The 5% Experience…

Posted: March 23, 2014 in Uncategorized


When the clock strikes midnight signifying the dawn of the wisdom build/destroy day of May, I will have had 120 on cap for equality years.  I can’t help but see a bit of irony in reaching said mile in my journey with Allah’s Mathematics.  When I draw it up through equality as a conceptual prism upon which to base analysis, an intriguing possibility for revelation makes itself manifest.  The most striking angle of which is comparative in nature, and characterized by the juxtaposition of my relatively short walk and that of a God who’s had knowledge considerably longer, let’s say since the 60’s as a benchmark.  My observations of, and builds with, Gods from this era yield considerable evidence of a huge generational gap in terms of what walking with this math “is” and “should” be about.  Many of these brothers are from that “the Father said this or that” and “we used to do it like this or that” school of thought.  They can be found anywhere there’s an audience willing to lend an ear, waxing poetic about the so-called “good ol’ days” of this nation.  Now mind you, I have the utmost respect for our elders and the basic foundation that they laid, at least those who are just and true anyway.  However, I came into this as part of the “fuck that, don’t tell me how to live” wave of Gods.  Many who represent this contingent are too young to fully appreciate the science that the old guard deals with because we don’t have a direct frame of reference to give it resonance.   Furthermore, a number of us take umbrage with the idea that we need someone dictating to us that we should manifest this culture according to some archaic template that’s simply not compatible with the zeitgeist.

Ultimately, I’m an advocate of objectivity as it’s one of the hallmarks of any truly scientific endeavor, which in fact, is what I see living this culture to be.  While I can see great value in some of the tried and true customs and ideas of the nation, I can also identify plenty of shit that needs to go.  That being said, while I consider myself a contrarian as well as a proponent of self styled-wisdom, I can’t co-sign a national current of air in which Gods can operate with virtual impunity in the commission of acts that besmirch our nation.  For example, if you whoop on your Earth, withhold knowledge from a wisdom in order to subjugate her, or talk that super conscious shit to the 85% when you’ve never shown and proven knowledge wisdom cipher, you ain’t self and you need to clean your self up or get the fuck on…period.  One of the things that I don’t see or hear talked about nearly enough, is the sequence of psychological phases that many brothers travel through when they get knowledge of self via this worldview.  Although the intensity of said phases varies from man to man, I’d venture to say that there tend to be some basic commonalities.  The 1st and most typical phase involves a mix of self-importance, boosted ego, and an almost insatiable desire to tell everyone you know that the black man is God.  One of the most undesirable byproducts of this stage is the hubristic tone of its message conveyance.  It’s not enough to simply impart the principles of our paradigm in the context of a civilized discourse, but we have to bash people over the head with it as if they don’t reserve the right to find fault with it or even outright reject it.  The next stage is one during which we become nihilistic as the reality that most people don’t give a damn that you got knowledge and don’t want to hear that shit sets in.  We become discouraged, because in spite of our best intentions, we find out the hard way that the 5, 10, and 85 percentages are very real.  The power degree in the 1-36 comes to life and you realize that in the eyes of other black people you’re just another nigga poppin’ some pro-black shit that they find not to hold much weight.  It’s at this point that we begin to ask ourselves the tough questions.  Can we make a difference?  Is it worth teaching?  How do we teach?

Eventually, although not at the same terrific rate of speed, we ease into the understanding phase.  The forest becomes more visible a midst the figurative parting of the trees.   We learn to accept things and people, for what and who they are, versus what and who we want them to be.  Concurrently, the sharpest among us revel in the exploration and teaching of the science of everything in life.  In so doing, we  reap the rewards of love, peace, and happiness.  Our drive to study and elevate is spurred on by the realization that we’ll never know it all but the more we come to know, the more we become wise to, and ultimately the more substantive our teaching becomes.  I think the value in dealing with this loose phase based model is that brothers coming into this can get a sense of what they should strive to stave off as they learn, while taking solace in the fact that many of their predecessors have dealt with similar sensations.  Since I became said person of the ability to live this out and teach it, my life has taken some tumultuous twists and turns.  I’ve suffered and enjoyed, triumphed and failed, laughed and cried, taught and learned…As all of the above has transpired my degrees have been a constant resource upon which I could lean.  I think that in order for this nation to make a quantum leap in terms of legitimacy and effectiveness as a force of change for our people we need to make greater strides toward  true social equality between the older and younger generations.  The gateway to this reality is the establishment of understanding which will only come about if the multitudinous areas of misunderstanding are addressed and resolved.  Here’s the key summed up in one word…transparency.  Titans of the god cipher divine pedigree can accomplish so much when they focus on building rather than clashing.  The only way each side can appreciate the perspective of the other is to be open minded and willing to give as well as take.  A third eye closed is the tool of a blind fool.

I realize that I’ve been distant over the past few months but my absence should not be construed as abandonment of this medium.  The simple explanation is that I’ve been busy studying, growing, and taking in as much new information as I can so that I can inject some new energy into this blog.  I look at it like this, if I get tired of reading my own shit, then I’m be doing you a disservice by putting it before you.  I’d rather allow my cup of thoughts to refill itself with freshness until I can get back to facilitating its run over these pages.  I’m well aware of the fact that my writing serves a purpose so I take it seriously enough not to hit you with some garden variety shit just for the sake of padding stats.  That’s not my style.  You deserve better so that’s what I’ll keep striving to give you.  Word is bond, and bond is life.



  1. Serenity says:

    We must have walked that walk together and didn’t know it.

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