The Born Jewel

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Per my knowledge degree in the 1-40, the wise man of the East makes history, or Koran, to equal his home circumference, a year to every mile.  When I draw that up, I think about the science of being present in each moment, and living one day at a time.  In so doing, a person is able to remain in tune with that which goes on around them.  This is especially critical for true and living Gods, self cipher said truth is extremely resonant within my universe.  I recently made a drastic change to my living situation as I now rest with my new Queen and her seed.  The change is macrocosmic and microcosmic, because I’m geographically an hour away from the C-Medina city limits where I was born and raised.  Also, in terms of the micro angle, I’ve gone from essentially living by and for my self to resting with a wisdom and a young God who’s knowledge knowledge.  I know what you’re thinking…another classic Supreme Victory experiment with high explosives…LOL!  True indeed!  It’s good for me though.  I take it to the build or destroy degree in terms of earthquakes being caused by the son of man by experimenting on high explosives.  Those earthquakes are synonymous with change and change is definitely in order within this cipher.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that to say that things are just completely out of order in the rest, it’s just that there are some areas in which some refinement is needed.  That’s where I come in.  The key is for me to show and prove the meaning of civilization along with it’s corresponding duty by taking an approach that is right and exact, yet not overzealous.


I willfully admit that it’s an adjustment for all parties involved, especially me.  Even still, it’s one that I’m more than willing to make and I relish the challenge.  This is what living mathematics is all about.  The truth on the square is that I need this situation to keep me firm on a square, and they need me in the cipher to make knowledge born.  The pros far outweigh the cons and I generally look forward to coming home every day from the justice.  My queen’s M.G.T. and G.C.C. training units are in full effect so the kingdom is always kept orderly, the god degree is always bountiful and prepared lovingly, and for the most part I want for nothing.  Since I just copped a cee allah rule, and she has one of her own, I can get up and go wherever I need to whenever I need to although I’m pretty much a home body.  The comfort level is most peace.  In terms of our equality, she and I have a very peace rhythm in terms of communication.  We don’t argue or fight, we build.  I’m not gonna act as if there aren’t areas in which we each could stand to elevate born universal truth we’re working on them.  Naturally the most challenging angle of the square surrounds the young God.  


He’s really not a bad kid, it’s just that his old dad is not a major presence in his life and his ole Earth and grand ole Earth have spoiled him rotten.  As a result, he sometimes doesn’t take too kindly to my straight to the point way of manifesting wisdom.  It’s not his fault.  When you’ve been living like everything revolves around you and then all of a sudden another Sun infiltrates the universe and becomes the center it can be unsettling, especially for an 11 year old kid.  Since I don’t have any seeds of my own, I’m learning how to add on with him in real time.  I draw strictly from the way I was raised, which was much more austere and iron-fisted than  he can fathom, and my mathematics which, even in a light and fluffy form he often finds perplexing.  Regardless, we get along and I think he knows that I have his best interest at heart and that I love his mother very much.  My determined idea is certainly not to be his father, but rather to be the father of civilization.  I have a lot of knowledge and wisdom that I can, and will strive to add on to him, but I have to be patient and understanding in doing so.  I bear witness to the fact that I have quite a bit to learn relative keeping a family in orbit and with my degrees in mind, I plan to give all I have and all within my power to keep the born jewel right and exact.




  1. Messiah ALLAH says:

    Peace God! Ya Wisdom was enlightening on the Knowledge degree in the 1-40. You’ve shown light in my Universe because I am dealing in a situation similar. PEACE!

    • svallah says:

      Peace Almighty!

      I’m glad the build resonated with you and I will that all is equal in your circumference. Hang in there, live your mathematics, and the universe’s divine scale of justice will keep things right and exact provided that you show & prove.


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