about being known. I would much rather be understood. You can be recognized by millions all over the world without a single one of those admirerers understanding you. However, if you focus your energy on projecting a righteous image to those within your immediate circumference these people are more likely to see you for who you really are and strive to be. They’ll engage you in the types of conversations that allow your wisdom to truly stand as a representation of what you are about and have to offer to the world. I don’t think I’m cut out for fame because there’s too much bullshit involved. Famous people’s lives include so many disingenuous elements which I know would make me uneasy. There would only be so many times I could have a muthafucka shove a microphone in my face askin’ me some inflammatory questions before I screamed on somebody and it wouldn’t be a good look. I’m an Aquarius which makes me rather aloof anyway. We like to be left the fuck alone so we don’t take kindly to privacy invasion of the paprazzi variety. I could see it now. Some reporter would catch me comin’ out the liquor store wit’ an equality pack of Miller Lite in my hand…

Reporter: Supreme! Supreme! Jahani Taylor from Black Expose’ Magazine.

Me: Peace.

Reporter: Is that a six-pack of beer in your hand?

Me: Indeed. but don’t ask for one cuz you didn’t put in on this nigga!

Reporter: Don’t you know that alcohol is bad for you? I mean aren’t you a 5%er?

Me: Damn right! I’m God nigga! Allah is seen and heard everywhere includin’ the liquor store. You strivin’ to say I ain’t righteous because I bought some beer?

Reporter: Well, you said it I didn’t…

Me: Actually, I asked you a question and instead of answering it you tried to make an inference and reverse magnetic on me. Let me tell you somethin’ nigga, the black man is God. The operative word in that statement is man. Men do a whole lotta shit that ain’t healthy. Breathin’ this nasty ass polluted C-Medina air ain’t healthy but we both doin’ it! The truth on the square is that you a 85er and as such I could theoretically tell you to get the fuck out my face wit’ that microphone and miss me wit’ all these dumb ass questions. However, since I got knowledge, wisdom, understandin’, culture, and refinement Imma keep it civilized. My duty is to teach so Imma add on.

Reporter: I appreciate that Supreme. So how would you respond to people who say that using foul language and consuming alchohol doesn’t sound very righteous?

Me: My response would be that they need to knowledge my wisdom and get some understandin’. I been up since the culture hour & I just got off the justice after a long week. It’s niggaz in this store buyin’ drank strong enough to kill a small child & before I got knowledge I was the same way. I’ve forgotten more shit about liquor than most niggaz know so I got my knowledge, wisdom, & understandin’ the hard way! Bein’ righteous and bein’ holy are two different things. Righteous just means being predisposed to do the right thing. Holy is something or someone that hasn’t been diluted, mixed, or tampered with in any form. So according to those definitions, there is no such thing as a holy person because positive and negative pervade all people & things. As far as righteous goes it’s interpretive, to an extent. The right thing to do or say depends on the conditions in the cipher. Me and this equality pack are on our way to the kingdom. Imma smash these beers, eat some God degree, probably build wit one of the Gods or blog or somethin’ til’ I get tired, then Imma take my ass to sleep and all of the above is gone be right for me. I ain’t hurtin’ nobody, I’m just bein’ myself. My degrees tell me that we all gone die physically at some point so I should at least have a say so in what does me some harm. The government is tamperin’ with so called organic foods and fuckin with the farmers, pollutin’ the water, and all types of foul shit so you can’t take nothin’ on face value even the shit that’s supposed to be good for you. I ain’t got time to search for that which does not exist in terms of some utopian world where food is pure, people don’t cuss, and reporter niggaz don’t run up on you for interviews and shit. That being said, if this beer will help me calm my nerves & enjoy my evening, I earned the money I bought it with, & I’m not about to get behind the wheel then show and prove that I’m unrighteous!

Reporter: I mean, I guess you have a point.

Me: What you mean to say is I’m right and exact. In my culture we utilize mathematics to calculate our life’s movements. I ain’t strivin’ to force nobody else to mimmick any behavior of mine blindly without doin’the knowledge to it for their self. I wouldn’t encourage no babies to drink because it’s not a good habit & because they not said person of the ability to even experiment with liquor because it’s adult science. Even though I’m a poor righteous teacher I ain’t run up on you strivin’ to shove lessons down your throat did I?

