The Problem of Moral Relativism in I-God Culture

Posted: August 7, 2011 in Uncategorized



The Father truly manifested something special when he hit the streets to teach that the blackman is God. I would dare to say that this undertaking was initially rather simple in terms of what he wanted to do, and only upon his determined idea activating and expanding in impact would a Pandora’s Box of complexities arise surrounding the nation he founded. On face value, it would seem that starting a culture which is to be lived out according to one’s self styled wisdom, yet in accordance to science & mathematics is paradoxical if not outright counterintuitive. A closer look at said proposition will both support and refute it in the true supreme mathematical spirit of build or destroy. To some degree, the seemingly inherent mutual exclusivity of living out the culture freely while doing so in accordance to mathematics is nullified by the duality of quantity & quality which supreme mathematics embodies. The qualitative dimension eases the pressure of rigidity which the quantitative angle imposes creating more room for interpretation and philosophical perogative. However, this becomes problematic in that individuals who are highly skilled in crafting interpretive outlooks rooted in highly plausible ideas can create a convoluted cipher of debate and friction which is almost impossible to infuse with equality. Simply put, how can we determine what we consider to be right or wrong within this culture when each individual’s perspective is given the same level of consideration through a relativistic lense? I assert that although there is no clear-cut all encompassing answer, we have at our disposal the tools to make significant headway.

If we are to avoid falling victim to excessive fluidity in our assessments of right and wrong, it is first necessary to take some hardline stances regarding things that we can all agree are not only wrong, but correspondingly intolerable. Since 120 is undeniably axiomatic the idea of certain truths being self-evident is not foreign to the Gods & Earths. Establishing at least a base set of universal cultural practices and norms would give us a point of reference to call upon when in doubt, and bring about a higher degree of uniformity within the nation. For those who are ready to scream “God of my own universe” relax nigga. I’m not proposing that you be subjected to life lived according to a set blueprint as much as I’m strivin’ to remind you that word is bond and bond is life. As such, to call yourself a true and living God or Earth who lives out 120 is to essentially pledge a measure of allegiance to the principles therein. This constitutes a bond between yourself and the lessons so it shouldn’t be a stretch for you to be judged by a justice system based on what you claim to live by anyway. Furthermore, just as is the case with law there would be an interpretive component relative to enforcement and the corresponding justice would be deliberated on and exacted by a select group of people deemed to be said persons of the ability as determined democratically by the national body. This foolhardy idea that you can’t be judged is idiotic in that you are being judged everyday by your boss at the justice, the robe clad individual at the head of the coutroom, as well as countless others. Hood niggas love to say “only God can judge me.” Well the blackman is God self cipher your wish is officially granted.

If I had it my way, guilt or innocence would be established based on the degree to which a defendant could justify a given action by showing and proving synergy between the self styled wisdom which guided their action & the body of knowledge from which it stems. The body of knowledge being 120, the lessons would be the great equalizer in that they are universally accepted to be right and exact in terms of a guiding light which gives our lives direction. Additionally, the defendant would have to definitively show that said action was taken according to prescribed mathematical order of thought meaning that they strived to manifest the build/divine angles of the square and only shifted to the destroy angle when their hand was forced. And, even in taking the destructive action, they did so in a way which minimized the negative impact to any innocent parties as well as the nation as a whole. In advocating such standards we could establish precedents which we could refer back to in future cases and extract ever-evolving understanding through which an Asiatic system of justice could constantly elevate.

The bottom line is we’ve got alot of growing to do as a nation and culture. At some point our dirty religion can no longer cloak itself in a fine mist of cliche’ driven brovado and antiquated tradition. The power to refine ourselves lies within us individually and collectively self cipher we need to activate it and stop fooling ourselves. This nation will only become a self sustaining unit when it becomes more adept at doing for self and part of that undertaking involves policing itself. Muthafuckas need to understand that if they fall victim to the law there will be a penalty. If you can live in the wilderness of North America under the thumb of it’s rules & regulations then you can do the same relative to the nation which you so proudly claim to be a part of. No one God or Earth is above the collective, remember that.



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