What is his own self?

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Uncategorized



I was wrong. My prediction regarding the outcome of the NBA Finals has officially been renedered a miscalculation. I didn’t really have a horse in the race so to speak, & in a way, I wanted Dallas to win. I’ve always been a sucker for the underdog, & since Miami knocked the Bulls out, I couldn’t, in good conscience, root for them. That being said, there’s a part of me that feels bad for Lebron James. Not because he lost, but because of the joy that people seem to be extracting from his defeat. Although the Heat lost as a team, in a team game, the focus is on him and his lackluster performance. It’s so narrowly zeroed in on him that it’s as if he was out there by himself as it all unfolded. As he languishses in the center of the vicious love, hell, or right triangle he’s being beaten with many stripes from every imaginable direction. I know it’s fuckin’ wit’ him bad. He ain’t comin in a fine mist before my eyes. I can easily see through those polished press conference responses & his pseudo-cavalier current of air. He’s in a shitty head space and will remain there for a while. He’s lonely and strivin’ desperately to come to terms with the fact that he’s in the wilderness of North America by himself. This country that once embraced him and showered him with admiration has reversed polarity on him. Many of those same people have become rabidly hostile toward, and obsessively critical of him. He may be God but let them tell it he’s a black devil.

I can’t imagine what the pit of his stomach felt like when the clock struck cipher and he knew that he failed to show and prove. He probably was nauseous, sad, & angry all at the same time. As he replays various aspects of the season in his mind, I know he’s being assailed by some measure of self doubt. He’s wondering if coming to Miami was the right decision. I think he’s probably asking himself if he’s bitten off more than he can chew. The sensation of chasing a determined idea and winding up unsuccessful in said undertaking causes you to question self. Lebron is wisdom equality years old. The wisdom power degree says it took 600 years of grafting to make the devil from the original man. However, it’s only taken one year for the media to figuritively make a devil out of him.

Don’t mistake this build for a King James pity party because it’s not. He brought some of this on himself as all of the above is caused by the son of man. Although I willfully bear witness to this I see how a multiplicity of variables contributed to it and he’s just an engineered product of his generation. The fact is, he had to take this loss and only he can save himself from the pain of it’s fallout. The necessity of this tribulation lies in the invaluable lessons therein. From the perspective of our cultural worldview, today yields deep mathematical significance from which the young God could benefit tremendously. Today marks the 42nd anniversary of the Father Allah’s physical death & the first day following the most intense mental death Lebron has faced in his career. Today’s degree tells us that although the Father will never come back from the fate he met back in equality born LBJ has a chance to recover. The question is how? First of all, he needs to learn who he is as a man and a basketball player. He has to take the introspective journey within and inquire, what is his own self? The next realization he will have to arrive at is that the answer will not come overnight. He will have to study himself and go through the necessary labor to refine himself. Part of falling victim to the devil’s civilization involves mathematical disorder. The born degree in the 1-14 says that we make the devil study from 35-50yrs trying to be like the original man. It is common to see original people slip into an antithetical pattern whereby they get so caught up in perpetuating an image that the colored man prescribes for them that they allow that caricature to define them and lose sight of who they are. We write our own Koran he doesn’t! The God needs to focus on his next chapter and the journey from page to page. If he approaches it from the mindset of a perpetual student he can begin to establish more equality in his life and master the science of being “him” in the process.

It is my will that he reach these moments of clarity in his own good time. He’s a young man and as the years go by justice will humble & harden him so that he takes his lumps in stride and relishes great challenges while meeting them with ferocity in mind and body. I won’t judge him based on the fact that he’s down but rather the amount of himself he’s willing to give to get up & climb Mt. Everest.



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