Non-Sensical Cliches

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Uncategorized


Language, and the way that it’s used as a means of expression, represents the most prominent causative force through which thought & perception are controlled in America. Contrary to the National Anthem’s idealistic proclamation to the contrary, this is far from “the land of the free.” Among the primary reasons is the fact that most Americans are poster-children for the knowledge culture degree in the 1-40. If you can implant concepts into the minds of a group of people, then controlling their ways & actions is child’s play. A perfect and highly effective mechanism by which this is accomplished is the cliche’. A cliche’ is defined as a trite or overused idea, or expression. Regardless of how prevalent said expression is, there’s no prescribed law that requires it to be true. Consequently, people wind up being easily led in the wrong direction by such ideas when they lack the ability to disqualify those which have no true merit.

One such saying, which I find a high degree of fault with, is that you have to fight fire with fire. Certainly I understand the implied necessity to meet a given force with an equal force in order to repel it in concurrence with the science of like repel from the wisdom wisdom degree. Even still, this cliche’ is counter-intuitive in both the literal & figurative senses. Literally speaking, fire added to fire creates a bigger fire. In order to effectively put one out, water is the element of choice. The reason being that it takes it’s antithesis to nullify or cancel it out. The truth of my logic really shines through when the figurative angle of the square is explored. Fiery or intense situations are only exacerbated by the influence of additional antagonistic forces. They can only be d-escalated by opposing forces such as consideration, diplomacy, and poise. Unfortunately, the prominence of the “fight fire with fire” mentality has led to countless catastrophic situations.

The concept that most adequately encapsulates this reality is retaliation. Ask yourself how many drive-byes are done in response to another previously exacted upon the perpetrators. Consider the number of vengeful acts performed by men and women in volatile relationships. Everything from violence or destruction of property to infidelity or litigation is fair game. The fact is, retaliation breeds acrimony and it wreaks of the fire vs fire mentality. As a society we need to take a good hard look at some of these cliches that we advocate and consider the implications that correspond. Are these the types of principles we want to teach our children? Emphatically now cipher. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that we allow people to walk all over us. I’m simply saying that it’s not always wise to meet a given word or act committed against us by responding in the exact same way. The fallout could prove to be tragic…



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