The Felt Wisdom that is Understanding…

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Uncategorized


Among the most popular supreme mathematical equations in existence is knowledge, wisdom borns understanding. Even those without knowledge of self via our cultural worldview are aware of the relationship between these three universal elements of perception. The key variable at play is the degree of awareness, & it’s corresponding depth, or lack thereof. For those of us with 120 on cap, perpetual sharpness with Supreme Mathematics is the “yellow brick road” to constant elevation in understanding of the lessons. In order to develop a perspective that is rooted in said foundation, it’s critical that a solid conceptual framework be constructed. At the base of this framework is knowledge.

Everything in the universe has it’s genesis with knowledge because something must be known in order to be made manifest. In other words, it starts as a thought which translates to a determined idea. The idea is a calculative prediction through which the mind projects what the end result will be if the idea is taken from knowledge through wisdom. The determination, in some sense, is a pre-determination by which we impose our will in order to manifest our desired aim on this plane of existence. It is imperative that the reader bear witness to the inextricable link between knowledge and every other value in Supreme Math. Every subsequent value, is an extension of knowledge so it’s presence in the cipher regardless of the value taking situational “center stage” is inferred. Remember, the knowledge degree in the Supreme Alphabet is Allah & he’s seen and heard everywhere. That omnipresence is pervasive in every moment & on every level of reality.

Once we take something we know to the next level, which is application, we transition to wisdom. Wisdom is simply activated knowledge. It involves transforming potential thought energy into kinetic thought energy. Biologically speaking, our bodies make physical movements based on cues given by the brain via electrical signals. The mind powers the brain so if we draw this sequence of events up we can see the pathology that precedes our every action. Essentially, wisdom is experience. It’s extremely resonant because it represents something we can process in a sensational manner via hearing, touching, tasting, smelling, seeing, or raw detection.

The light at the end of a given tunnel of experience is understanding. This is the sight of mind brought about by felt wisdom or, realizations that we arrive at after we’ve gone through something. In order for us to reach this clarity of mind we have to personally perform the knowledge wisdom calculation. The journey through wisdom is what will make the understanding real to you because you feel it. You’ve taken mental snapshots & recorded images upon which you can reflect in order to re-mind self of how you got to the measure of mind sight that you presently posess. Understanding cannot be projected upon you. Another person can make knowledge born to you and when you take it and put it in motion you can extract the best part for self. Self or savior…



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