The Duty of a Civilized Person

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Uncategorized


The prescribed law of Islam of said person of that ability, is that the civilized person is held responsible for the uncivilized and must be punished by the Nation of Islam. If we draw up Islam and reduce it to the acronym I Self Lord and Master, the operative wisdom words are I and Self. These words manage to connect rather frequently, even beyond the Asiatic vernacular of the Nation of Gods and Earths. They can most often be found in a sentence such as, “I will do it my self.” To make such a proclamation is to take on a justice cipher born and attach it’s completion to self. Word is bond, so when we say such things we have to back them up with action. This is not an option, but rather an obligation. Regardless of the fact that 120 can be interpreted in ways which are too numerous to quantify, the degrees also make certain things simple and plain. As such, it’s important that one who lives them out be adept at recognizing the fine line between taking things on face value, and accepting the clear directives to show and prove, which are embedded in certain degrees. According to the knowledge culture degree in the meat lesson, the uncivilized people are the 85%. The following two degrees identify the other two segments of the world population, however, of the three, only the 5% are charged with a responsibility to another segment, the 85%. The reason for this is that the 85% is the only group that doesn’t know who the true and living God is. The knowledge power degree infers that the 10% knows because if they didn’t, then they wouldn’t teach the poor lies to believe in a mystery God. Among the things that we teach are freedom, justice, and equality. The 85% need to be freed from a mental death and power, so that they can do themselves and the universe justice, and deal in equality with the rest of the world upon having been brought into the loop relative to the truth.

As our lessons drive home the specific dimensions of our duty to the uncivilized you will notice that there is no mention of any duty to one another. This is no coincidence. As civilized people with knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture, and refinement we should be very clear about the proper way to deal with one another and harmoniously co-exist. The point I’m striving to make is that we need to collectively be more focused on the 85% and making knowledge born to them…doing more things for them…showing and proving to them! Adding on with the universal family is a given, but if I spend more of my time carrying out my duty and fulfilling my responsibility to the uncivilized, I’ll feel more comfortable with this flag on my lapel because that’s how the fuck the devil gets murdered. I’ve stated in prior writings that I don’t give a damn about praise, acclaim, or adoration from this Nation for doing what the fuck my lessons tell me I’m supposed to do. It’s not warranted and is therefore unnecessary. The universal justice will deal me whatever rewards I’m entitled to, if any. Conversely, when I’m on some bullshit it will beat me with many stripes to insure that I get my black ass back firm on the square. Aside from Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabets, knowledge wisdom cipher, and 12 jewels I don’t bear witness to anything else that I’m bound to with regard to living out I-God culture. No outside opinions, pseudo-sanctioning bodies or individuals, none of that weak shit will I honor. The Father wasn’t roped and bound by any such constraints and refused to be, which is why he left the mosque and took mathematics to the muthafuckin’ streets. If it worked for the Father Allah then it works for me. I’m not a politician self cipher you will read no campaign speeches on this born love cipher god. I ain’t runnin’ for no office or competing in no popularity contests. What I’m strivin’ to do is live Allah’s Mathematics to the best of my ability, do my fuckin’ duty, and help this Nation grow.

On that note, I must confess that I’m extremely excited on this wisdom day of Justice U Love Why. This afternoon, the God Yasir Allah and myself will begin our first program at the Mecca Math and Science Center in C-Medina. All praise is due to the God for being just and true. As far as the Earth Misrak Aja I can hardly find the words. None of this would be possible without her and in spite of the toxic elements which have diluted, mixed, and tampered with the equality in C-Medina over the years, the queen just keeps showin’ and provin.’ This youth center is the most concrete proof that the black woman is Earth that my naked eye has ever seen. When I first walked in, to say that awe was inspired would be an understatement. I can hardly believe that the Earth’s work wouldn’t make the Father proud if not also shed tears. All I can say is keep building Earth. C-Medina and the universe needs you :0). Check it out .

Preme22 Allah

  1. Almighty Sahku Allah says:

    Peace God….u r always putting ur minds jewels to the paper…keep building almighty………Peace

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