I-God is Stillmattic…

Posted: July 2, 2012 in Uncategorized


It’s officially been culture years since I knowledged 120.  Usually, I would commemorate that date of  May 25, 2008 with a blog post but this year I decided otherwise.  There was no need because that day is celebrated every time I rise to my feet in the morning to live it out.  When I first got math, my ole Earth was quick to ask me questions about it knowing that she was more than likely walking into a spirited debate.  Eventually, I found out she would periodically do this intentionally,  just to see how serious I was about the culture, and to confirm whether or not it was really a way of life or a passing phase.  Needless to say, she got  her answer.  Life as a 5%er has a unique sensation to it, particularly from the God perspective.  The Gods have a lot of elements within them that they wrestle with as they live mathematics.  Some of these elements represent things we just have to get over, or at least learn how to effectively reconcile.  Upon first receiving knowledge of self in this form you have this burning desire to build and teach every person you encounter.  You’re so full of fire based on your knowledge that the black man is God you want to scream it from the mountaintops.  However,  after a little time passes, a funny thing happens.  You get a reality check.  You come face to face with the actual fact that the 5, 10, and 85 percentages don’t change.  You learn that regardless of how badly you want to teach, the majority of people you encounter don’t want to learn, and if they do, it’s not 120 that they want.  In other words, you begin to acquire understanding which rounds out your knowledge and wisdom.  We develop this tendency toward cynicism relative to people’s curiosity about our culture, not because we take issue with it when genuine, but rather because it so often is not.  We may not be religious but we don’t want our way of life and thought bastardized anymore than a religious person would.  In many ways, this attitude of which I speak is somewhat of a defense mechanism that we’ve developed in order to preserve the sanctity of what we hold dear.

One of the things I love about this math the most is it’s endurance.  The degrees, to me, are like pillars, each of which is firmly planted on a square of truth in it’s own right.  Each lesson is as resonant now, as it was when the Father manifested it to the first nine born.  Don’t get it twisted, just because I’m not that God at every nation event grillin’ newborns about degrees doesn’t mean that my oneness with all that makes our culture so fly has waned a single iota.  Emphatically now cipher!  I love to see our Earths in their beautiful head-wraps and the colorful refinement of their 3/4ths.  I can’t help but feel proud every time I find out another God or Earth has made it to Pluto form “who is the original man?”  I crack a slight smile when I listen to some old school hip-hop and catch a nation reference that I was never aware was buried there within the verse.  Hell, I even get a kick out of hearin’ rumors that some famous nigga got knowledge…LOL!  At the end of the day, what I’m sayin’ is we ain’t goin’ nowhere.  Regardless of whom or what the Gods and Earths will continue to show and prove.  I can hardly believe it when I look at some of the stats for this blog and see people in different continents readin’ these joints.  It shows and proves God of the universe and gives me a jolt of energy with which I can continue pouring you all tall glasses of my wisdom.  It makes me wanna continue studyin’ and teachin’ the science of everything in life, so that I can remain relevant and keep this content stimulating to you.  I’m beginning to detect more of a sense of intrigue across the board relative to who we are and what we deal with.  The light is truly traveling at 186,000 miles/second.  I dig it because that means people want to know.  That desire to know is the spark that original people need to thrust them toward the wondrous world of elevation that this and many other cultural paradigms have to offer.  We’re not asiatic salespeople so my purpose is never to recruit people to join the Nation of Gods and Earths.  I simply endeavor to offer you insight relative to the view from within and the science of the self-styled wisdom through which I apply it to my circumference.  So keep reachin’ out to me, keep readin’, and keep seeking whatever form of light you feel may awaken you to your place of clarity.  For my part, I’ll never push you away or withhold any of what I have to give from you (within reason of course).  To do so would defeat my purpose.  That purpose is simply to be available, and I am.  Furthermore, it’s to make mathematics available to you, because it is.  Ain’t nothin’ changed it’s stillmatic…



  1. Prime 3 says:

    That’s 11 7, keep on making 1…9.

  2. Serenity says:

    Keep doing the daggone thing. Many are called, but few are chosen and those that choose, choose themselves.


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