A Mathematical Analysis of Allah via The Mandelbrot Set

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Contrary to popular belief, the field of Mathematics is an all inclusive umbrella under which conventional quantitative branches, as well as more qualitative branches, such as Supreme Mathematics, fit rather nicely. There are those who embrace the cultural paradigm of the NGE who have a rather narrow view of said field which remains roped and bound by the seemingly functional simplicity of Supreme Math. However, by viewing said branch along with other elements of our build points of light, through the lense of high level mathematical concepts the parallels that abound are not only exciting, but also very telling. One such interesting manifestation involves the Mandelbrot Set.

The Mandelbrot Set is a geometric concept known as a fractal. A fractal is an object which exhibits self-similarity at various scales and although at a small scale there may be large scale similarity, the small scale portion of the object is not identical to the whole object. The actual set is comprised of a group of complex numbers which are iterated through the equation Z = Z2 + C. As the results of each iteration are graphed they create the image. For the purpose of this build only a rudimentary understanding of the set is required. However, in order to grasp the nuances of it more firmly one can view a more detailed breakdown here http://www.ddewey.net/mandelbrot/. In order to identify numbers that lie within the Mandelbrot Set, the aforementioned equation is calculated over and over again using different complex numbers. A complex number is one that is comprised of a real number and an imaginary number. The imaginary number is a real number followed by the variable i. This variable was invented because there is no real number which can be squared in order to arrive at a negative answer. The injection of this variable and the complex numbers it helps to bring about reverses polarity on said problem. So once a large group of resulting complex numbers has been discovered they can be plotted on a graph which combines a real number line and an additional line which represents the complex number plane. As the numbers we generated by iterating the equation are analyzed they are differentiated by a property called magnitude in order to determine whether or not they reside in the Mandelbrot Set. The numbers (represented by the value Z, as we keep plugging it into the equation over and over achieving new calculative results) will behave in one of two ways in terms of their magnitude. The magnitude will either remain at or below 2 or it will surpass 2 and continue increasing infinitely. The magnitude is calculated once it is graphed and the respective values on the x-axis (the horizontal real number axis) and the y-axis (the vertical complex/imaginary number axis) are established. We simply take the square of the number’s distance from each axis and find the square root of the result. If the magnitude remains at or below 2 then it’s part of the set. If it surpasses 2 and increases infinitely then it’s not part of the set. Once thousands of numbers which lie in the set are graphed and the plotted points are connected, some amazing images are created which fit our original description. That is to say that they exhibit self-similarity at various scales of magnified observation.

Complex plane

The Magnitude Equation/d=magnitude

So the obvious question at this point is what the hell does any of the above have to do with the science of I-God? The short answer is plenty. We’ll start off applying the simple supreme mathematical build up of the word Allah, which is the knowledge degree in the Supreme Alphabet. A-L-L-A-H=1+12+12+1+8 which equals/borns 34 or understanding culture. As we born our result all the way out we arrive at 7/God since 3+4=7/God. As such this equation is simply stated, “Allah born God.” So using this statement as our analytical platform let’s delve deeper to extract meaning. If we look at the understanding build degree in the 1-40 we see the statement “Allah is God, always has been, always will be.” Said statement is true indeed. The science of Allah’s self-creation yields the meaning we seek. Allah is eternal black mind and therefore has no beginning nor ending. Every imaginable quality necessary to manifest himself as God in innumerable possible original forms has always resided within him. That being said, the black man as God is simply a self-similar projection of Allah himself expressing unique qualities which are small scale manifestations of the figurative sum total of such possible qualities and combinations of qualities. Additionally, if we pull the concept of magnitude back into the build and apply it to Supreme Mathematics using knowledge (1) as the starting point instead of cipher (0) we can analyze people based on the values or qualities therein and differentiate the 5% from the 10% and 85%. Again, the 1-40 re-enters the fray. The idea we are showing and proving is that the 5% are the outliers who elevate infinitely and would therefore not be roped and bound in the figurative Mandelbrot Set. Within our supreme mathematical application of magnitude we will replace wisdom as the threshold with equality since it precedes God. That is to say if an individual can’t elevate beyond equality in order to become or deal in equality with the true and living God then he or she would fall into the Mandelbrot Set. The 85% can immediately be dumped into the set because as slaves of a mental death and power they lack knowledge of who the true and living God is and their origin in this world. They can’t even pass go (knowledge) so their placement within the set is obvious. The 10% would follow behind them because by teaching the poor lies to believe that the Almighty true and living God is a spook which cannot be seen with the physical eye they are spitting in the face of equality and therefore, cannot deal equally with God. However, the 5% being civilized people, automatically have knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture, and refinement. Additionally, they counteract the teaching of the 10% with their knowledge of who the true and living God is and they teach that he is Allah, the supreme being, the black man from Asia. In so doing they deal in equality with all human families of the planet Earth and elevate infinitely. So in that sense they reach a magnitude which places them outside of the confines of belief and enter the realm in which the science of everything in life edifies the mind indefinitely.

This view of our culture can be expounded upon in a multiplicity of other ways but I will leave exploration of those possibilities up to you. Push the experimental envelope and draw it up for self.



  1. Ebony says:

    this just blew my mind. i am very happy to find this blog. i have been looking to expand my knowledge and this has helped exponentially.

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