Intelligence is Fly…

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My kingdom sits within a stone’s throw of the University of Chicago, which happens to be one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the country. How prestigious is it you ask? Let’s just say it’s borderline Ivy League if that yields clearer perspective. The neighborhood emphatically shows & proves the God & build degres in the 1-10 in terms of the landscape. The location is on the southside of the city, which is overwhelmingly black & would therefore represent our 23 million sq. miles. However, the perimeter of the central campus is concentrated in an isolated, more white populated area called Hyde Park. This would represent the colored man’s 6 million sq. miles, of which he makes much more use than we do our aforementioned portion. For a poor righteous teacher such as my self, a daily stroll through this land on the way home from the justice is sensational & thought provoking indeed. There are so many students walking around that damn near everyone you encounter has on a backpack. The majority of them aren’t Chicago natives so they give off this carefree, “the world is my oyster” vibe which is palpable. A good number of them are foreigners so there’s a noteworthy amount of diversity. Even still, the sky high tuition alone ensures that colored people will continue daily to make up the bulk of enrollees. The segment of the Hyde Park demographic that isn’t directly linked to the university is primarily middle class, as the area is full of mansions and well kept apartment buildings. The police presence is consistent between the school cops and the CPD so, for the most part, it’s a safe place. Children ride their bikes, people work on their laptops at cafes, and students frolic or play sports on the neighboring fields.

The most detectable aspect of the neighborhood is the concentration of intelligence. It visibly permeates every square inch. From the used book stores to the Starbucks crowd everyone carries themselves in a way that screams progressiveness and elevated thought. There aren’t crackheads beggin’ or niggaz strivin to sell you weed and lose cigarettes on every corner. The students are generally between knowledge build & their early wisdom ciphers so there are just as many young people in the neighborhood as there would be in any densely populated ghetto. Mind you this area is not far from the hood at all it’s just that it’s insulated as if there was a force-field around it. However, I’ve managed to put my finger on the key difference between the ghetto youth and these kids. That difference lies in the way that they view intelligence. The university kids not only view it as an indicator of status and a source of pride, but more importantly the norm. The extremely high standards correspondent to admission filter out prospective students without an intense thirst for knowledge. I used to work on campus and have built with a lot of those kids. The professors keep a foot so deep in their asses that they spend at least culture days per week pulling all nighters during which they’re either cramming or writing papers. A syllabus for one of their freshman level classes reads like the junior level eqivalent at the average state college.

On the other end of the spectrum lie the original youth. Within just a few block radius in any direction beyond the campus borders, the intelligence is replaced by the ignorance & lacking civilization of the 85%. In stark contrast to the way that their local counterparts freely push themselves toward new thresholds of academic excellence, many of our youth won’t even go to school. If they do they act a fool when they get there. Again, i’m focusing on the perception of intelligence and not it’s potential quotient. This is not about the capacity to learn as much as it is a desire to. Young niggaz think studying and being smart are lame. I wonder if people like Lil’ Wayne, Nikki Manaj, and Woka Flocka have anything to do with it.  I don’t recall any part of my life during which being smart wasn’t important to me. At minimum I at least wanted to be perceived as such. Even when my grades didn’t reflect it, I knew that mental ineptitude was something I didn’t want to be associated with. My ole Earth not only encouraged me to expand my mind, she demanded it. At no point would she ever entertain the idea that I was dumb. She may have accused me of “acting” like a dumbass, but she made sure I knew what the operative word in the accusation was. I contend that the mental death & power of which the 85% are slaves, the original contingent I mean, is an aversion to academic elevation. Certainly there are institutional variables that figure into the equation. Regardless, the tone has to be set at a young age. There have been plenty of examples of original people who rose from humble beginnings to become renown scholars. When the future of a people rests in the hands of a generation that has no drive to maximize their potential in fields of study which form the basis of our societal functioning, said people are doomed. As long as our youth aren’t becoming proficient in mathematics, engineering, computer science, & economics we will be roped and bound by collective mediocrity.

We desperately need to usher forth a black intellectual renaissance with our youth at the forefront. To anyone who has yet to get the memo here it is. Intelligence is fly! Said quality is not only practically applicable, it’s also a performance enhancing drug on which magnetic expands. It’s expression pervades all ciphers, one of the most important of which is social science. 120 tells us that knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture, & refinement are all posessed by civilized people. In essence, this suggests that civilization and intelligence are synonymous to a large degree. That being said, as the number of civilized people among us grows our quality of life improves and our capacity to change the world broadens. An additional byproduct of such elevation would be more harmonious cohabitation among us. When intelligent people come together as family members, co-workers, teammates, lovers, or in any other connection by which they are linked, the likelihood of one common cause being advocated increases dramatically. The reason being that thought and an exchange of ideas would likely proceed any action and equality would be more pervasive. Equal consideration typically breeds equal and more eager participation in a given movement or initiative. Take a moment to think about what Black America could be if we had more driven self-starters than stagnant losers. Pardon self, I suppose that’s too progressive a thought for this day and time…


  1. dg says:

    Hi Preme,

    Great post. My guess would be that there would be more, business owners, captains of industry, blacks in positions of power who create positive change for our people/communities. This would also result in younger cats having more role models in the workforce doing legal work versus underground economy work.

  2. Serenity says:

    You caused me to think right there….

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