2011: The Year in Mathematics…

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Wisdom Cipher Knowledge Knowledge was crazy!



As I exist firm on a square in the infancy of wisdom cipher knowledge wisdom, I can’t help but take a moment to draw up the science of the year that preceded it, in terms of what 240 took the God through.  2011 was certainly a hell of a ride and one that began with some intense trials and tribulations.  Anyone that is a regular reader of this born love cipher god is well aware of the fact that, for the most part, my Koran is an open book, the pages of which I willfully share with you for the express purpose of giving you an organic look at what it’s like to live mathematics via I-God culture.  Although I definitely preserve some measure of privacy relative to the specific details of my life’s rain, hail, snow, and earthquakes, I strive to reveal as much as possible in an effort to show and prove that I’m no different from any other original person navigating the wilderness of North America, aside from the fact that I do so with knowledge of self while filtering the experience through 120.  As today’s mathematics is knowledge I feel the need to make knowledge born relative to some of the highs and lows of the past 12 calendar months.


Let’s start with the lows since they represent the black germ of the why equal allah rule in question.  In March I had to physically stop someone very close to me from committing suicide.  Wisdom days later, a couple of young niggaz ran up on me and tried to rule cipher born me which resulted in me taking some fists and feet to the face and head and sustaining a broken wrist.  Needless to say that understanding month was a bitch, lol.  At this point I was dealing with some serious mental death.  Before I even had the chance to begin dealing with the psychological trauma of the first incident, the second one bashed me upside the head like a louisville slugger.  At least with the suicide thing I knew exactly what variables led to it, saw it coming, and was able to brace myself for it.  However, the robbery attempt was the typical swift kick in the now u true squares by 240.  Said unknown fucked my head up because it was a vivid reminder of how right and exact the knowledge culture degree in the meat really is.  The event caused me to ask myself what the fuck type of energy could I possibly have been projecting into the atmosphere which would draw such savagery my way.  The honest answer is it wasn’t that I was doing anything wrong, it was just a matter of crossing paths with a vicious unknown and suffering the corresponding consequences.  It’s times such as those when your mathematics is truly tested and you have to decide how to react to the situation.  I could have either wallowed in self pity, or I could live out my understanding knowledge degree in the 1-36 and scream “then what happened?”  I chose the latter.  Gradually, the trauma to my psyche began to subside, however, there would be more to come.



In the culture month I had to move in order to get a fresh start and gravitate away from the Pelan which was the neighborhood in which I had moved the prior December. The move was a good one from the standpoint of locale and the quality of the kingdom. My roommate is most peace and the kingdom is fly. Unfortunately, the relationship I was in had some serious weaknesses and ultimately, by the born month, it became apparent that the Queen and I wouldn’t be able to make it work. As all of the above is caused by the son of man, it was incumbent upon me to stop searching for that which did not exist in terms of the union continuing, and dissolve it accordingly. This was yet another devastating blow to my frame of master I now divine because I gave all I had and all within my power to see the day in which we had strived for but to no avail. The knowledge cipher month was somewhat of a blur during which I took some square I master equal to reconcile some of the emotional and psychological fallout. I also went back into my 1-36 and found some degrees which yielded insight. I realized that for much of the relationship that I had just left I had been acting other than my ownself and therefore needed to ask “what is his ownself” in order to rediscover the answer. I began an intrinsic search within and discovered, as did Yacub, that one piece of steel had magnetic in it and the other piece did not. Off went the light bulb in my third…you’re the piece with the magnetic dumb ass…show and prove! This thought became a determined idea that I studied with dogged focus until my subconscious had attached to it with such a firm grasp that I began to magnetically pull into formation the variables by which I could make manifest my desired reality. I sat down and authored wisdom documents. One was a power year plan for 2012-2017. The second one was a list of wisdom wisdom qualities that I was looking for in the next Queen that I would rock with. Among the more peace events of that month was my younger physical coming home from the injustice on the knowledge wisdom day. It’s my will that the God will finally make the necessary strides to clean himself up.

Fast forward to the knowledge knowledge month during which the reversal of polarity ensued. I had recently gone through some training relative to a different aspect of what we do at my justice cipher born when I got an unexpected instant message from a colored man that used to work with me in my current position. He had been one of the facilitators of the last phase of said training. In his message, he suggested that I apply for a position in his area. Although I didn’t think much of it, I did so just for the fuck of it. The interview went really well and I received some very positive feedback, although I was told that the position was put on hold since the firm was in the process of making fiscal decisions for the new year. I took that in stride and just enjoyed the process. I additionally marveled at the way that every variable involving my application for the position came together so magnetically. My manager was extremely supportive and I was supremely prepared. I was almost late for work that day, and I had to sprint on wet ground in dress shoes to catch my bus word is bond…LOL! Regardless, I caught it. A few days before Thanksgiving, my manager called me into an empty office and I’m thinking that we were gonna build about some minor details regarding the PTO days that I needed to take before the end of the year. She told me that she had just gotten off the phone with the internal recruiter and that I got the position. I was floored. That was just the beginning of the wild ride which would carry over into the knowledge wisdom month. The knowledge knowledge jewel is peace and it became thematic going into the closeout month of 2011. Check the mathematics of December…

As I stated in a recent post, I jumped back into the dating scene by way of the online cipher. On the understanding day of December, I went on a date with the wisdom who would soon become my current Queen. Since that day she’s blown me away with the love that she’s shown me and the fervor with which she has embraced the magnetic field within which we were thrust at a terrific speed. When the science between two people is right and exact the piece with will pull the piece without toward it with an immeasurable force. I’m truly in the Holy City of Mecca with her and I look forward to elevating with her for many years to come. Just to inject one more piercing unknown into my circumference 240 dealt me one final crushing blow. On the wisdom god day, I found out that my best friend of almost wisdom power years died of cancer. The God had been sick for almost wisdom years but he didn’t tell anyone. There’s not enough space on this page for me to manifest how tight we were. We graduated from grammar school together, we were college roommates, and for most of the time after I graduated from college we lived either next door to each other or in the same building. He had been dealing with some serious internal demons that he couldn’t quite shake since his ole’ Earth returned a few years ago, and once he found out that he was sick I think he just tapped out. I miss the shit outta my brotha’ but he’ll live on in my mind and heart. I’m in the process of working with some of our friends from college to put together a memorial celebration of his life, to be held the first week of February. He would’ve made understanding equality on the wisdom understanding day of this month.

I said all of that to say regardless of whom or what I’m still here after the roller coaster ride that was 2011. I’m still firmly rooted in my degrees and supreme mathematics. Allah is God always has been and always will be. Happy New Year!


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