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God’s Fascinations..

Posted: December 25, 2013 in Uncategorized


On the eve of the biggest so-called “holiday” of them all, I find my self entertaining thoughts of a variety that can captivate the mind of one upon whom far too much benefit of the doubt is bestowed by virtue of a title, (God) and an affiliation (N.G.E.).  Although the forthcoming assertion is sure to fly in the face of conventional wisdom, I’m inclined to think that as we age, we cogitate ever more fancifully, because our understanding constitutes a mind-sight that is capable of visualizing higher order potentialities.   At this moment I’m reflective as I engage in a retrospective scan of the last wisdom years of my life.  Oh how eventful, and edifying they have been.  My current relationship recently eclipsed its second born day and the queen’s presence in my circumference has been a black superlative yet to be made manifest in the bastard tongue that we speak.  The abundant negativity and treachery in our world notwithstanding, the pure selfless current of her persona serves the dual purpose of quelling my pessimism and reinforcing my life’s purpose.  As Luther once so melodically proclaimed, “love is a gamble and I’m soooooo glaaaaaad I am winnin’ we’ve come a long way and yet this is only the beginin’ of our loooooove!”  If the physical degree of understanding god has revealed nothing else to me it’s shown and proven that, the  family unit of original man, woman, and child is tremendously resilient, vital, and above all else, worth fighting for.  Humility is a bad bitch to whom said living arrangement will forcefully introduce you self cipher if you aren’t said person of the ability to greet her with finesse you can consider your ass effectively kicked.  Simply put, when you have a family, shit is no longer about you.  And guess what, it shouldn’t be because if a disproportionate amount of focus  is directed toward you how could equality truly exist?  It couldn’t, and without varying opinions, random questions, and challenges to what you perceive to be your authority, you would be soft as veggie turds and your life would be boring as fuck!  There’s no “ledge” to know without the “edge” if you get my drift…

Living mathematics is so much more organic for me now power years into knowledge of self via I-God culture.  The fire still burns and my love for 120 is unwavering, yet my teaching is becoming far more action oriented, and based much less on flare.  I’ve learned the hard way that the most qualified people to bring God or Earth down a notch as needed, are the 85%.  They don’t give a shit about the duty of a civilized person, the day’s mathematics, or who taught you 120.  They want to know if you can drop them off somewhere, let them borrow some money, or babysit.  Honestly, that’s the way it’s supposed to be…life’s figurative “laymen’s terms” playing trump to excessive wallowing in abstraction.  What I’m getting at is that our curriculum is most effective when we live it out without losing sight of the fact that we’re still everyday people.  I find myself blasting past “what” others do in order to deal with the how and why of their ways and actions.  Those two questions keep me brimming with curiosity.   When I consider where I am and how I figure into the cipher in which I reside, I’m clear about the fact that this position lacks glamour.  Were this football it would be comparable to that of an offensive lineman…essentially, an individual whose job it is to make room for others to do theirs, while enjoying more credit.  The key is, a lack of recognition is not the same as devaluation.  After all, the quarterback, running back, and receivers are useless without the line acting as a strong foundation.  Allah’s mathematics is about simply giving original people a formidable base upon which a well-spring of orderly, knowledge driven thought can be cultivated.  Karate moves with the lessons ain’t worth shit if you can’t land a blow on life when it challenges you to a title bout.  It is this rarely mentioned dynamic of the conscious reality and principle application which I find beguiling.  I see it as the next phase of my elevation during which I learn to master being over myself.  Reaching that final form of asiatic existence in which, being God is so natural and organic that talking about it almost becomes uncouth in some respects.  The duty to teach is clear as our knowledge builds to born said direction in the meat.  And, to do so effectively, yet with style, is most peace.  However,  magnetic is most resonant when thrust forth by deed or spontaneous words, rather than soap boxing.  Bottom line on top, the Gods and Earths love a strong build but typically, destroy powers ain’t strivin’ to hear that shit.  I’m drawn in by that space within a relationship whereby you’ve obtained enough credibility with a person for them to actually listen to you, and consider your opinions.  That’s the type of trust infused interaction in which real building takes place.  I endeavor to focus on meeting people where they are, showing them I can make myself at home there, and graciously inviting them to a level of elevation they may not have yet visited.  The invite seems to go over much better than the pomp and bombast.