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The Reason…

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The psyche of an individual with knowledge of self by way of I-God Culture resides on a cognitive landscape that is asiatic, scientific, and raw in the truest sense of the word.  The supreme mathematical panorama through which we make sense of the world can be described from countless angles of the square.  Buildin’ is a helluva drug and the guilty pleasure of takin’ Allah’s wisdom to the head with no chaser is one of the most intense pleasures of this life.  I’ve always valued the privilege of havin’ jewels dropped on me.  The introduction of a rich new thought saddled with sharp perspective is useful land upon which I enjoy a meditative stroll.  A couple of weeks ago, my righteous brother Emblem split an atom on me that I’ve been drawin’ up like the sun do water in the build or destroy degree.  I was addin’ on with the God about some shit I was watchin’ on true victory.  I can’t quite recall exactly what it was, born universal truth, I vividly remember the current of air it guided me into.  This is a frame of mind I would dare to say that most Gods venture into from time to time.  That old” five-percenter blues” shit.  For the unaware, this is basically a nihilistic pattern of thought steeped in a sense of despair over how the world is, deep-fried in a haze of hopelessness relative to the prospect that it’ll ever get better.  I went on and on about how sometimes I ache for the world because I bear witness to the ties that bind me to it and everyone else in it.  I expressed angst and dissatisfaction with the way that we treat each other, the gloomy future I see for a lot of the babies…you know, that typical “damn, damn, damn” shit.  Like he always does, Allah let my wisdom flow until the moment he deemed right and exact to interject.  When he did, he manifested some shit to me that I could’ve kicked my self for not having thought of.  The God said, (I’m paraphrasing) “God, with all due respect, the fact that you said all of the above is indicative of your newness to the math.  What you feel is natural G, we all go through that cipher but the science behind that shit is you.”


It didn’t immediately register self cipher I kept doin’ the knowledge.  Allah continued, “What I mean is that everything you see in the world that bothers you and troubles you is YOU!”  Then the light bulb in my third went on.  Immediately I understood exactly what angle he was buildin’ from, and how right and exact he was.  Why equal self…all of the above is caused by the son of man…within the black body there exists two germs, a black germ and a brown germ… all of a sudden my 120 lit up on some Eye of Thundera type shit.  I realized that in some respects, the act  of constantly asking why undermines magnetic and pushes us further and further away from the answer to any given question.  The world is what it is because I am what I am.  I can trace the pathology of build and destroy back to the pure essence of who I am as the original man.  Original shows and proves that this shit had to start somewhere with someone.  The same way that the God made knowledge born to me, I’m addin’ it on to you.  The reason for everything in your life is the man or woman in the mirror…period!


Our world is simply a projection of the mind.  The extrinsic is the ejaculated remix of the intrinsic.  We eat because we’re hungry…hunger is internal.  We embrace because we love from within…we fight because we’re angry…malice grows in the minds and hearts of troubled people.  Knowledge of self is about facing self…every aspect of self.  You gotta deal with everybody from the deep thinkin’ idealist to the low down dirty bastard inside you.  Wisdoms gotta face that evil bitch with the mean streak who cohabitates with the righteous Queen that is her black germ.  We can’t avoid, or deny who and what we are from the best to the worst. Once you can come to terms with who you are as the sum total of all of your redeeming qualities and flaws, then you can deal in equality with others.  So whenever you start to wonder why something is how it is…get off that Stevie shit and go stand in the mirror.  The answer will be looking back at you.