Overestimation of the 85%…

Posted: November 13, 2011 in Uncategorized


Within my recent builds on the science of devil, I’ve stated that all devils are not created equal. The same premise can be applied to the 85%, in that they come from a multiplicity of backgrounds, and operate from various angles of a square. The Gods and Earths typically categorize them based on the supreme mathematical poles of the spectrum they exemplify via their ways and actions. Since 85% translates to build or destroy(8) power(5), we label people who don’t have knowledge of self in one of two ways. The build power label would represent a person that’s not completely led in the wrong mental direction, but fits much of the basic criteria set forth in the knowledge culture degree in the 1-40. They may be civilized, yet they are a poison animal eater and a slave of a mental death and power. Usually, such people have a respectable level of mental agility, however they simply are misguided relative to the most critical of all sciences of life, which is the science of self. Conversely, destroy powers are the type of people whose picture should be next to the degree in a given copy of 120. They are quintessentially uncivilized and easily led in the wrong direction…the kind of people who are so far gone that it seems highly unlikely they will ever be found. Regardless of whom or what, today’s degree tells us that there’s a chance for the lost to be found and recover from mental death. The degrees go on to tell us that it is incumbent on the 5% to engineer said resurrection of the mind by way of the performance of our duty to teach, and the prescribed law of Islam through which we accept this responsibility.

The 1-40 contains a “Bermuda Triangle” of sorts that’s comprised of the knowledge god, knowledge build, and knowledge born degrees. Said cognitive terrain can be difficult to navigate depending upon the cipher in question. The danger facing the 5% relative to this cognitive reality involves interaction with the 85% and diagnosis of whether said individual leans more in the direction of build power or destroy power. Quantification of what the individual knows, based on a general speculative calculation of course, is the basis upon which the diagnosis is made and in turn, becomes the impetus for the way we accordingly deal with them. I can honestly say that one of the most egregious mistakes I make in this area is assuming that these people are aware of certain seemingly self-evident truths. Those of us who operate from a certain level of culture and civilization bear witness to certain universally understood ideas relative to what’s right and wrong, proper or improper, polite or impolite, etc. etc. That being said, we are sometimes caught off guard when we encounter someone who does or says something so inappropriate that we have to honestly question whether or not they did so intentionally just to be spiteful, or if they did so unconsciously because they really are that deaf, dumb, and blind. Complicating matters further, is the fact that these sorts of situations are utterly repulsive to the 5% because they are so contrary to the way that we think and act. As such, our knee jerk reaction is not always to teach, but rather to simply leave the presence of the individual because we think striving to add on with them would be futile.

Obviously every situation is unique and will require a befitting approach in order for the 5% to be right and exact. Even still, our predisposition should be to do our duty and strive to teach civilization, righteousness, the knowledge of self, and the science of everything in life, love, peace, and happiness. The thought for this build was sparked by an experience I had on Friday night with a wisdom I was hangin’ out with. At a certain point the queen came at me from a place that was so uncouth and completely out of bounds, it was laughable yet sad at the same time. I remained firm on a square, refrained from launching an Asiatic diatribe on how she needed refinement, and simply stated that I wasn’t really feeling the posture that she was taking. In so doing, I honestly didn’t add on to the degree that I should have and I think I should have said more. However, in the heat of the moment, I was striving to maintain a peace current of air and part ways with her promptly because the situation turned me off immensely. Fast forward to Saturday morning. The queen calls me, and I ignore the call. Why you ask? Well, because I was still drawing up the events of the prior evening and wasn’t altogether sure of whether or not I desired to have any further correspondence with her. I built with a few people about it to get a sense of what angles I may not be seeing and take the best part accordingly. After I ran it by one of the Gods, he turned out to see it similar to the way that I did and advised that I build with her about the situation and make knowledge born relative to what I found fault with. The point being that regardless of whether she and I ever correspond beyond said build she can at least take the best part of my wisdom and I can take solace in the fact that I did my duty as a civilized person. Self cipher not too long before I built with the God, she sent me a text. About an hour or two later, I responded by simply saying “peace”. We still have yet to draw up the situation conversationally and I haven’t firmly decided whether I should call her and initiate it or let her call me so that it can happen. The inner conflict that I’m dealing with lies here. On one hand, I could draw it up as a situation in which she disqualified herself from worthiness of social equality with me. Furthermore, if I add on with her it will in some way suggest that I’m striving to be on something substantive with her, which actually is not the case. I could easily just leave it as is, let her have a nice life, and do the same myself. However, on the other hand, I don’t want to feel like I’m shunning my duty as a civilized person. I can’t automatically assume that she premeditated her transgression or that, even if that was the case, I also can’t definitively say she fully knew or understood how improper it was. Therefore, if I don’t make knowledge born then who’s to say she’ll ever realize that she needs to refine herself in that respect? What a life equation this is! I suppose I’ll meditate on it more and the answer will come to me…



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