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As of the date of this writing,  I have yet to see or hear anyone manifest a definition that encapsulates the meaning of “supreme mathematician.”  In an effort to fill said conceptual vacuum, I will take it upon myself to do so:

n. supreme mathematician-(s-prmmth-m-tshn)-a person who knows and lives Supreme Mathematics/a practicioner of the aforementioned science.

There you have it…tell Webster’s that I got a poor man’s copyright on that shit and they better pay me my money before I see it in a dictionary or I’ll sue that ass with terrific speed…LOL!  Now back to the regularly scheduled build.

The reason I decided to manifest an actual definition of supreme mathematician is because I wanted to place emphasis on the fact that such a person fits the term’s description based upon application of a science, which is what supreme mathematics is.  Within the ten concepts which correspond to the numerals 1-10 lies a vast universe of interpretive and explorative potential.  In order to show and prove this idea let’s explore the fifth value in supreme math, which is power or refinement based on the version I received from my enlightener.  For the purpose of this build, we’ll zero in exclusively on the first dimension…power.  To take things a step further, I intend to show and prove that there’s a significant measure of symbiosis between power and telekinesis.  Subsequently, just to make sure at least some of y’all think I’m completely out of my mind, I will assert that we all manifest telekinetic abilities.  To begin, let’s lay out some functional definitions of our two star concepts:



1. The ability or capacity to perform or act effectively.
2. A specific capacity, faculty, or aptitude. Often used in the plural: her powers of concentration.
3. Strength or force exerted or capable of being exerted; might.
telekinesis[ˌtɛlɪkɪˈniːsɪs -kaɪ-]

1. the movement of a body caused by thought or willpower without the application of a physical force
2.the ability to cause such movement
Noun 1. telekinesis – the power to move something by thinking about it without the application of physical force
The first order of business is to demystify the idea of telekinesis since it is typically associated with paranormal activity which allegedly functions outside the cipher of science.  This is in stark contrast to my personal perception of the term.  According to, science can be described as the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena.  If we view telekinesis as a phenomenon and subject it to systematic analysis, then it is accurate to say that we are doing so scientifically.  Furthermore, it is by definition a function of the mind, which we can all agree is very “real.” I think it’s important to boldly state that the mind in and of itself is virtually impossible to quantify from the standpoint of its capacity to store and process information.  So if we have limited knowledge of the medium through which our phenomenon functions then it only stands to reason that the same can be said relative to the phenomenon itself.  Those things having been established, in order to project some firm theoretical ideas into the mix it’s imperative that we deconstruct telekinesis and reduce the complexity of the abilities it embodies to some that are much more simple and palatable.  Our definition tells us that it’s basically a power of the mind which involves the ability to make something or someone move without exerting a physical force.
I generally don’t observe this capability in a form that involves the movement of inanimate objects.  Even still, that doesn’t in any way detract from it’s prevalence or significance.   Bear in mind, as I’ve stated countless times before, thought precedes action.  The specific types of action to which I’m referring are those which are taken consciously and voluntarily.  Those which are initiated on a more subconscious level via automatic processes carried out by the brain, such as those correspondent to breathing and sweating, do not apply.  The human experience is one that merges sentience with innate social needs.  It’s an undeniable fact that we need to interact with one another.  Within the society through which we do so, there are power structures that govern this interaction thereby establishing the interwoven norms and rules.  Those perched at the top of said power structure are constantly exchanging ideas that form the basis of directives which ultimately represent influence.  That influence then precipitates down to the little people through the government by way of laws and regulations to which we are subjected.  These parameters shape our minds and dictate the way that we move in the world.
In many respects, the freedom that we perceive ourselves to have is illusory to put it mildly.  What’s even more disturbing is the fact that the average American can’t identify the faces of the minds that power their economy, shape public policy, and control their money.  These people never touch you, they never speak directly to you, email you, text you, or befriend you on Facebook.  They don’t have to because telekinesis doesn’t necessitate such direct contact of any such sort.  Although we often discuss the speed and nature of thought we very rarely consider the path or lifespan of thought.  It’s impact extends light years beyond it’s initial activation.  The Father hit the streets to teach that the black man is God approximately 48 years ago.  That was not an original thought because he learned it in the mosque.  I assert that it would be impossible to reverse engineer the genesis of that thought to a specific date.  It can’t even be definitively credited to one specific individual.  Regardless, it’s impact endures and it’s travel continues.  That thought is part of what drives this born love cipher god.  It moves me every day of my life.  It’s power is shown and proven every time it replicates itself in the mind of another individual via it’s aforementioned perpetual motion.    Since 120 compels us to teach this cycle will continue to repeat itself.
People move people, and more often than not there’s no physicality involved.  Ask your self what does it mean to motivate?  What does it mean to inspire?  The more critical question is how are these acts carried out.  From mind to mind is how.  Movement of the mind and movement of matter are essentially synonymous because material is a byproduct of the mind.  The degree to which this telekinetic reality is exhibited in your circumference is akin to the amount of power that you have.  The further it reaches, the more impactful it can be.  So how do we leverage this ability?  The simple answer is by teaching.
My degrees identify the 5% as poor righteous teachers, who teach that the true and living God is Allah, the supreme being, the black man from Asia. We also teach freedom, justice, and equality to all human families of the planet Earth.  Teaching is an amorphous concept.  It has to be because learning is equally varying in terms of form, from person to person.  Teaching can also vary in purpose.  A 5th grade social-studies teacher’s objective is to increase the aptitude of their students correspondent to said subject.  If, by chance, they manage to move the students to do anything beyond passing the class then that just equates to icing on the cake.  However, when you teach things such as civilization, righteousness, the knowledge of self, and the science of everything in life, love, peace, and hapiness, you’re not just teaching concepts, you’re teaching functional principles which are intended to govern the way a person moves in life.  Success in said undertaking constitutes a telekinetic accomplishment.  Bottom line, God is telekinetic…