Reporter: No.

Me: But I could have if I didn’t have the refinement to let you do you while I do me. I could interrogate you and pinpoint a lot of shit that the masses might find fault with if I wanted to but there’s no need. Justice is built into the fabric of the universe. It’s scale is self-balancing and renders divine judgment which is built into each righteous man’s mind and is measured by proportions of self knowledge. In other words the penalties & rewards you get will be dealt to you in accordance to how much you know self and live according to said knowledge. You gotta search within your own mind & weigh all facts and circumstances to find truth. Don’t judge me God judge yourself.

Reporter: Wow. Those are some strong words. Can I ask one more question?

Me: Hell naw nigga! I said what I had to say. I’m thirsty & my brew is gettin’ warm I’m out…Peace!

Like I said, I don’t need to be famous  I’d rather be understood because in so doing my wisdom will have led someone to clarity of mind that they can pass on and as that understanding replicates in the minds of others who are exposed to it I live on showin’ and provin’ no ending for I Self Lord and Master.



Equality is a prominent principle in our build point curriculum. After it’s asiatic debut in supreme mathematics, it reappears in various degrees throughout 120. When applied to everyday life it’s synonymous with balance and things being in a state that’s manageably steady. As we travel through 240 and encounter unknowns in the form of trials and tribulations, this equality is assailed and the rhythm of our lives is disrupted. Depending on the situation we may be overcome by a sense that things are falling apart, so to speak. As this happens our natural inclination is to pull ourselves together because once we can call upon the presence of mind to calculate a solution order can be restored. From the perspective of the Gods & Earths, this is what being the piece with the magnetic is all about, among other things. Magnetic is the attractive force through which we pull people and things toward us. What exactly we draw in our direction depends on what we project into the atmosphere. It’s about the people we choose to interact with, the places we go, the way that we carry ourselves etc. It’s important to note that elements can infiltrate the cipher without invitation and in such cases the intruder is typically some form of devil. On a microcosmic level this devil can appear in a multiplicity of different forms. However, on a grander scale, Yacub’s grafted devils perpetuate acrimony toward original people on so many levels that the sentiment is woven into the fabric of global society and stands as an indelible mark on the collective original psyche.

Yacub was six years old when he founded unalike attract and like repel. He then declared that he would make a people to rule for 6000 yrs. It took 600 yrs to make this determined idea a reality. In the 1-14 we learn that the devil keeps our people apart from his social equality and that equality means to be equal in everything. Six miles above the Earth’s surface lies a barrier beyond which the sun and moon will not draw water. So what am I getting at? My point is that the devil is the embodiment of unalike so it’s his nature to push original people away from him. He has no desire to deal equally because to do so would involve relinquishing the power that he was given and has become so accustomed to. Drugs, ignorance, and food are just a few of the vehicles through which he maintains the imbalance. Think about it. At various points in your life, just when you thought things were coming together for you did he not find a way to get some salt in the game? Even the smallest Earthquakes damage our cognitive landscape. It could be subtle legislative changes that you don’t notice until they take effect and impact you. It might be a rule change at the justice or an unexpected expense that he adds to your budget. Individually these things may seem to be in a fine mist until they converge to throw you off of your square. “They continue daily,” shows and proves the high explosive nature of life in devil’s civilization. Every step you take could detonate a mine which could take your sanity, freedom, or life. The best way to counteract this reality is to remain magnetic and to be mindful of who and what you attract. Futhermore, it’s imperative that you remember the devil will stop at nothing in his quest to keep you acting and feeling other than your own self. Everytime some measure of equality with original people is achieved he takes it as a loss of power and immediately takes action to regain that edge. We can’t get the collective together until we get ourselves together. Equality must project from the inside out.



