Guest Post: “5 Things Anyone Can Learn From Jeremy Lin” by Anthony Jones

Posted: February 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Things Anyone Can Learn From Jeremy Lin

This year’s sports Cinderella seems to be NBA star Jeremy Lin.  The long time unnoticed player who is currently with the New York Knicks has metaphorically been on fire and stunned fans both inside and outside of basketball with his spectacular playing.  We thought now would be a good time to go over what he can teach people both inside and outside the sporting world.

1. Don’t give up on yourself – Even though he had a successful college basketball career, Lin was passed on by all professional teams.  Undeterred, he continued to play and looked for chances to improve himself whenever he could.  This included when he was eventually signed by teams and then cut a short time later.  It is a truly inspiring story for everyone who has ever come in last at anything to keep at it.

2. Race doesn’t matter – Outside of Yao Ming, it can be difficult for the lay person or even avid sports fan to name another Asian in the NBA. Lin, a Chinese American, is rumored to have encountered the stereotype that Asians can’t play basketball often in his career.  He proves that diversity is an inevitable part of sports and life and you should never judge someone by their appearance.

3. Take the good and the bad – One of the reasons Jeremy Lin has made headlines so instantly is that he scored a record breaking 136 points in his first five starting games, which is the most since the NBA became one league in 1976. However, Jeremy Lin also broke the record for most turnovers in his first seven games, proving that there is both good and bad performances in everyone, even NBA superstars.

4. Humility – In addition to the record breaking, Lin’s humility and praise of his teammates has also garnered him a lot of attention, which is refreshing in a league that has its share of boasters, trash talkers, and the occasional criminal offense. He has been dubbed the Tim Tebow of basketball and often praises his faith as a source of strength.  Lesson for others: showboating isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

5. Versatility – We’ve all heard about the kid who played college hoops and was drafted into the NBA right away.  But how many have you heard of that went to Harvard, got a degree, and can still play ball with the best of them?  By not pigeon-holing Lin or other players into labels like the “brain,” people can see the best of them.  It also doesn’t hurt that Lin can pass, shoot three pointers, and dunk with impressive ability.

Anthony Jones is a contributor all over the web and for which helps those looking for a career in professional sports.


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