The Polar Shift…

Posted: November 1, 2011 in Uncategorized


Build or destroy is the infinite cipher of change, & change is indeed inevitable. Bearing witness to said truth, it’s imperative that we constantly strive to zero in on it’s rhythm and adjust our movements accordingly. While the unknown cipher of life is sure to deal us X’s that we won’t see coming, these unknowns are not all created equal. As such, there are some that we can predict, nullify, sidestep, or at least prepare for. Upon impact, an unseen major life event can hit us like a shockwave and do noteworthy damage. However, human beings are not only extremely resourceful but we’re  supremely resilient. Due to the high-tech nature of our design, we have biological mechanisms & processes through which we heal ourselves physically, but we are also equipped with the most powerful conductor of energy known…the mind.

Throughout our lives we continually sustain wounds born out of circumstance, many of which are self-inflicted. Regardless, we keep getting back up & we keep fighting. On many levels the first knowledge cipher months of this mile in my Koran have been among the most difficult that I can recall. As I stood in the eye of each storm, I often wondered how the fuck I would be able to calculate my way through the rain, hail, & snow. Fortunately, my mathematics was with me to lead me in the right direction. This past week was most peace and today I feel good. I feel like my own self. I feel like Allah. My recovery from mental death is in full swing. I’m sleeping longer and more peacefully. My thoughts are trending more toward the divine angle of the square. I’m feeding myself the right mental foods and the nourishment is paying dividends.

On the zig I just traveled from, I realize that I was leading with my heart and bringing my mathematics along for the ride. This was not right and exact self cipher I’m reversing polarity on that science. My mathematics will precede me & it will be my heart that’s along for the ride from now on. I’m learning to embrace this good feeling and discovering new ways by which I can engineer it and make it a standard. When I’m just and true in living out my degrees things are supposed to come together because I’m the piece with the magnetic. I’m starting to see more clearly than ever how important it is for me to remain firm on a square as I manifest Allah’s mathematics. I can feel my connection to the other people around me and I know the power I have to be a causitive force relative to the injection of love, peace, & happiness into the cipher. I just have to be magnetic and be God. It’s not complicated, it’s simply my purpose to fulfill.



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