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My sister Melissa (in shirt) my sister Marie-R.I.P. (on shirt)


At the outset of this build, I must extend an emphatic “pardon self” to those of you that lend me your gracious readership.  I bear witness to the fact that my posts have been far more infrequent than either you, or I, would prefer as of late.  However, this circumstance is not absent of underlying reasons.  For starters, my current position at the justice places far more of a time-demand on me than my prior role.  Within the last wisdom months I’ve logged days ranging from knowledge cipher to knowledge wisdom hours in length which, upon the addition of an hour and a half drive each way, become nothing short of a wild beast to deal with.  Yet another contributing element from my circumference is my living situation, which is also still in its infancy.  Let me remind you that not only do I now live with my new Queen, in a new town, born universal truth she has a seed.  These dynamics merge to add a hell of a jolt of spice and intrigue to my life to say the least.  At this point I’m literally wallowing in overlapping engagements of adjustment each of which has its own set of implications.  Naturally, my ability to successfully adjust to the science of the new justice will directly show and prove whether or not I am to sink or swim in the waters of said undertaking.  My triumph or failure at sharing equality with the queen and her seed will be directly correspondent to how swift and changeable I can be in the eye of a multiplicity of unknowns which I’m only partially armed to deal with.  Then there’s the icing on the cake…on the power day of this month I lost my baby sister to a stroke.  I had to take Monday-Wednesday of this past week off from the justice to fly out to Vegas for her funeral.  She was only understanding cipher years old…

All of the above revelations apply to today’s mathematics which is knowledge understanding all being born to culture or freedom.  Today’s degree in the SA is “master” and to do so is to reach a level of proficiency relative to a given science or endeavor that is becoming of one capable of imparting knowledge of it to others.  If I’m unable to master the aforementioned situations then there is sure to be plenty of mental death, straight out of today’s degree in the 1-40.  As I strive to achieve this mastery of sorts, I’m essentially continuing a life-long exercise in answering the question posed in the knowledge to understanding equality…”what is his own self?”

Speaking of said question, the funeral did yield one key benefit.  It afforded me the opportunity to see family members with whom I hadn’t shared equality in years… namely, my ole’ dad, and my other sister.  The time spent with my pops was particularly revealing.  I’ve mentioned in past writings the rather awkward and underdeveloped relationship between the two of us.  Last week was the first time that I’d seen him in about born years.  It was also the first time in either of our lives that I actually felt like I needed, and wanted to be there for him.  This desire fed into a current of air which bred an extremely objective frame of mind for me.  It allowed me to build with him, take the best part, and ultimately, born a deeper understanding of who I am as his son.  I found out that he and I share more than just looks and mannerisms.  I learned that we’ve also faced some similar trials and tribulations in our lives.  It was amazing to me that I replicated experiences that he had over understanding cipher years prior.  I was able to see some of the nurse’s needles that were placed in his head at a young age and still manifest themselves as fear that he faces as a grown man.  I got a much more rich sense of who he is and why.  It was mad peace.

At the ripe allah god equality of 36, I have a vibrant awareness of the fact that life is very much an ongoing mathematical calculation.  The variables change, the order of operations may vary depending upon a given dimension of the problems, and any of a number of branches may take center stage at one point or another.  While some answers we arrive at as rapidly as the recital of our multiplication tables, others require page after page of figurative scratch paper.  Regardless to whom or what, the problems continue to evolve.  They find us, challenge us, and push us to what we perceive to be the limits of our performance capacity.  Sometimes we work in groups self cipher we can cheat off of each other.  In some cases we use a tutor who we deem to be said person of the ability to lead us in the right direction.  Other times, we navigate the wilderness just as we came to it…by ourselves.  Ultimately, the equality unknown allah master isn’t about passing or failing so much as it is about what we learn, and do with what we learn along the way.