Murder the Devil…?

Posted: October 2, 2011 in Uncategorized


Within the philosophical paradigm of I-God culture we get a wealth of commentary on devil. Today’s degree in the 1-10 identifies him and points out the embodiment through which he is made manifest in his most natural state. In the 1-36 a pathological ground work is laid in which we see him transgressing against original people in ways that cause them to replicate the ill effects and habitually pass them from generation to generation. He gets us to love him yet gives us nothing. This equality degree is very telling because it illustrates the danger of “one-way” relationships. When you love someone the act of doing so constitutes giving of self. When that love is not returned then the party extending love is vulnerable and can easily be led in the wrong direction and used for a tool, and also, a slave. Mastering a person, or a people that love you when that love is not mutual is like taking candy from a baby. He teaches us how to eat the wrong foods which, in turn, causes us to act other than our own selves. We now see this recurring theme of vulnerability because anytime a person or a people acts other than self, they are susceptible to a host of different mental, physical, or emotional assailants. Con artists typically prey upon the elderly because they tend not to be as mentally sharp in their old age. As such, with a tight scam and a smooth pitch the con man can bleed them dry for thousands of dollars before they ever realize they’ve been had. A young street nigga strivin’ to make a name for himself in the hood is likely to be very eager to do some dirt in order to show his heart. Consequently, the older more seasoned gangstas can send them on virtually any type of mission before the kid ever gives a thought to the potential consequences of said action. Needless to say the devil, like Big Daddy Kane, is a smooth operator.

Our degrees include references to instances in which we tried to civilize and reform the devil but in each instance we were unsuccessful in said undertaking. Musa had a hard time because he ran into the science of savagery, which per the degree, means a person having lost the knowledge of self and who is consequently living a beast way of life. Let’s draw this up for a second. If a savage is a person who lives like a beast then for all intents and purposes he or she has become a beast. History has shown us that it is not wise for people to try and civilize beasts because it tends to end badly. Imagine trying to civilize or domesticate a lion that was raised in the jungles of Africa…good luck not getting chewed the fuck up. That lion has only known beast life from the time he was a cub so for you to think that you can get him to sit and rollover like a dog is to search for that which does not exist. As soon as he decides that he’s not feelin’ that shit your ass is out. The only difference between that lion and a human savage is the chance of recovery from mental death discussed in the knowledge understanding degree in the 1-40. However, the operative word being chance, we’re dealing with probability or likelihood. All mental death is not created equal so the probability of recovery depends upon the severity and type of issue in question.

Mathematics is a critical science of life because it involves solving problems. In a sense, the act of doing so is synonymous with dealing with devil. Before any problem can be solved the variables at hand have to be assessed. So when we prepare to confront a given devil we have to do so in accordance to a plan that is rooted in realism. The fact is, there are certain questions that must be answered in order to formulate said plan. What kind of devil is this? Do I have a realistic chance to take this devils head and if so, what tools will be required? If I attack it head on, who other than myself will be effected, how will they be effected, and are said effects worth subjecting these people to? If I can’t take it’s head directly what’s my alternative strategy to avoid falling victim? Depending on the situation, there could be numerous other questions that arise within the calculative process. Regardless to whom or what the key is realizing that the wisdom of the cipher is the truth on the square. In other words you can’t bullshit yourself. The calculative process must be one through which you analyze the situation for what it IS vs. what you want it to be. As long as this is the case then a solid solution can be manifested and applied.

The point I’m striving to drive home is that some devils can’t be murdered in the literal sense. 240 has so many X’s within it’s arsenal to throw that you are bound to run up on some that will beat you with many stripes repeatedly if confronted head on. There are those who can drink alcohol casually and those who can only go hard with it. For the latter, it’s best to just avoid drinking all together instead of experimenting with the same high explosives only to have the shit blow up in your face over and over again. Some people sell drugs for decades and never get caught, but statistics show that this represents the minority. The odds are a street nigga can’t cheat death or jail so it’s best to abide by the law in an effort to avoid them. Know this, I’m not just buildin’ out the side of my ass right now, I’m living this math in real time. Over the course of about the last culture years, I’ve been battling a devil that’s been stompin’ the fuck out of me. The ill part about it is I knew goin’ into the fight that I was outmatched but all I had was the limited knowledge of those early days. After countless mental beatings which make up the wisdom of living this reality out, I now understand FULLY, that I can’t take this anymore. In the best interest of the parties involved, namely my self, I have to take this devil off of my planet. Mind you, it will still exist because I can’t reform, civilize, or murder it which my 120 told me from the start. Regardless since the lessons are indeed a knowledge wisdom cipher I couldn’t attain the sight of mind I have now without having both the 1 and the 2.



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