Supreme Idiosyncrasies…

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Uncategorized


Next week, on the knowledge knowledge day, I will officially begin my 37th year of love I father equality.  Since I obtained knowledge of self, I’ve developed the habit of drawing up my new physical degree each time I approach one.  Said degree in the knowledge to culture cipher states that “Allah is the God of the Earth and the heavens above, he is just and true and there is no unrighteousness in him.  He is not unseen, but is seen and heard everywhere, for he is the all eye seeing…”  Any acting practitioner of knowledge wisdom cipher will tell you that one of the most captivating aspects of the lessons is the rich depth of the words through which they were manifested.  When said eloquence is coupled with Allah’s mathematics, the resulting combination is nothing short of sublime.  As I draw up that segment of the understanding god degree, I see myself on a mission to increase the level of synergy between my body and mind.  I’m inclined to point inward and deal with “seen and heard everywhere” in terms of self.  I don’t want there to be any angle of my inner square with which I’m unfamiliar.  In order for me to be the “all eye seeing” my third needs to touch every nook and cranny of my being self cipher I can merge my knowledge of self with my wisdom of self and truly understand the god that I am.  The aforementioned insight lends itself to the foresight required for me to elevate and develop into the god I’m striving to become.

As I peel back the layers of my persona, I’m overcome with curiosity and wonder relative to some of the things I do which appear to be inexplicable as of the date of this writing.  These unknowns reside in the dominion of my subconscious mind and correlate to the undiscovered “whys” which represent the answers to which I have yet to calculate my way.  When you really start to analyze yourself you come face to face with some rather odd tendencies.  For example, my queen will tell you that for some reason, when we get in the born equality divine, while she faces the wall (which is where the head board would be if we had one) I lay the opposite way facing the true victory.  I start my rest in this position and then at about the wisdom or understanding hour in the Allah master, I wake up, reverse polarity, and join her on the other end until it’s time for me to wake up and start the day.  Here’s another one…I like doors closed.  Self cipher even if I’m at the kingdom by myself, if I’m in the bedroom, I have the door closed.  The same goes for the bathroom.  The average person would relish the opportunity to drop “bombs over Baghdad” with the door open, but not Preme.  I need that door shut!   When I’m indoors, I like my shoes off.  I’m naturally a hot person, self cipher slippin’ my shoes off is a tried and true means by which I can regulate my temperature.  Don’t get it twisted, my socks are always right and exact and my feet don’t stink.  If that wasn’t actual fact my queen would be on me like coupon clippers on sales :-D.  Oh, this is a big one…I don’t like my build jewel involvin’ no loud ass colors or a bunch of dumb ass writing and patterns on it.  I ain’t no fuckin’ rubix cube!  My gear mirrors the human families of the planet Earth in that regard except for a little blue, green, and gray here or there.  Solid colors easily have the most magnetic with me, that extravagant shit is not congruent with my current of allah I rule.  My face is a canvass upon which life paints indicative pictures so if you expect to see the God with a perfectly trimmed beard and a crisp linin’ every divine allah why as Bernie Mac would say, “you fresh outta luck fuckin’ wit me!”  A lot of times I don’t feel like wrestlin’ with that shit, and honestly, I appreciate a bit of wildness in that aspect of my appearance.  I ain’t no rule & born singer so get that Al B. Sure/Christopher Williams shit outta here.  Hell, if my shit didn’t look rough sometimes, then the instances in which I manifest refinement wouldn’t be nearly as appreciable.

As you can see, I’m an odd-ball of the highest order in many respects.  I couldn’t adequately explain these elements of who I am to you if I tried and the beauty of that is far from lost on me.  My knowledge degree asks “Who is the original man?”  In response I put it out there, not so much because I’m “E-Hollywoood Story” interesting.  I’m far from it actually.  I do so because in being cipher king with who I am all the way down to my most puzzling quirks, I want others to reach the same level of self acceptance.  When you learn to appreciate that which makes you unique you increase the probability of others doing so as well.  That’s what being 5% is all about.  Truthfully, people who are too rigid and uptight make me uncomfortable.  I don’t give a fuck how long you had knowledge, been a vegan, or how many consecutive years you’ve been to Show and Prove, you’re still a human being.  As such, you have about the same proportionate amount of refinement to deal with as everybody else.  I don’t want people to think I’m always strivin’ to assume this cognitive lotus position from which I “bestow” upon you some divine “straight from an ancient scroll” sounding wisdom which I expect you to immediately apply to your life in order to refine yourself.  Emphatically now cipher!  That’s not how I get down.  I embrace the commonality that links us in this roller-coaster ride we call life as we endeavor to navigate it.  What I’m doing is sharing with you my perspective, from my experience.  You’re perfectly free to accept it or reject it.  As long as I manage to convey it in an honest and genuine fashion which is true to the form of self I’m satisfied.  Lastly, today is the wisdom day of the vegetarian chapter of my Koran.  I’m done with meat word is bond!  The God Original Mathematics put me on to this documentary called “Vegucated” (it’s on Netflix so do the knowledge if you’re interested) and that straw cracked the camel’s vertebrae irreparably.  I’m done!   This was far from a rash decision.  I’ve thought it over for years, months, and days.  I even went so far as to declare that I’d convert no later than my 40th born day.  However, it had been weighing on my mind heavily over the last few months and I’m the type of person that responds to jolts of impetuous energy.  That reinforcement of my lack of need for meat gave me the last nudge I needed.  All praise is due to the God for makin’ knowledge born on twitter.  Who said you can’t learn something via word of thumb…?



  1. Remington Brundige says:

    I can relate with many of your words and find them genuinely intriguing!!!… Reminds me of myself truely unique and loving it…

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