I was born and raised on the southside of C-Medina aka Chicago, Illinois. I would dare to say, that every major city has a signature which immediately speaks to its identity. When people think of hip-hop Now Why comes to mind. As far as boxing goes, it would probably be Power Hill and images of the Rocky statue, or Joe Frazier that surface. In C-Medina basketball is life, word is bond. When I was a kid my ole’ dad used to take my younger physical and I to the playgrounds in the hood and teach us how to shoot. I remember how the sound of the ball swishing through a chain net used to get me open. Although I never played organized ball aside from intramurals in high-school and college, I played plenty on the blacktop. For as long as I can remember up until about my understanding ciphers just about every nigga I knew hooped. I mean EVERYBODY! Fat niggaz, skinny niggaz, short niggaz (like me), even niggaz that weren’t really any good played. You have to keep in mind that I was in high school in the born ciphers when Jordan was doin’ his thing self cipher the God made countless niggaz think that they would be the next number wisdom understanding…lol. Different geographic regions have different styles of play. West coast dudes generally play fast as fuck so the whole game is one extended fast break because they don’t play defense. Now Why is the home of ball handling, which is shown and proven by the overflowing creativity manifested at Rucker Park and in various high profile street-ball tournaments. C-Medina niggaz are about buckets. We play D and we score by any means necessary. I can vividly recall playin’ varsity, or 21, with like 15 niggaz, all of whom were bigger than me, and we were playin’ “straight up”. That shit is grimy, especially for a short dude, lol.

I went to a predominantly white high-school and since I was from the hood I used to feel like Jordan playin’ against them white boys. Little did they know I was average at best in the city. That shit was so much fun because I could express myself through my game knowin’ that I was more athletic and skilled than they were. One day during gym class my sophomore year, I crossed this colored dude over and went to the hole all bogus. I went up with the determined idea of finger rollin’ on some Iceman George Gervin shit. I came down on the side of my left ankle and it cracked like a walnut. And thus, this is how the God Preme’s figurative season ended…lol. At the ripe allah god equal of understanding power I’m officially retired. I can’t remember the last time I ran a full court game of basketball and if I did, the next day’s soreness would beat me with many stripes. However, I can still live vicariously through the young Gods who dazzle in the NBA. My chest is poked out a little bit more than normal nowadays because the league MVP is one of C-Medina’s favorite suns, Derrick Martell Rose.

Everything about D-Rose is southside of Chi’ to the fullest on down to his middle name. Martell is a Chicago ass name, and I actually know a dude whose first name is Martell. Rose went to Simeon High School. One of my best friends is a wisdom who graduated from there. Simply put, D-Rose is a beast. He can do it all. He can finish with either hand, his handles are sick, he can jump out of the gym, and his jumper is water when he gets hot. I just watched him drop culture culture on the Hawks to give the Bulls a 2-1 lead in their second round playoff series. As I watch him blossom into the most dominant point guard in the league, I can’t help but draw up the mathematical elements of his basketball persona. He wears number one which, to us, translates to knowledge. This also corresponds to his position as the point guard. The point guard is “the one” who facilitates the offense and controls the ball. His decisions dictate everything from the pace of the game, to the efficiency of play execution, and who gets the ball in the best position to score. Sounds alot like Allah to me. The God’s physical degree is wisdom wisdom and this coordinate in his Koran radiates on multiple levels. Victory is thematic in his career because he’s been a winner on every level that he’s played. He won back to back state titles in high-school, he was Mr. Basketball in the state of Illinois, went to the national championship game during his only year of college, won the MVP award this year, and lead the Bulls to the best record in the NBA. In the NBA the master victory power award translates to the piece with the magnetic, especially when said person is a point guard. Similar to the position of quarterback in the NFL the point guard bears the highest degree of responsibility for the team’s collective success. He’s an extension of the coach on the floor so he has to be effective at getting his teammates to follow him and trust him. In the first understanding games of this series against the Hawks Rose has put up exactly wisdom god shots each game. Last night’s game represents the highest field goal percentage that he’s shot thus far, as he made 16 of his 27 shots (59%). By the way, this was a career high for him and he did it in the most important game of the year for his team.

D-Rose was manifested on the culture day of the knowledge cipher month which makes him a Libra. Astrologically speaking, this is evident in the modesty that he projects whenever reporters try to coerce him into shameless self promotion. He remains even keeled and humble, always speaking of his team and it’s greater good. He doesn’t make excuses when he plays bad and doesn’t shout himself out when he plays well. Since Libras tend to be such peaceful and diplomatic people this bodes well for the Bulls. Their best player doesn’t get so caught up in the captain lieutenant current that he acts as if he’s above anyone else. As the God thrusts forward through the remainder of the playoffs I will enjoy watching him continue to show and prove. GO BULLS!!!!!!!!!!!