To be Known or Understood…?

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Uncategorized


In my pre-teen days I would wallow in speculative thought of what the wisdom zig would yield in my life. I wondered if I would have seeds, if I would get married, would I be successful in whatever I endeavored to do career wise etc. Within that realm of ponderance I reached one conclusion which, at least at that time, was definitive. I didn’t want my life to end without me being known. Now I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to be known for, all that I was certain of was that I didn’t want my life to play itself out anonymously. The reason why I felt this way is because in my mind it seemed that the people society tended to value the most were all famous. Hell everybody that I looked up to was well known for something self cipher I associated that fame with significance and wanted it for myself. My logic was if I didn’t accomplish anything that was noteworthy enough for the world to recognize and praise me for it, then my life would be wasted and thus a complete failure. Mind you this was in the mid to late build ciphers before the caffeinated instant media society of the date of this writing. As such, my young third was shielded from many of the poor parts of fame and fortune because I didn’t have access to inside information which would reveal what was buried there.

Allah self the years have passed and windows into the lives of famous people have multiplied in availability, Biggie’s philosophy of “mo’ money mo’ problems” has proved to be right & exact over & over again. I can’t count the number of stars that have climbed Mt. Everest and reached the 29,141st foot of success, only to distill back to the Earth after falling victim to any of a number of different devils. What I didn’t realize in my youth is that once you become a public figure your Koran becomes an open born cipher cipher king whether you like it or not. There’s no longer any such thing as a fine mist that the naked eye can hardly detect. What makes it that much worse is that the people who reveal the details of your life will primarily focus on the dirty religion as opposed to the best part because the filth is what generates intrigue. These people are so obsessed with doin’ the knowledge to your every move that they never take the time to transition the information to wisdom and subsequent understanding. Sure, they might confront you about a rumor or an allegation but the interpretation of your response, if you offer one, often will be scrutinized and tailored to fit their purposes relative to the picture of you that they desire to paint.

All of the above considered, I have reached a chapter in my book of life in which I no longer give a fuck about being known. I would much rather be understood. You can be recognized by millions all over the world without a single one of those admirerers understanding you. However, if you focus your energy on projecting a righteous image to those within your immediate circumference these people are more likely to see you for who you really are and strive to be. They’ll engage you in the types of conversations that allow your wisdom to truly stand as a representation of what you are about and have to offer to the world. I don’t think I’m cut out for fame because there’s too much bullshit involved. Famous people’s lives include so many disingenuous elements which I know would make me uneasy. There would only be so many times I could have a muthafucka shove a microphone in my face askin’ me some inflammatory questions before I screamed on somebody and it wouldn’t be a good look. I’m an Aquarius which makes me rather aloof anyway. We like to be left the fuck alone so we don’t take kindly to privacy invasion of the paprazzi variety. I could see it now. Some reporter would catch me comin’ out the liquor store wit’ an equality pack of Miller Lite in my hand…

Reporter: Supreme! Supreme! Jahani Taylor from Black Expose’ Magazine.

Me: Peace.

Reporter: Is that a six-pack of beer in your hand?

Me: Indeed. but don’t ask for one cuz you didn’t put in on this nigga!

Reporter: Don’t you know that alcohol is bad for you? I mean aren’t you a 5%er?

Me: Damn right! I’m God nigga! Allah is seen and heard everywhere includin’ the liquor store. You strivin’ to say I ain’t righteous because I bought some beer?

Reporter: Well, you said it I didn’t…

Me: Actually, I asked you a question and instead of answering it you tried to make an inference and reverse magnetic on me. Let me tell you somethin’ nigga, the black man is God. The operative word in that statement is man. Men do a whole lotta shit that ain’t healthy. Breathin’ this nasty ass polluted C-Medina air ain’t healthy but we both doin’ it! The truth on the square is that you a 85er and as such I could theoretically tell you to get the fuck out my face wit’ that microphone and miss me wit’ all these dumb ass questions. However, since I got knowledge, wisdom, understandin’, culture, and refinement Imma keep it civilized. My duty is to teach so Imma add on.

Reporter: I appreciate that Supreme. So how would you respond to people who say that using foul language and consuming alchohol doesn’t sound very righteous?

Me: My response would be that they need to knowledge my wisdom and get some understandin’. I been up since the culture hour & I just got off the justice after a long week. It’s niggaz in this store buyin’ drank strong enough to kill a small child & before I got knowledge I was the same way. I’ve forgotten more shit about liquor than most niggaz know so I got my knowledge, wisdom, & understandin’ the hard way! Bein’ righteous and bein’ holy are two different things. Righteous just means being predisposed to do the right thing. Holy is something or someone that hasn’t been diluted, mixed, or tampered with in any form. So according to those definitions, there is no such thing as a holy person because positive and negative pervade all people & things. As far as righteous goes it’s interpretive, to an extent. The right thing to do or say depends on the conditions in the cipher. Me and this equality pack are on our way to the kingdom. Imma smash these beers, eat some God degree, probably build wit one of the Gods or blog or somethin’ til’ I get tired, then Imma take my ass to sleep and all of the above is gone be right for me. I ain’t hurtin’ nobody, I’m just bein’ myself. My degrees tell me that we all gone die physically at some point so I should at least have a say so in what does me some harm. The government is tamperin’ with so called organic foods and fuckin with the farmers, pollutin’ the water, and all types of foul shit so you can’t take nothin’ on face value even the shit that’s supposed to be good for you. I ain’t got time to search for that which does not exist in terms of some utopian world where food is pure, people don’t cuss, and reporter niggaz don’t run up on you for interviews and shit. That being said, if this beer will help me calm my nerves & enjoy my evening, I earned the money I bought it with, & I’m not about to get behind the wheel then show and prove that I’m unrighteous!

Reporter: I mean, I guess you have a point.

Me: What you mean to say is I’m right and exact. In my culture we utilize mathematics to calculate our life’s movements. I ain’t strivin’ to force nobody else to mimmick any behavior of mine blindly without doin’the knowledge to it for their self. I wouldn’t encourage no babies to drink because it’s not a good habit & because they not said person of the ability to even experiment with liquor because it’s adult science. Even though I’m a poor righteous teacher I ain’t run up on you strivin’ to shove lessons down your throat did I?

Reporter: No.

Me: But I could have if I didn’t have the refinement to let you do you while I do me. I could interrogate you and pinpoint a lot of shit that the masses might find fault with if I wanted to but there’s no need. Justice is built into the fabric of the universe. It’s scale is self-balancing and renders divine judgment which is built into each righteous man’s mind and is measured by proportions of self knowledge. In other words the penalties & rewards you get will be dealt to you in accordance to how much you know self and live according to said knowledge. You gotta search within your own mind & weigh all facts and circumstances to find truth. Don’t judge me God judge yourself.

Reporter: Wow. Those are some strong words. Can I ask one more question?

Me: Hell naw nigga! I said what I had to say. I’m thirsty & my brew is gettin’ warm I’m out…Peace!

Like I said, I don’t need to be famous  I’d rather be understood because in so doing my wisdom will have led someone to clarity of mind that they can pass on and as that understanding replicates in the minds of others who are exposed to it I live on showin’ and provin’ no ending for I Self Lord and Master.



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