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Posted: May 27, 2011 in Uncategorized



It’s over. The Chicago Bulls have officially been eliminated from the NBA playoffs by the Miami Heat. The margin of victory was culture to knowledge in the best of God series. Although I’m not outraged I won’t shield the dirty religion of my disappointment. I’m from C-Medina and my home team just lost self cipher I can’t help but be a little salty. That being said, I can accept it because we went down to a better team. A world in which Lebron, D. Wade, & Bosh aren’t better than Derrick Rose & a bunch of role players doesn’t exist. As I drew the series up, the thing that stood out was the intensity of the struggle. With the exception of game knowledge, each contest was hard fought and came down to the wire. A basketball game is culture build minutes long and  split into culture quarters. They are won in the culture quarter, and victory is typically claimed by the team with  players who are capable of showin’ & provin’ cream of the planet Earth. Only the strong and poised survive. The finals will pit the two strongest current players, of this caliber against each other. Lebron James and the “Big Three” will face Dirk Nowitski and the gritty Dallas Mavericks. It’s the classic matchup of God vs. Devil.

Art and sport imitate life. They are virtually synonymous in that sport is a form of artistic expression. Atheletes are constantly faced with hills and mountains beyond which victory awaits the said teams and players of that ability to seize it. We admire them so much because they manifest tremendous power which is refined through a process of continual emersion in stressful situations that they learn to overcome before our eyes. For every success they experience they endure twice as many losses. Those losses yield hardening and resolve. Atheletes are built through destruction. They’re not only bombarded with trials and tribulations in their respective games, but they also have to overcome constant scrutiny and stress which assails them outside the lines.

All of the above has never been more clearly illustrated than with Lebron & the Heat this year. Regardless of whom or what I’m seeing Lebron eclipsing equality and approaching God dimension. It’s so obvious that it leaps off the true victory screen. The level of his play is a clear projection of wisdom correspondent to his determined idea to win a ring. When he decided to leave Cleveland there was a polar shift in public perception of him. He went from being beloved to hated for reasons that don’t justify the sentiment in my view. Even still, in the face of Mt. Everest the man just keeps climbing. His focus appears to be impregnable & although I detect the same element in Dirk I wouldn’t bet on him over Lebron. The asiatic odds are 7 1/2 to 6. I’m rollin’ wit’ the understanding wisdom degree :o).


  1. Serenity says:

    Well I kind of was hoping it would happen and happen quickly, since they beat my Atlanta Hawks….

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