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Imagine if the universe had a conceptual “most wanted” list.  Ponder that thought for a moment, then ask yourself what would rest at its summit.  In my opinion, it would be truth hands down.  Regardless of the cipher in question, everybody is in hot pursuit of its wisdom and the actual forces that power it.  People in relationships want to know if they’re sleeping with a cheater or a loyal companion.  Parents are curious about what their children are really looking up on the web.  Those of us with acute metaphysical sensibilities wish to uncover the meaning of life and discover why we’re here and “what does it all mean?”.  Our societal lexicon is wrought with phrases beginning with the word “real” which is contextually equivalent to “true.”  There’s “real hip-hop”, “real talk”, “real niggaz”, “real talent”…the list goes on and on.  Essentially, when we engage in all of this talk about what’s real, the objective is to differentiate that which is legitimate or genuine, from anything that’s fake so to speak.  An audio book that I drew up recently stated that the truth is hidden behind two things…secrecy and complexity.  I’ve been meditating on this idea ever since.  I think what fascinated me about the statement is that it’s concise and accurate.  For me, those two characteristics translate to practical applicability.

The born degree in the 1-40 indicates that the devil conceals the true and living God from the 85% thereby making slaves out of them by keeping them worshiping something he knows they cannot see, which is invisible.  In so doing he is effectively employing a diversionary tactic.  When you redirect someone’s focus from the truth in order to keep them from accessing it you are keeping a secret and preserving the best part of the information for self.  The lack of desire or willingness to share it constitutes selfishness of the highest order.  The value of the information is self evident based on the fact that it’s beneficial, which makes it worth keeping close to the vest if you don’t deal in equality.  When you are unfamiliar with the truth, it lacks allure because you don’t recognize it and are therefore incapable of fully appreciating the impact it can have on your life.  Complicating matters even further, is the probability that you’ve been led so far in the wrong direction, you’ve come to perceive an extreme falsehood as the truth based on intense indoctrination relative to a given system of dogma, or gross misinterpretations of life experiences.  It seems only natural that all of the above would explain why secrets magnetize us so.  It’s as if we innately know that if someone has the determined idea to keep something from us, it’s often because the information can be useful.

In concert with secrecy, complexity can often be found at work.  The most effective ruse tends to be shrouded in layers of nuance which throw the average person off the scent of the inherent deceit.  We usually see this manifested in the use of nebulous language, and the evasive dispositions of those who wield esoteric knowledge.  When pressed, such individuals may take a rather self-righteous and critical tone when telling you how much you don’t know while making virtually no knowledge born in turn.  Our actual facts show and prove that what we see holds far more weight than what we hear in that while sound travels at a rate of 1,120 ft./second, light travels at a rate of 186,000 miles/sec.  This tells us that we should constantly look as deeply as possible into anything that we “hear” in order to “see” if it’s valid.  The key point of emphasis is the degree to which this is a personal journey.  Every day that we live as an investigative scientist hot on the trail of truth we can only get closer.  Keep digging!