Self-Fulfilling Prophecy & The Directional Science of Build or Destroy…

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I don’t subscribe to the idea that anything in life “just happens.”  There are, typically, either premises which clearly lead to a logical conclusion, or there are universal laws that explain instances which appear to be purely random.  People often mistakenly equate chance to raw randomness which, in my judgement, is not right and exact.  It boils down to the contextual understanding of chance relative to the probability that something will or will not happen.  Essentially, chance is the portal through which positive or negative likelihood is made manifest.  It’s basically an opportunity.  Build or Destroy in Supreme Mathematics encapsulates this concept.  Life’s directional swinging pendulum shows and proves that these principles are one with the fabric of existence.  As such, what I’m really getting at is our connectivity to the probability that something good or bad will happen to, or for us, relative to the way we mentally process thoughts about outcomes.  Whenever we look forward to something, that peer into the future has a thematic pattern of thought attached to it.  That thought pattern is the foundation upon which the subsequent actions we take come to be, because it guides them.  This of course is not as cut and dry as I’m making it sound because unknowns can introduce variables that may disrupt the thought or action patterns, thereby altering the way a given situation turns out.  Regardless, all things held marginally constant, this framework is solid in terms of a way to set oneself up for favorable results in a given undertaking.

A self-fulfilling prophecy is a prediction that comes to fruition when the prophecy itself breeds actions so likely to make it come true, that it does.  It’s basically a self imposed setup.  The setup can either lead to triumph or failure depending upon it’s current.  Remember, the current dictates the direction so build takes it one way, while destroy takes it another way.  This is one of the critical aspects of how the mind works.  Consider the following examples.  In 1987 the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA title.  Then coach, Pat Riley, took the podium at the celebration parade and boldly guaranteed that the next year, they would repeat.  In layman’s terms, this took balls!  However, aside from the testicular fortitude it took, there was a genius and keen foresight involved.  Riley was, by this time, extremely aware of his teams abilities and mental make-up.  The prediction was a subliminal message through which he was telling them, “We’re the best, I know it and you know it, so let’s act accordingly…”  A member of that team, guard Byron Scott, substantiates this in the following quote, “Guaranteeing a championship was the best thing Pat ever did.  It set the stage in our minds. Work harder, be better. That’s the only way we could repeat.”    Do the knowledge to his wisdom.  He said the guarantee set the stage meaning it charted the course.  All they had to do was follow the course, and as long as nothing catastrophically unforeseen happened, they would reach their destination.  In 1988 they did in fact repeat…mission accomplished.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s Matt Hasselback, former quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks.  On January 4, 2004, the Seahawks played the Green Bay Packers in a wild-card playoff game.  The contest was tied at the end of regulation and went to overtime.  After Seattle won the coin-toss, upon being asked whether they wanted to receive or kick the ball, Hasselbeck declared, “We want the ball and we’re gonna score.”  They got the ball, but the drive ended when he threw an interception which was returned 52 yards for a touchdown…game, set, match.  Now the problem wasn’t the prediction in this scenario, it was the action taken in an attempt to make it manifest.  Hasselbeck made a critical error in calculation prior to releasing the pass.  Once he threw it, there was no taking it back.  All he could do is helplessly watch the outcome play itself out, which it did, but not in his favor.  The jewel in the comparison of these two examples is the recognition of the fact that the action taken based on a prediction is what determines whether or not it comes to pass.  The sound thought has to continue concurrent to the action is order to guide it in the right direction.  There also has to be a perpetual sense of awareness that things may not go according to plans.  Thus, the need to be swift and changeable enough to make adjustments on the fly is real.  Harsh conditions are not grounds for excuse making in order to explain failure.  Own your identity as the “self” in the self-fulfilling prophecy.  Give all you have and all within your power to see the day when it’s fulfilled, and continue to be positively prophetic in your life.  That’s how history is written.




    peace God, my name is Knowledge Born- Divine God Allah/i just wanted to drop a jewel about what u built upon on build or destroy. to build is the science of everything in life because everything in life consists of elevation.building is not postive thought or prophecy (now cipher)when we build we fact prove take it through the math and then knowledge being right & exact we can build and raise to higher degrees.building is sharing jewels similar like bricks are the foundation to a house when the house is bult the foundation is still there,when we share jewels with each other they always remain we apply it to our cipher,i understand build as letting knowledge b born & when i let knowledge b born im giving life and life is energy and energy cannot b destroyed/i destroy chaos because that is the oppisite of peace which brings negativity…add on God THIS IS MY EMAIL (PURDY78@YAHOO.COM)

    • svallah says:

      Peace Lord,

      I received your add-on with open arms. Supreme Mathematics is a tool which along with our Supreme Alphabet represents the understanding equality keys that the Father gave us to unlock 120, and navigate life. Part of what makes the math so dynamic is the fact that it has more than one dimension. The quantitative dimension, which is represented by the numerals, and the qualitative dimension, which is embodied in the principles we attach to the digits. The qualitative dimension takes it to the next level, because it allows us to interpret things and gain insight which is the breaking of new mental ground(useful land). Remember God, although we all have the same “basic” foundation or knowledge (in the form of our curriculum, SM, SA, 120, 12 Jewels), for the most part, it is our wisdom which is self-styled and unique. Our original experiences lend themselves to the varying ways that we each see things with our mind’s eye (understanding). That being said, we can take the math, alphabets, or degrees, and apply them to anything, in virtually any way, as long as we can show and prove the validity of said application. We don’t allow ourselves to get roped and bound by any one way of seeing a given subject because to do so would be to put a glass ceiling over our heads, thereby stagnating elevation. The understanding god degree in the 1-40 tells us that “Allah is the God of the Earth and the heavens above.” As such, we can deal with the simplest of ideas when we need to, and then reverse polarity and deal the high explosives of complex angles as well. We deal with the science of everything in life G and filter everything through the lense of knowledge wisdom cipher. Nothing is off limits. You may see something in a way that I never considered, which is why when we build we ask one another, “what is your see or how do you see it?” In other words, we solicit each other for our respective understanding. Once I get a sense of what you understand as U-n-i-verse, you in turn get to see what I see, or understand, as well. When we combine our respective understandings/cees(sees) that borns equality, which is the divine common ground in the mind from which we can both take the best part. Self cipher if you don’t see what I see, that doesn’t mean my see is a now cipher, it just means that my interpretation didn’t resonate with you the way it did with me. Either way, it’s peace Allah. We don’t have to see everything the same way. As a matter of fact we shouldn’t. We should continue to push the envelope and usher forth the ever-evolving expansion of the culture’s magnetic. As it grows we grow.



    peace God,know that i was not coming in a negative manner or trying to destroy ur build.right & exact my undrestanding and yours may b totally different father allah taught that once a man acheived mastery of self he became god,to the extent he /we, me & u control our own destiny.My understanding of the word prophecy is =to guess thats why i said now cipher.B.U.T (born universal truth) know this your right about how we see different things, but i wouldn’t b God if i didn’t ?what i knew not to be right and exact that is your job my job anybody who calls their self a teacher cause thats what we are and what we do teach civilization, thats our duty.and it is different degrees and levels of understanding but when its not in accord with the lessons(meaning oppisite)thats not good fruit,and i want both of us to eat healthy know that im your brother God/where aalikes because we b alike see alike understand!! PEACE GOD…..this is what makes us strong.todays math wisdom culture freedom=equality build on that

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