Escapism, Fear of Reality & Beast Life…

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Uncategorized



Today’s jewel is happiness and for many in the wilderness of North America, it’s very difficult to come by, let alone sustain. It’s negative counterpart (unhappiness), manifests in countless different forms and continues daily to cause trouble among and within even the most righteous people. Life is a dichotomous chase in which unhappiness chases us while we chase hapiness. The negative angle of this square is a much more relentless and unpredictable predator. Once it sinks its talons into us we can remain its victim for years, months, and days if we aren’t careful. Unhappiness typically is a byproduct of dissatisfaction with aspects of our reality. What determines the length of its hold on us is our ability to systematically change, shape, & make sense of said reality. Those of us incapable of calling upon this power to refine our circumference are much more likely to seek escape when we experience trials and tribulations. Enter destroy rules, liquor, gambling, & the like. We all have vices, and depending on the degree to which we control them, they can be relegated to brief cognitive getaways which allow us to briefly take our minds away from our problems and the stress that they bring. The key variable is maintaining awareness of the fact that when we return the problem will still be there awaiting a solution. Some of us snap back into the swing of things and calculate our way through these ills. Others drift deeper into oblivion and become full blown savages in the pursuit of happiness, losing the knowledge of themselves as the beast way of life overtakes them.

I was reduced to tears last night by the story of such a person. I was doin’ the knowledge to a show on A&E called Intervention, which chronicles the lives of drug addicts and their families as they face the hills and mountains of such a tragic situation. The wisdom at the center of the story was a sista named Letisha. Even as an addict she was beautiful, as was her ole’ Earth, who was a recovered heroin addict. Crack was Letisha’s drug of choice and she smoked that shit like it was goin’ outta style. She started using when she was knowledge equality after she moved in with her grandparents due to her mom’s habit. Out of guilt, her mother allows her to smoke in her home, feeds, and generally enables her out of fear that if she stops, her daughter won’t come around her. Letisha has understanding beautiful seeds: Solomon, Sedhia, & Tuesday. It was the pain I saw ravaging them which stung me & caused me to distill. The thought of them being without her because she was out turnin’ tricks for crack money sickened me and hurt me deeply. They live in Kalamazoo MI which is a small town in which everybody knows everybody. The Queen’s lifestyle is no mystery to the hood. Tuesday had problems with classmates teasing her about her mom’s condition. As the therapist, the kids, Letisha, her ole Earth, & her uncle wept through this desperate attempt to rescue her from mental death I wept right along with them. I was overcome by so many thoughts and currents of allah I rule which converged and distilled upon my heart like a shockwave. I thought about how that rock has effected my family. My brother has been locked up for sellin’ it. My deceased aunt used to smoke it. The devil is a real live savage for lettin’ that shit loose on my people. The incalculable expanse of havoc that it’s wreaked on our community epitomizes devastation.

I called up my ole’ Earth to tell her how glad I was that she didn’t put me through what those babies are goin’ through. I could never thank her enough. We need to somehow find a way to lift those who are down up from hell to the right angle of self love. If the sun of man doesn’t come to their aid then they will continue havin’ hard times. Letisha & people like her need their own people to come and get them. Imagine if the Father didn’t make knowledge born to his first fruit. Most of us wouldn’t have knowledge of self today. It’s so imperative that we start to see one another as self so that we can elevate the universal self and do what’s best for “us.”

Pursuit of happiness is oftentimes a mind fuck. Based on our fear of unhappiness, we strive to enclose ourselves in a prison house whereby we can shut out reality’s harsher features. The idea being that chasing happiness will distract us so intensely that we’ll eventually forget that unhappiness is on our ass like Anderson Silva in top position. The fact is, unhappiness will catch up to us from time to time. It’s inevitable. What’s important is how we respond to it. Mathematics is the most fluid way to maneuver through it because any problem can be sized up and subsequently broken down. Instead of running, we need to confront the issue, get to the root of it, &take it off of the planet. We also need to stop being so self-centered and quick to scream self or savior. What if a person can’t save self or needs help? The wisdom of God borns the kingdom of patience where brothers and companions show and prove. I don’t know how niggaz can sit back idly and watch our babies waste their original potential away. The babies we don’t save today will give birth to more who need saving tomorrow.



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